Beyond Our Reach

Beyond Our Reach


Beyond Our Reach is a young highly dedicated metal band out of CT. We all live for our music, and nothing can ever change that. We bring such a new vibe to the genre that is unheard of among bands today. We never stop playing shows, writing, and improving our sound in anyway.


Beyond Our Reach is a 4-piece metal band from East Haven, CT. We have accomplished so much in the amount of time we have been together, much more than your average high school band. We are a part of Ten Foot Reach/Sling Slang Records. We are currently finishing up on recording our debut album,"Limit Your Shadows". We average about 2-3 shows a month and have a pretty good size loyal fan base. We have a wide range of influences anywhere from Van Halen to Escape The Fate. We aren't afraid of being original and we are not afraid to test the limits of our genre. We were tired of listening to the same cliche 'metal' bands over and over, so we decided to start our own band. Take a listen.. let us know what you think.


In process of recording our album
"Limit Your Shadows"

Set List

Usually our set list is 30-35 minutes, We CAN do covers but we choice not to for live performances anymore, we have a nice following of fans that are at EVERY show!
Set List:
Only Fools Fall In Love
Story Of Another Day
This Pain
Limit Your Shadows
Three Hours Till Showtime
To Destroy (Time Pending)