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Beyond Threshold

Rockford, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Rockford, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Metal Rock


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Beyond Threshold “Revolution”

Another Jason Z. produced album, and another winner for Turkey Vulture Records. A hard hitter filled with angry rage that we can all relate to, Beyond Threshold’s “Revolution” album strikes hard and hits fast. This group of talent packed, seasoned musician get right down to it from the get go. When you pop in your CD and crank the volume, you’ll see exactly what I mean by this. Any fan of heavy and skillful music should pick this masterpiece up! I feel lucky to have been able to review it, as I had the privilege of rocking out hard while getting my “work” done. This was more like a vacation for me, I wholly enjoyed my listen. Great work Erik Virgin, Todd Paluzzi, and Chad Foster on vocals and of course Tom and Chad’s axe/bass work is imaginative and on the mark. RJ Marinas brings up even more guitar energy while Tom Kasten hits the skins hard and with technical spirit and flow. A chomping circus of energy and emotion, Beyond Threshold’s style and delivery on this release is real “Revolution”!

5 out of 5 Stars - Cola of Inclination




By: Macavity

Beyond Threshold has a complete kick ass CD out for all to buy and there are so many reasons why you should! They seamlessly mesh metal, hardcore and rock all into a killer CD that is filled with all great music and not one track of filler.

The "Intro" track has to be mentioned as it gives a clever glimpse at what you are to hear and also the extreme talent of this band in a small opening track that appears to be instrumental but has kick ass vocalizations. The title track has all the elements that make this CD so great to listen to. It combines great melodic rock with full on metal pieces and outstanding musicianship to make for a tune that is versatile enough to be used commercially or just for listening to over and again! "Better Off" has to be mentioned for their unique and really fascinating outro utilizing acoustic guitars and great percussion to end a full on hardcore track. "Critical Mass" brings out the bands talent for performing straight out angry hardcore with all the elements needed to make any fan head bang. This same approach is also found in "Indifference." "Heartless" lives up to its title and cuts to the chase with a hard driving angry hardcore tune that gets the point of the lyrics across with no question about what they are trying to say. "From Within" grabs that same angst and places it into a heavy shredding tune with an unbelievable guitar solo as the middle bridge of the song that makes this song also a standout. All elements and talents that the band members can pull out appear in "Drug Induced Homicide." It is a melodic hardcore rock tune that showcases the full range of superior talent that each member brings to the band. "Selfless" takes the listener on yet another twist in the journey of this album that has a message that begs to be heard. This tune adroitly slows tempo but only slightly and adds in amazing melodic rock and expert guitar playing.

This is quite simply a perfectly performed and well produced album that is a must have for any fan of musicians that stay true to their genre's but also stretch outside the box to give the listener something unique and special to listen to. Exceptional guitars, percussion/drums, bass and simply outstanding vocals make this entire album and all the tracks a standout. Powerful, articulate, unique, versatile and ultra talented best describes the band and their music. "Revolution" is a must have album for anyone that appreciates their hardcore rock performed expertly. Buy the album and head bang on to a kick ass CD by an outstanding and talented band!

- Macavity

"Beyond Theshold Album Review of "Revolution" by Sgt. Deth of WORMWOOD CHRONICLES!!"

12 tracks of revolutionary bliss, this CD will kick your ass. Like a sign of the times, it fits like a glove to the current state of the world. I have seen this band mature in to a completely professional masterpiece. Hopefully this release will gain the attention it deserve because I am sure these guys have a lot more in them. The talent just oozes from every pore in this plastic disk. Every song is unique and there is no filler here. Even track 12, "Sluts" has its proper place as it really shows even one more dimension to their sound.

