Beyond the Citadel of Coup de Grace

Beyond the Citadel of Coup de Grace


A band delivering a unique sound from Tucson, AZ who draw influence from almost everything. In a town that nearly gave birth to the metalcore sound with The Bled, Beyond the Citadel is attempting to do the same and birth that new sound once again.


Salvaged from the rubble of previous projects comes Beyond The Citadel Of Coup De Grâce. Starting from scratch with a new lineup, they have managed to write and record a polished EP and spend nearly a month touring, all accomplished within six months of being together under the current moniker. These boys hail from Tucson, Arizona, not only sharing an area code with popular artists, The Bled and Versus The Mirror, but also sharing the same practice room with both of the aforementioned groups. Though influenced by proximity, Beyond The Citadel brings a fresh sound to the table. Attempt to categorize all you want, but the music draws inspiration from a large array of genres and artists.

The band spent early April recording the “Touché” EP, a small taste of what the band is capable of. The album follows the storyline of earlier, non-Disney versions of “Beauty and the Beast”, dealing with the matters of vanity and lust. Most of the month of June was devoted to touring the southwestern US, well-received everywhere they had been. Whether it be the band’s live performance, highlighted by acrobatics and other foolishness, or the boys’ ability to make friends everywhere they go, people quickly find plenty of reason to appreciate and support. Very young as a group, the boys’ ages range from 18 to 21, and as short their history they prove to have a great deal to offer.

Beyond The Citadel is:

Cree Wilson – Vocals
Andrew Bareham – Guitar/Vocals
Luke Amble – Bass/Vocals
Andrew Rosenfeld – Drums
Blake Andress – Guitar



Set List

Albeit, The Gentleman of Men
Like Scar is to Scare
Trot Cued the Briar Ring Massacre
Palisade Crossing (PART II): Lush the Meaning . . .