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The best kept secret in music


"DRIVEN to ROCK-2.5.04"

When the proprietors of Tommy O'Shane's decided to open a new tavern in the former Shawn's Bases Loaded, the building's expansive space inspired broad plans.
The establishment includes a main barroom, a large gymnasium that doubles as a music hall and an outdoor athletic field. The bar, which is on Highway WW, was rechristened six weeks ago by partners Tommy Lund and Shane Van Dyk.
The two Wausau men want to make their business the premier place for live music in central wisconsin by hosting local acts, regional favorites and national performers that run the gamut of genres, from hard-core to blue grass to country music.
"We're going to book a variety of quality bands," said Lund, 33. "We want to establish a reputation as a great music venue."
On Saturday, Tommy O'Shane's will host it's FIRST live music event, THE LOCAL YOKEL PETTING WAZOO SHOWCASE. The show, which was organized by bEYONDTherapy frontman jIMMY Garski and his bandmates, features performances by bEYONDTherapy and fellow Wausau groups Led Devil, Strychnine, Melt Down, and AM Enclosure. Chainsnap, a band from Madison, will headline.
In their quest to become the top destination for music lovers in the area, Lunda and Van Dyk, 34, possess something that no other bar owners have in town-a music hall that can hold 400 to 500 people.
Derek Reynolds, a Wausau metal fan who plans to check out the event on Saturday, said he's looking forward to attending a big show in a venue that allows fans enough room to move around.
"Size makes's a difference," said Reynolds, 25. "In smaller bars, you get jam-packed, and it's hard for the bartenders to keep up."
The space also will aid the first time tavern owners in their mission to lure big acts to town. Lund said he'd like to emulate Witz End in Stevens Point, a venue known for offering it's stage to an eclectic mix of musicians. With Witz End closing it's doors next month, Tommy O'Shanes could lure displaced music lovers from around central Wisconsin.
Although Wausau doesn't have a reputation as a music Mecca, well known acts have performed here. Shawn's Bases Loaded brought in well known bands such as Candle Box, Nickelback, Jackyl and Coal Chamber.
Wausau's location between Chicago and the Twin Cities makes it an ideal stop for artists touring nationally, said Dino Corvino, the band coordinator at Scott St. Steak and Pub, a downtown tavern and live music venue.
Corvino, who has seen Megadeth and Little Blue Crunchy Things play shows at Shawn's Bases Loaded, said Tommy O'Shane's will need to erect a stage and add dressing rooms to it's music hall before it can regularly woo big-name entertainers. But the room itself bears a potential unequaled in the area, he said.
"I think they have the best raw space in central Wisconsin to bring in national rock talent," said Corvino, 33, who lives in Weston. "It's big enough, it's high enough, and it's acoustically right."
In addition to plotting a diverse music lineup, Lund and Van Dyk want to please sports nuts by improving the tavern's league offerings. They are organizing a variety of activities, including indoor and outdoor volleyball, rugby and basketball, and will launch a website for schedules and standings.
Since taking over the tavern, Lund and Van Dyk have drawn new customers without alienating the regulars, said Twyla Sczygelski, 36. The Wausau woman has claimed her stool at the bar for more than a decade and through the taverns several incarnations.
In the past month or so, Sczygelski has seen quite a few new faces and heard alot of excitement about the planned changes.
"This has always been a fun place to come, and now it's going to be even better," she said. - Wausau Daily Herald/C. E. Hanifin-Lifestyles Editor

"SHOWofMETAL/2.5.04(cover story)"


