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Beyond The Labyrinth

Dilbeek, Flanders, Belgium | INDIE

Dilbeek, Flanders, Belgium | INDIE
Band Metal Classic Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Chapter III - Stories 5* out of 6"

Album number three is generally considered to be a crucial one in the career of an artist or band and that also applies to the third effort from Beyond The Labyrinth, our Belgian pride that blends melodic and progressive rock so well. Of course Geert Fieuw still rules the roost, but for the first time I have the feeling that he has gathered a strong line-up. Vocalist Jo De Boeck is his sidekick since the “Signs” album, but with Gerry Verstreken (b) and newcomer Michel Lodder (d), the band has found a strong backbone. Recording with these guys must be fun and that’s exactly what this album radiates. Twelve tracks – or should I call them ‘stories’ – pass in review and among them are some real gems. Take the opening song for an example. It bears the somewhat mysterious title of “The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes”, but it immediately shows what BTL stands for. It’s a strong song with a head and a tale and one that invites to go on with the listening session. A good decision, because more beauties follow, like my favourite “Where Kindred Spirits Meet” (with a Jo De Boeck at his very best!), “Oceans Apart”, “Saturation Point”, “Stories Waiting To Be Told” and “The Peter Principle”. Geert Fieuw comments: “All stories are real: some are sweet and romantic, others are harsh, grim and cold.” All I can add is that this is what makes this album so strong: its diversity, not only as far as the mood goes, but also regarding the excellent balance between melodic and progrock. I expected a strong album from BTL and we’ve got it. Hope it sells enough copies so that Fieuw and his guys can carry on. This may sound a bit ‘patriotic’, but our guys deserve it. Check it out now! (CL)

- Rock Report


Albums :
Chapter III - Stories / 2011
Castles in the Sand / 2008
Signs / 2005

Singles :
The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes / 2011
The Peter Principle / 2010
Oceans Apart / 2010
Hidden Agenda / 2009
Saturation Point / 2009
Pure Sabotage / 2009
Time To Fly / 2008
Tomorrow Is Gone / 2006
In Flanders Fields / 2005
Shine / 1997



Unusual - Uncomparable - Unique

As one sees Beyond The Labyrinth's band logo and the credo “Conceive, Believe, Achieve” beneath it, one can only realize : this is no ordinary rock band.
Combining crunchy guitars with classic song writing and cinematic orchestration, Beyond The Labyrinth (BTL)'s Classic/Melodic Hard Rock is influenced by a wide range of musical styles, from genuine 70's Classic Rock and pop, over A.O.R., 80's Metal to symphonic, progressive, gothic ….As a matter of fact, Beyond The Labyrinth's music sounds like what would happen if movie soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer, AC/DC guitar player Angus Young and Abba songwriters Bjorn and Benny would decide to form a band ...
Beyond The Labyrinth, probably Belgium’s sole Classic Melodic Rock band, have been around since 1996.
What sets them apart from other bands may well be their unique sound, songwriting skills, deeper-than-average lyrics and song subjects, and genre-surpassing approach.
Between 1997 and 2011, Beyond The Labyrinth have released 3 full albums, 10 singles and 6 video clips. Their song “For Eternity” was reworked by US based artist Lisa LaRue for het “2K9” album in collaboration with (former Asia lead singer) John Payne. Masters in out-of-the-box thinking, BTL came up as first with the unique “Work-In-Progress” method of building up an album by releasing the music as singles first, each time supported by an accompanying video clip. The clip to “Oceans Apart” – a narrated comic based on real photographs- is one more example of their unique way of thinking. As a result, the 3rd BTL album "Chapter III-Stories" has confirmed the bands international level and approach – and their unique position in their home country.
Mission Statement : To help make this world a better place by creating and spreading music that helps people find strength, that gives people hope, that soothes and comforts people, that makes people dream away, that elevates people.

Geert Fieuw : “Whenever we hear about someone finding inspiration, strength, comfort in our music, it fills our hearts with joy : that’s what we do it for… an autistic person living up when hearing “Castles in the Sand”, a reviewer recognizing his situation in “Strength”, a biker funeral where “No Place For A Dreamer" is played”, a photographer taking “In Flanders Fields” as an inspiration for a special photo shoot. This is our reward, this is our true recognition. We are not here to play music for ourselves but to bring music to the world with a positive message”
Composed out of a group of accomplished musicians, BTL is able to perform and appeal to rock as well as mainstream audiences. They have successfully supported bands in different styles, ranging from Uriah Heep (Classic Rock), Threshold, Pagan’s Mind and Pain Of Salvation (Progressive Metal), Epica (Gothic Metal), to local Mainstream top bands like The Magical Flying Thunderbirds (Belgium’s top party cover band) and De Kreuners on concerts in the Benelux, Germany and France.