There's no question what jIMMY Garski will be wishing for when he blows out the candles Saturday on his 30th birthday cake: a record deal.
For the frontman of the Wausau hard-core band bEYONDTherapy, hitting the third decade of his life doesn't mean much. He and his bandmates are too busy driving their band to the brink of stardom.
Singer and lead guitarist Garski solidified the current bEYONDTherapy lineup-guitarist Rick Edward, drummer Brian Loomis and bass player Bryan O'Connor-in 2000. Since then, the band has built a large, loyal following through relentless promotion and incessant gigging.
In the process, they've also helped construct a thriving metal scene in central Wisconsin.
This year, bEYONDTherapy stands poised to send out a shock wave on the regional-and perhaps even the national stage.
"We're right on the verge of not being a basement band anymore, but we're definitely not any kind of national threat yet," said O'Connor, 26.
Lately, bEYONDTherapy has been experiencing the growing pains of a group that's outgrowing it's status as one of the local scene's biggest draws.
After playing around the state for several years and scoring gigs in the Chicago area, the quartet now plans to expand it's fan base with upcoming shows in Minneapolis, Des Moines, and St. Louis. This summer, the musicians will take stage for the second year at the metal world's premier event, Milwaukee Metalfest, and perform at the Metal Mindrage band showcase in Baltimore.
Several indie record labels also are reviewing bEYONDTherapy's debut full-length album, 2003's "dEADLiners," with an eye on signing the group.
bEYONDTherapy's hard-driving music, which the band has dubbed bipolar cartoon core, appeals to the growing number of metal fans in the area. The band's aggressive sound and intense live performances hooked Derek Reynolds of Wausau, who has been a bEYONDTherapy devotee since the group formed.
"What they do is just completely different from anything else that's out there," he said. "When you go and watch them, it's like watching four individual shows. Each guy goes off in his own little way."
Although some audiences and venue owners initially balked at the bands heavier-than-mainstream sound, the musicians' work ethic swayed many skeptics.
By working their Web site, striking savvy promotional partnerships and, most of all, matering the old-fashioned art of networking, Garski and his bandmates have recruited an army of fans, one person at a time. The four musicians, who each log 40 hours a week or more at day jobs, consider getting the word out about their music a full-time gig as well.
They've plastered the area with posters advertising their shows and festooned their own bodies with the bands distinctive logo in the form of sweatshirts, hats and tattoos. They're equally devoted to responding to emails from fans on the next block and in Argentina and Belgium. They've even handed out bumperstickers to fellow motorists while driving down the highway.
Although the band members have sacrificed down-time, sleep and a little bit of sanity to their grueling schedule, they prod themselves to stay focused on the potential payoff-fame.
"I don't want to work in a factory for the rest of my life," said Loomis, 26.
The ceaseless hype generated by bEYONDTherapy could help push the band to the next level, said Dino Corvino, who has booked local and national bands for six years at Scott Street Steak and Pub in Wausau. The Weston man, an area native and music-industry veteran, toured with punk icon Henry Rollins for years.
"They're the only local band in the city that works at a level that will get them signed," Corvino said. "jIMMY is diving into the deep end, where everybody else is treading water. He is 10 percent committed to what he is doing-there's no backing down at all."
Garski deserves the credit for creating the area's burgeoning metal scene, Corvino said.
bEYONDTherapy has hosted numerous hardcore showcases that pair local bands like Led Devi and A.M. Enclosure with national players, including the Heavils from Rockford, Ill., and Minneapolis shock-rockers Anal Blast.
"I believe that the local metal scene is absolutely the spawn of jIMMY Garski," Corvino said. "None of it existed before bEYONDTherapy."
"I've been here long enough and I know all these guys, and they weren't doing anything until jIMMY forced it to happen."
In the past two years, more bands with a hard sound have laid down tracks at Campfield Recorders than any other type of music, said Todd Campfield, who has owned the Wausau Recording studio since 1993. He also regularly runs sound at local shows.
bEYONDTherapy raised the bar for original music in central Wisconsin, Campfield said.
"Until recently, all that most local bands played was cover tunes," he said.
In fact the quartet refuses to play a single cover song, Garski said, even though it has cost them gigs. One bar owner told the musicians he'd book them if they agreed to add just one cover to their set list. They refused.
"Ozzy Osbourne didn't make it big by playing Pink Floyd," O'Connor said.
Garski said he and his bandmates think that, on the local scene and in the national realm, only the most committed bands survive.
"It's survival of the fittest," he said. "We're going to get a record deal through our perseverance. We're going to make the music world pay attention to Wausau."
Whether or not bEYONDTherapy ever lands on the cover of Spin magazine, the jolt the band has given the local scene will benefit music fans for years to come. Garski and his bandmates paved the way for a new generation of musicians, said Reynolds, 25.
"Wausau had been dead for a long time-people seemed stuck in the 80's," he said. "bEYONDTherapy is bringing a new flavor to the scene. They are putting Wausau on the map. That's totally cool." - Wausau Daily Herald/C. E. Hanifin-Lifestyles Editor

"Metal Maniacs/Local Band Gets Loony-9.19.03"


The members of bEYONDTherapy describe their music as bipolar cartoon core, so it's no surprise that they went a little manic while recording their first full-length release, "dEADLiners." For the new album, the local hardcore quartet blasted through nine songs (plus a not so secret hidden track) in just two days. In March, they laid down tracks at two Madison recording venues, spending one day at the legendar Smart Studios and another day at Sleepless Nights Studios.
No breaks, no noodling, no "Spinal Tap"-esque meltdowns-the band just whipped out the tunes as fast as possible, said guitarist and vocalist jIMMY Garski, 29.
"I personally lost a bit of my mind during the recording process," he said.
The frantic pace in the studio allowed the band to capture the spontaneous chaos of songs like "Bleeding Sanity" and "Jibberish" Garski said.
"When you listen to the album, it's a crazy adrenaline rush," he said. "If you're already pissed off for some reason, I suggest you take a sedative before playing it."
The band however, isn't going to be taking it easy any time soon. Now that "dEADLiners" has hit the streets-you can find it at local shops, at the band's shows and on the bEYONDTherapy Web site, musicians are devoting their time to promoting the release and their live shows. They're also trying to snag a national distribution deal.
We asked the quartet-Garski, guitarist Rick Edward, bass player Bryan O'Connor and drummer Brian Loomis-to slow down long enough to give us an exclusive track-by-track guide to "dEADLiners." Here's the scoop, straight from the band:
"Fingers"-This song originated in the mid-'90s while Garski was still composing with his band The Happily Rejected (a grunge band). It is a tribute to the working class man/woman, and how even though every day can constantly burden you with tasks you don't want to do, there's something that pulls us through all the mire of our own physical discomforts-it's called the human will.
"6.11.92"-Is actually about someone who's the date of their death. Also, it incorporates the element of how we are all a number, and that just like a gallon of milk ready to expire, one day our number will be up. Live life extremely..don't let it walk right by you. Leave your dent in humanity's canvas.
"Waiting"-Trying to remain patient and composed while maintaining your sanity underneath it all, waiting, wondering when the day will come when bEYONDTherapy will land its major record deal.
"I Am"-Simply put, it's about anyone's existence, and how everyone has the gift of life to pursue their dreams. For bEYONDTherapy, that dream is to leave our music embedded in the sheets of the pages of history's musical notebook(s). To be eternally remembered
"Bleeding Sanity"-About being bipolar, and in general just being a fruit-loopy kinda guy (this one was written mainly about Garski's perspective on his own personal life).
"The Stoop Head"-Not being able to make up your mind and about being an idiot in be stupid (stoop head)
"I Wish You We're Dead"-About being with someone you care about, it falls apart, than you wish the dark side of the moon for that once "special someone."
"Faceless"-Thoughts on how we live very much like a brotherhood as a band, how we try to be promoting machines, try to get our name out everywhere so that we more than capture the attention of ANY MAJOR LABEL that might care to notice we exist on a commercial level.
"Jibberish"-Is an anthem for those in the city of Wausau who've supported us through the years and a bitchery to those who didn't give a shit or are just to lazy to get their asses off the couch to come out and see us spill our guts. Sorry for all of you.


As guitarist and vocalist for bEYONDTherapy, jIMMY Garski roars through his days.
But sometimes he has a little trouble nodding off at night.
Garski's quest for an alternative to counting sheep inspired his solo project, a new album of 10 acoustic songs called "Ten Tiny Toons, or Songs To Help You Sleepy Pies." He recorded the tracks in two day-long sessions last month at a friend's apartment.
"I wrote this album to help myself sleep. I hope this CD will find its way into the hearts and minds of restless people everywhere, and that this truly can be a lull to help you all sleep, too," he said.
Those who know Garski only as the mighty-voiced frontman of his hardcore band might be surprised by the introspective lyrics and cartoonish humor of the tracks on "Ten Tiny Toons."
"It's more of a light-hearted album. I enjoy playing acoustic-it's a nice break from the manic, losing-my-breath side of my existence."
"I'm showing the softer side of myself, that there's more to me than just some big heavy metal burnout freak."
Here's a little right-before-bedtime reading-Garski's guide to his "Ten Tiny Toons":
"I Wish I Was A Pirate"-Doesn't everybody? To be a one-eyed man lost out at sea, palm trees at the blink of an eye!
"Free Myself Of Me"-About escaping yourself mainly, and I guess those around you as physically leave your body to go somewhere not in this world.
"Don't Cry"-A song I wrote for my love jULIE, for when she cry's and can't eat. A song to lift her spirits when they are low, a song that will lift a chicken drumstick from her plate with a fork to her mouth, or a pizza or what have you...whateva fills the void.
"Rusting Umbrella"-A tribute to the four guys in my former grunge band, The Happily Rejected. Even though we're all rusting away, lost amongst our own individuality, we will ALWAYS have our ever-fading memories..those you can never lose...unless Alzheimer's sets in...then you're f@#%ed.
"Grey"-About how a woman can leave a man grey inside...scarred.
"For Jakie"-For Jay and Jakie Mentink. Sorry brother, she'll get her's in the end.
"Marijuana"-A song written back in the days of The Happily Rejected...don't do it, it's bad for you!!!!
"Perfect"-Even with flaws, we are all perfect in our own image, no matter what anyone speaks out against you. Know this for yourselves...
"For Heidi"-A requiem for a girl who I went to sixth grade with some time ago, a girl who shot herself in the head and died. I miss you, Heidi.
"Temporarily Insane"-About how everybody loses it once in awhile...


If you want proof that jIMMYGarski never outgrew cartoons, just take a look at his arms. Or his legs. Or his back.
On Garski's left arm, Grimace waddle's past a brick wall while Humpty Dumpty falls off it and the Kool-Aid Man busts through it. Bug's Bunny, Daffy Duck and Gossamer enter Wackyland on his back.
Garski takes his 'toons-and his tats-seriously. The artwork inked onto his body serves as a scrapbook of his passions and memories. On his left leg, Scooby Doo's buddy Shaggy dashes past a gravestone that pays tribute to Garski's older brother, Christopher James Garski, who died in 2000.
Cartoons have helped shape jIMMY-Garski's music. The singer and guitarist for the local hardcore band bEYONDTherapy said the colorful characters he loves also have influenced his perspective on life.
"Cartoons give me the inspiration not to be so damn serious about things," he said. The musician revealed his five favorite 'toons:
Grimace-Although never played major role in ANYTHING, any cartoon, etc...his name makes one wonder...
Kool-Aid Man-Always a positive force. I used to drink him after mowing Grandma Garski's lawn or cleaning out her gutters. Would watch the Thirsties battle Kool-Aid Man in '70s comic books-"Oh Yeah!!-while sitting on the toilet.
Gossamer-For those who aren't sure, he is the hairy orange monster with two huge, piercing eyes and white-with-red spots sneakers who was conceived by a mad scientist through experimentation. Kinda like me, except I'm nowhere near as well known as Chuck Jones an artist at Warner Bros. who created this menace from his own imagination.
Shaggy-He is the ultimate junk food hippie; he reminds me of myself at times, all spacey and like "Zoiks," (and no, it's not "zoinks" for you people not in the know..."ZOIKS"...DAMNIT..."ZOIKS"!!!!). I never cared much for Scooby Doo...he was the star. I've always liked the sideshow freaks, the outcasts, if you will.
Aqua Man-It's absolutely mind-boggling how he can control all life forms under the sea. Just imagine what he could do with all of the blowfish...
- Wausau Daily Herald/C. E. Hanifin-Lifestyles Editor

"Why So Angry? (Cover Story)/Debut Sept issue:Sept-'03"

Why So Angry?

Well you'd probably be upset too when after getting attention from national markets; finding that it's difficult to play to a full house every time that your perform in front of your own hometown fans. This would make a lesser band give up, quit, or move to where people give you the respect that you deserve for working all of those hard hours perfecting your style and music. That is what the Wausau area is doing to one, if not the biggest band to come from this small town, bEYOND Therapy. They've opened up for highly regarded bands before...Hatebreed...The Buzzhorn...and recently shared time with Ice-T and Body Count, The Mentors, Strapping Young Lad, and Suffocation at The US Cellular Arena's Milwaukee Metalfest 17. They've had commercial success with music played for not only a nationally run Wrigley's/Winterfresh gum ad, but have done songs for the D-Aces ( stunt bike dvd/videos. bEYOND Therapy has been featured on Z-104, been in the local newspapers, and held their own showcases containing numerous national acts. But yet, this group of surly, angry, at times almost maniacal men, do not have the backing from the place that bred them.
Singer/guitarist and frontman jIMMY Garski was being straight forward when he said, "We probably could go on a Midwest tour, but the band likes to stay loyal to the followers of our music here in the North Central Wisconsin area, and we do all of our writing and playing with the hope that someday our message will get across to the people that have not yet begun to listen to our tunes or come to the shows." "We hear from the other performers that Wausau is a step up from the usual small town places that they come from, but sometimes we have to go to those places ourselves because at least we are more appreciated and respected in those little places."
Why is this happening to one of the hardest working, original, in your face, take no prisoners type of groups that you'll ever want to see in person? Part of it, in my opinion, is that some consider them too hardcore for their tastes, and I thought that way until I gave them a chance. Believe me, no one plays with more intensity and drive than bEYOND Therapy, and when asked, they'll never alter their style of music they play to sell more tickets, CD's, or any other reason. They spend a tremendous amount of time and energy writing new material, publicizing themselves and throwing multi-group shows at the only place that is either big enough or will let them hold these events, The Labor Temple. How do you know that you don't like their style? Obviously, you have not gone to see them, otherwise it may occur to you as it did me, this band will tear out your soul and give it back to you when they're finished with it.
Disrespect? Yes. Ignored? Yes. How many times do they need to be kicked in the teeth while waiting almost to patiently for the home towners to catch on to this, while civic events, such as the Concerts on the 4th Street Green and the Marathon County Fair, filled our stands with Country and Western bands, 60's Hasbeen's, and a band that had marginal hits 10-15 years ago, are held? Why are not any of the enormously talented area bands featured in a day for the younger crowd? I wouldn't blame bEYOND Therapy or any other band from quitting or relocating because of the apathy and total disregard that the show-going crowds seem to have here in Wausau. Put down your remote control, turn off your computer (one handed if you have to), and get out to where bEYOND Therapy is playing next and you'll have to agree with me, this is one band to be reckoned with sooner or later, hopefully sooner.
I hear from a lot of people that there isn't anything to do at night in this town, and who's fault is that? Get off your dead ass and instead of buying that third 40 of malt liquor and the economy-sized bag of Funyuns, go see bEYOND Therapy in concert. By the way, everyone is tired of you trying to sing the same old karaoke songs week after week, please let the professionals handle that chore. Okay, Cletus? If you do not agree with anything that was stated in this article, complain to me, not bEYOND Therapy. Except for a quote from them, this is my opinion and if you don't like it, prove me wrong.
bEYOND Therapy would like to thank all of their loyal followers for whom make this the real reason they still give all they have at every show, and hope to see more of you at their next concert where ever it may be. - Tim Pickett(Owner: X-Press Magazine)

"Review on dEADLiners by Maggot at Louis, Mo/2.13.04"

Wausau, Wisconsin sounds like a place most of us have never heard of and if we think we have, we probably associate it with cheese or other dairy products. Now let me introduce the reason you will never forget Wausau, WI. BEYOND THERAPY. With a name like BEYOND THERAPY you may think this band is a little off the wall and probably need to be in a cage. Well, this may all be true except that not only is this band insane and brings insanity on their new CD, "Deadliners", and to their stage shows but i can assure you no cage can hold these metalers!!!!
BEYOND THERAPY has been around for four years and has accomplished more in their time together than most of us will in a life time, so pay attention to how its done!!! Included in their impressive credits are these mammoth accomplishments just to mention a few.....
- wrote and recorded a 30 second spot for a Wrigley's gum commercial
- they get regular airplay and radio interviews around the world
- played some music for an ESPN motorcycle video for D'ACES
- played at the infamous Milwaukee Metalfest in 2003 and to be reappearing again in 2004
- has appeared many times in their own local newspaper. "the Wausau Daily Herald" and were even on the front page
- are endorsed by Budweiser, Scream TV, and many others
- free agents (no label)
- has played with ANAL BLAST, HATEBREED, THE BUZZHORN, INCAGED and many more national and international touring acts
- New Years resolution 2004 - WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!!

BEYOND THERAPY's new release "Deadliner's" is no joke. If you want music to relax to, sorry this band won't cut it. If you are pumped up and are gonna drive to kick the jackoffs ass who is screwing your old lady, well probably should not listen to these guys either. These guys are off the hook and bring their own style of narcotics, a pure balls to the wall adrenaline rush!!! I dare not to compare this band to anyone, because I can't. It's all over the charts! The way they describe themselves is a "bipolar cartoon core metal served with a dish of insanity, sprinkled with a dollop of hell." That's as good as its gonna get. Sometimes it's hard to review an album and wish I could cheat and say it's fucking killer and buy it. That way there is no chance in me risking cutting the band short of all the credit I think they deserve.
1) Fingers - This is a hard hitter right from the get go with some killer guitar riffing. Not to mention these well timed drum crashes that bring the steel toe to the head. This song is an homage to the the working class and the "human will." Jimmy has a very strong voice no death metal growl, but a definite throat grabber for most of us that can't sing like we mean it. Favorite lyric: "you should, go (stay) away from me, you never say what the hell you outta say, no-no-no (fuck no! Fuck no!)"
2) 6.11.92 - This song is actually about death and how we all have a number when we expire like a
package of meat. So we gotta make best with what we got and make our mark in the earthly realm. Favorite Lyric: "jack be nimble jack be quick...oh burnin' is your mutha fuckin candle, our time revolves a melting stick, like an egg they watch us scramble in a pan we sit and stew with all the problems in our lives with every passing day we loose our youthful disguise."
3) Waiting - This is about remaining patient and maintaining sanity underneath it, waiting for your goal to be achieved. Favorite lyric : "IM waiting to die, there's so much remorse inside of me i cant seem to keep shit straight sometimes, waiting to die." Definitely see this as a song to mosh shit up to in the pit, hopefully at a massive outdoor fest this year, maybe i allowed to project like that as a reviewer? Strong screams in this song and a lot of power waiting to face an audience to get the all crazy to!!!
4) I am - Song about everyone's existence and how everyone has their own dreams to pursue. Fav lyric: "I don't believe in anything because IM insane, never give them anything, for this foolish game called life, am, am, goddamn! I AM!!!" Starts of slow and then blows out a wall of metal aggression as if in a state of personal conviction. I know what the fuck i am doing and you have no power over me to sway me decision. This is almost like a hardcore lyric style song. very personal to me, very powerful!
5) Bleeding Sanity - This song is mainly about the lead singers life. So I will not comment too much on this as a personal respect. But the insanity is truly brought to a head in this powerful dervish of a pit song. "let's see a circle pit going on this one"!!!
6) The Stoop head - AS much as i want to say i don't like this song for the reason of it being about an idiot, stupid-head (stoop head) and i take that personal due to past decisions in my life. This is actually another really good song. Kinda of reminds me of something stupid one would say- song starts out sorta slow and then the beat down that follows because of it. Very cool skitzo styled guitars in places make this song kind of fun even with the subject matter. I have no fav lyric as mentioned just due to personal situations...sorry guys.
7) I Wish You Were Dead - Well we all have that special someone who fuels the fires from hell and bring s out the worst in us due to a break up or loss of commitment. Well this is a wonderful song for Valentine's Day!!! This is a quick paced and violent song and better in a song than on the streets, right? Its a lil over two and a half minutes of "fuck you, you ...." Favorite lyric: "I want you out of my head i just wish that you were dead every time i see your face. you know i just can't erase...erase your face, why can't I erase.
8) Faceless - This song is about the band as a unit and how they try to promote themselves to achieve the goal of getting a major label deal. Fav lyric : take, my face, and push it all over this mutha-fuckin place now time will lie to me cuz that's how its gotta be so i say to you, be true unto your self, you have a soul, like no, no mother fucker has" This song also seems to have a little drama with an on air personality, which gives this song some life or personality. Another pit favorite to me. Man i can't wait to see these guys.
9) Jibberish - Is supposed to be an anthem to the supporters of the band in Wausau and a big "send of" to those who could give a shit less. Fav lyric : "IM living in this shitty little city living in the watered down of the dead and in thinking there's something out to get me knowing that it's not just in my head." The is so cool squeally riffing in this song and an excellent ending for this phenomenal album.

13) Guess you'll have to buy this to find out what this is all about and what lies between songs 9 and 13.


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"Arts/Entertainment:BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE/Review by CITY PAGES/Jan. 29-Feb. 5th, 2004 by Dan Newman"


The band has been around for nearly five years, creating some of the best, most well-received hard and heavy music to hail from Wausau. Among the local live music crowd, bEYOND Therapy is a known name. But success depends on more than just cranking out a good product, and much of bEYOND Therapy's good fortunes can be credited to front man jIMMY Garski's willingness to do the leg work necessary to sell it.
Take for example the metal music extravaganza on New Year's Eve-a show that almost didn't happen. Three weeks before a Jan. 31st gig for bEYOND Therapy and the four regional acts, the venue cancelled. Undaunted by this last minute glitch, Garski rescheduled at the VFW in Wausau and personally distributed all new publicity materials for the event.
His work paid off. More than 450 people-a size crowd unheard of for a local rock show-showed up for what proved to be one of the most energetic, pulsating nights of music I've heard all year.
Garski's mind for the music business, coupled with the band's distinctive original music, has led to the kind of accomplishments few local bands can match. bEYOND Therapy has garnered sponsorships from Budweiser, Scream TV, Z-104 and 360 Skateboards Co., to name a few. The band has played at major events, including the Midwest Metal Summit in Indiana and Metalfest in Milwaukee, where they are scheduled to play again this year.
In August the foursome is heading to Baltimore, MD., for a show featuring A&R reps from the likes of Sony, Atlantic, and Virgin Records. About 60 bands from around the country are performing at this event called Metal Mindrage III. "It's going to be huge," Garski says. "I think we are the only band from Wisconsin to be invited so far."
bEYOND Therapy's most impressive success is a testament to their musical talent. In April 2002 the band wrote and recorded a 30 second song for a Wrigley's Winterfresh gum commercial after winning a nation wide contest for the best original jingle. "Even Cooler To Chew" was played nationally for about a month during Wrigley's ad campaign. The band got paid for it-enough to help buy a new sound system. "It was shocking." Garski says. "The producer thought it was so original. It definitely raised our confidence level, because, you know, we're out of Wausau, and you don't get a lot of big things happening. this was big."

SEEING THE ANTICS of bEYOND Therapy in concert is something to behold. Garski provides the vocals and lead guitar, with Rick Edward on rhythm guitar, Bryan O'Connor on bass, and Brian Loomis keeping the beat on drums. The result of their mind-numbing music and on-stage anticsis an auditory onslaught that inspires the biggest mosh pits in town.
Edward usually wears some kind of hooded mask and performs athletic feats with his instrument. Garski "sings" only part of the time, breaking up songs regularly with indecipherable yells and screams. The crowd reaction is intense-head banging (literally), moshing and antics of their own. some of the most memorable moments at the New Year's Eve show came when fans and even a band member or two mooned the crowd, whipping the place into an even greater frenzy.
"If you've ever got into Jim Morrison, it's kind of like that; you never know what to expect," Garski says. "I can't really guarantee what will happen. If you were at the VFW on New Years Eve, it was our craziest show ever. You never know, it's just maniacal mayhem."
Heavy rock/metal bands that are popular live acts often don't make great recordings. Without the look, stage antics and attitude to distract listeners, musically failings can become painfully apparent.
bEYOND Therapy's latest album, dEADLiners, stands up to stereo scrutiny. It was recorded Smart Studios, a legendary studio in Madison, WI, which has recorded cds for such artists as Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. Also songs were recorded at Sleepless Nights Recording Studios in Madison too. dEADLiners relects of both studios a status of superb sound quality throughout, and professional presentation, both on the cd and in the insert.
The music is hard, fast and heavy. Guitar riffs have power behind them-a necessary quality to back up Garski's forceful singing and screaming. Though you won't find yourself able to hum these songs in the shower, they aren't the sloppy, 100-mph-come-hell-or-high-water mess common of lesser bands. Sure, Garski has that quintessential metal quality of being able to "sing" in a voice that sound like nothing human But the boys of bEYOND Therapy know when to pull back to give the songs a more sophisticated texture and pace.
bEYOND Therapy performs original music, written primarily by Garski (Edward wrote about six out of the bands fifty or so songs). But it is a team effort. "I introduce the skeleton, and the band puts the flesh upon my bones," Garski explains.
The lyrics say quite a bit about Garski as a person-he pours himself out in every song, not holding back any emotion or idea. The track "Faceless" on dEADLiners speaks to the brotherhood that Garski and the band feel should permeate the metal music community. "Jibberish" was written as a Wausau anthem-a sympathetic rip on the common cry among the early 20's set that this town has nothing to offer. (Garski himself turns 30 next week).
"Fingers," is full of fast-paced guitar riffs and forceful singing/yelling, this is a great song to open a CD of this genre. "Waiting" is a different kind of song, in which transitions and vocal styles change up the pace. "I Am" is my favorite on the disc. It builds and builds into a nicely textured chorus, then slows down a bit only to rise again.
Each track on this album is a good reflection of the band's hard work and love of music. It's a combination that possibly has the capacity to help bEYOND Therapy make it in the difficult music industry.

GARSK HAS BEEN in several bands before finding his stride with bEYOND Therapy. In 1994 he was involved with his first major project, a band called The Happily Rejected, in which Garski was front man. The band dissolved around 1998 when the guitar player temporarily lost his mind. Though he was just 20 when the band was formed, Garski's gung-ho spirit already was showing up in moves like having professional business cards printed up for The Happily Rejected. (Garski might have been TOO gung-ho, he still has about 400 CDs left over from when the band broke up.)
His next band, Cold 150, was formed with some of the current members of Led Devil (formerly Six Pound Sledge), another metal band from Wausau that often plays with bEYOND Therapy. In Steamroller, Garski was again front man. With the passing of his brother Christopher James on August 20, 2000, Steamroller's name was changed to bEYOND Therapy as respect to his brother. Christopher James suffered from manic depression.
"My brother passing away was such a tragedy, but it also gave me great inspiration for my music," Garski says. The name bEYOND Therapy took on a serious connotation as Garski found it difficult to cope with losing his only brother. "Music helped me deal with it. It still does-I still cry to this day. Music is a powerful drug, and so addictive. If I didn't have music, I don't think I'd be here. That's why the band is a serious thing, that's why we're not just a basement band anymore."
Garski has been lucky with the current lineup of bEYOND Therapy. They play regularly around Central Wisconsin and bEYOND, going as far as Chicago for gigs. All four members have been together for four of the five years spent. And everyone of them has similar interests and goals, which has granted them longevity as a band.
Not everyone appreciates what bEYOND Therapy has done for itself and the music scene in Central Wisconsin. On their website, "we get our share of hate mail from some other bands, which pisses me off," Garski says. "The world of metal should be a brotherhood, we should all stick together. That is the only way we'll get our music out there, to the people."

-bEYOND Therapy plays Friday, Jan. 30 at From The Ground Up Coffee House in Wisconsin Rapids, WI and Saturday, Feb. 7th for jIMMY's B-Day Extravaganza at Tommy O' Shanes (formerly Eli's Mile High Club.) You can pick up a copy of thier CD at InnerSleeve Records in Wausau, WeeBee CDs in Stevens Point, WI, at live shows, and on their website:

- City Pages (The Wausau Area News & Entertainment Weekly)/Jan 29-Feb 5-2004 by Dan Newman-freelance w

"bT Review on dEADLiners by: Mike Burmesiter/proprietor of Adrenalin Fanzine/2.10.04"

REVIEWS POSTED ON February 10, 2004

BEYOND THERAPY- "Deadliners"
    Short Description- Hardcore
Review by Mike Burmeister-proprietor of Adrenalin Fanzine
PO Box 296, Waunakee, Wi 53597 (contact) (website)
    Mike's Review- This is a melodic thrashy hardcore metal band from good ol' Wisconsin.  The name Beyond Therapy fits the music well.  As you listen to the tracks on this album, it is easy to tune into the insanity that is pursued while the drums are beaten, the guitar strings are torn up, and the screaming vocalist unleashes a severe punishment to his vocal cords.  One thing is definite with this band....this band is not for those who are fans of nu-metal, alternative, or any other style of music that lacks talent and the ability to display some type of creativity.  This is a band for those who need to unleash some of that steam that has been building up in your head because you just found out that your older brother is also your dad.

- Adrenalin Fanzine-Waunakee, Wi by Mike Burmeister

"Letter of Endorsement/Wausau Daily Herald/ C.E. Hanifin-Lifestyles Editor-1.7.04"

To Whom It May Concern:

In April 2002, I became the features and entertainment editor at the Wausau Daily Herald. My primary goal in this position has been to get the word out about the area's entertainment scene, primarily local music.

I spearheaded the relaunch of the Weekend section, which runs in the Daily Herald each Thursday, and also in the other three Gannett-owned papers in central Wisconsin, the Stevens Point Journal, Marshfield News-Herald and The Daily Tribune of Wisconsin Rapids. I also oversaw the redesign of the daily Life section.

In the past year and a half, we've seen the readership of the Weekend and Life sections grow significantly, especially among readers 18-34. And we've become the primary source of entertainment news for readers of all ages throughout the area.

In our quest to cover the entertainment scene thoroughly, the Daily Herald is launching a partnership with NewsChannel 7, which will begin airing weekly segments this month on which I will report on local bands, shows and other events. We're also seeking to parter with local radio stations.

In my role covering entertainment in Wausau, I've witnessed how instrumental jIMMY Garski and his bandmates in bEYOND Therapy have been in bolstering and promoting the Wausau scene. The band has built a large, devoted following for their music and their events, which bring bands from throughout the region to Wausau. The band members' work ethic, professionalism and commitment make them no just valuable sources of information for the newspaper, but real assets to the community.


Cynthia E. Hanifin
Features/Entertainment Editor-Wausau Daily Herald - Gannett Press/Wausau Daily Herald

"Letter of Endorsement/Budweiser-Rep: John Riehle/1.7.04"

To Whom It May Concern:

Here at Baer's Beverage, Inc./Budweiser, we have a strong commitment to the bands in our area. We continuously find ways to work with the bands and the public to bring them together, whether it be through concert promotions, sponsorship of the bands through monetary donations, or advertisements of local/regional events. Many of these bands such as bEYOND Therapy, have been beneficial to us due to their very public stature. We enjoy working with jIMMY Garski and hope to continue our commitment to him and his band as they grow in their career.


John Riehle-Budweiser Rep. - Budweiser/Representative: John Riehle

"Wausau Daily Herald-"Wausau Needs Large, Heavy-Metal Concert Hall"/Opinion Section(Regarding my view on building a concert hall vs. a motel-weigh the options) Piece by jIMMY Garski of bT/1.16.04"

Editor: As a musician, I found it extremely disheartening to read recently about Wausau City Council member Aaron Baumgardt's views. His drive and ambition reflect my own ideals, and I like that. But I don't like his attempts to ban outside music.
It started with Players Sports Bar and Grill. "Baumgardt voted in July of 2002 against allowing outdoor music at the Player's Bar on West Stewart Avenue out of sympathy for the neighbors of the bar," the recent profile of him in the paper said. It also said "that if he received similar complaints in his district from neighbors of the
Cabaret Bar, his response would be similar."
I am but one of the few people who helped aid Cabaret with it's first outdoor metal showcase this past August.
Wausau needs to focus on it's younger residents, the ones who still find culture interesting. Investing $4 million in another motel isn't interesting to me. Investing in a concert hall for all types of music, ESPECIALLY heavy metal, is. Wausau doesn't have this. If we had such a thing, noise complaints would cease.
As opposing candidate Tom Wohlfahrt, 70, said regarding Baumgardt, 77, "it's time for a change." Enough said.

-jIMMY Garski
Wausau - Gannett Press/Wausau Daily Herald/by jIMMY of bT


bEYOND Therapy-self titled demo (2001-2002) featuring: The Stoop-Head, Faceless, and Fingers
bEYOND Therapy-self titled full length (10 songs-not available to the public anymore)
bEYOND Therapy-full length dEADLiners (10 songs)
Milwaukee Metal Fest 17 compilation/ with Anal Blast(2003)(milwaukee, wi)
This is Indie Volume #1-compilation(2003)(Orange, CA)
WJJO's Best of Compilation(2003)(madison, wi)
Street Teamer Compilation(2003)(Round Lake, IL)
Underground Movement Vol. 3(2004)
Turkey Vulture Records Vol. 7-The Harder, The Better Compilation w/Sacred Reich(2004)
Future Impact Halloween Compilation(2004)(Due for release this fall) etc...


Feeling a bit camera shy


bEYOND Therapy is a band that hails from Wausau, Wi......bT has been around about 6 years, has about 50 originals waiting to be released on a serious major label, have already had record label consideration through Metalblade Records as well as Century Media Records. bT has written a jingle for Wrigley's/Winterfresh gum that went national in 2002, only 16 bands throughout the usa were chosen to air nationally...we were picked out of thousands the producer had told me..and we got paid for it, which helped to pay off our current PA system which also helps us to throw more live shows w/o renting a PA everytime...also we are sponsored by Budweiser, have turned down Miller sponsorship, 360 skateboards of elmhurst, illinois sponsors bT as well. The Daily Herald, City Pages,,,,, as well as radio sponsorship from our own z104, wjjo's 94.1, 89.9fms Todd Jaymz's Metal Thunder,, wi),,wi)-both extreme stunt bike outfits that perform nationally, most notably bT has written and recorded a minute long jingle for Z104's morning show with Tommy and Tim...entitled:" Tim is fat and Tommy is an ass"...they air it a couple times everyday!-Is a commercial radio station as well, have been featured on almost a dozen compilations with artists from around the world, have released 2 full length albums-one self titled, and dEADLiners, one self titled demo featuring: fingers, faceless and the stoop head...WHAT SETS US APART FROM EVERY OTHER BAND IS THE FACT THAT EVENTUALLY OUR HARD WORK WILL GET US DISCOVERED..BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE A PRODUCT THAT KICKS THE WORLDS ASS!!! bT does everything themselves, they have no manager or anything...bT sets up showcases bi monthly as well inviting bands from around the midwest..influences: THE HAPPILY REJECTED, COLD 150, STEAMROLLER, bEYOND Therapy, ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR, INTROSPECTRE, RESURRECTION, SUN DOG, NIRVANA, SLIPKNOT, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, MUDVAYNE, HATEBREED, SOULFLY, etc...