Sure, most of this is hate filled hardcore metal, but after taking it all in, you will realize that it really does pull ahead of the crowd. The guitar is ultra-talented, as the riffs and solo work from Todd Paluzzi will just amaze you. And Tom Kasten's drums are in the realm of perfect. I can really tell this guy is a natural at beating the skins. I have seen him live and he just lets these very technical fast drum sets flow so seamlessly. And along with Erik Virgin's multi faceted vocal stylings, this makes one good mix of metal. At times Erik will croon with an American Head Charge-groovy kind of sound, then next thing you know he goes right in to near convulsions while screaming out his lyrics. Most of this vocal violence comes out in the CD, but you would have to see them live to truly see what I mean. And you probably will get the chance as these guys sure seem here to stay... these very talented and catchy songs should cement their place in the metal hall of fame.
- Wormwood Chronicles

"Beyond Theshold Review of "Revolution"by MIKE KORN of MUSIC STREET JOURNALl!!"

Beyond Threshold


Review by Mike Korn

Here's a hungry young band from my own backyard. The members of Beyond Threshold have been honing and perfecting their craft for a few years now and they are taking the plunge into the dog-eat-dog world of recorded music. I would say that Revolution reinvents heavy music as the title implies and it’s a strong debut with grass roots appeal.
The band mixes up a variety of hard genres to concoct its own distinctive stew. There's the speed of thrash, the thuggish breakdowns of hardcore, the groove of Pantera, the rhythmic appeal of nu-metal and yes, even a little of the melody of "lite metal" such as Staind and Creed in there. But don't panic, metal fans, the crooned clean vocals are just a small part of what makes BT tick. This is an angry band that's announced its bad intentions with a lion-like roar!

Track by Track Review


This is a strangely eerie opening with a tense build-up that gets gradually heavier and heavier.

A crunchy thrash type riff anchored by powerful drumming kicks this tune off with a blast. Vocalist Erik Virgin unleashes a hair-raising scream to announce that hell has arrived. This dude demonstrates a good range right off the bat. In fact, this song shows off every member of the band to good effect, even including some tasty bass.

Better Off
This tune has been a perennial favorite at BT's live shows. It's a crushing combination of hardcore and nu-metal with brutality to spare. Vocals range from a fierce growl to a droning monotone to all out screaming. There's some almost Latin-flavored drumming to add a little reminds me of something Soulfly might come up with.

Forever Falling
Soulfly again comes to mind while listening to this groove monster. The song is simple and basic, but the excellent guitar solos of Todd Paluzzi, rhythmic drumming of Tom Kasten and Erik Virgin's ticked off vocals give it life.

Critical Mass
A straight-up thrasher that, as the lyrics say, "make you want to break some f***in' face". This is music to mosh to, with thick and brutal riffs and almost death metal vocals. I would have dumped the clean crooning stuff but that doesn't kill the song.

From Within
I really dig the cranking old school guitar solo that kicks this off. Soon enough, it turns into another simple pummeling beatdown with a mixture of hardcore breakdowns and thrash runs. Paluzzi's guitar work has a great classic metal feel that adds a lot of spice to the otherwise basic tunes.

Drug Induced
The punchy guitar hook that starts this sounds almost like it could have come from the NWOBHM. The singing is a more modern mixture of clean crooning verses and raging roars. There's also an almost psychedelic sounding mellow break in the middle. The way these guys combine old school and new school influences is something really fresh.

This brings the more sensitive side of Beyond Threshold to the fore. Yes, it does resemble the more balladic style of Staind and Flaw. Erik Virgin shows he can indeed sing without rupturing a blood vessel and Todd Paluzzi pulls off a beautiful solo. I wouldn't want a whole album of this but this one tune makes for a fine breather amidst the mayhem.

An awesome bluesy metal grind like Black Label Society or Down forms the backdrop for this pounder. The mid-section unleashes a scorching solo and then morphs into a real crushing thump - outstanding tune!

I'd say this is the most overtly heavy tune on the disc. It's nothing blindingly original or complex but it just really slams in a fashion similar to prime Hatebreed. I’m not sure I like the droning clean vocals...this is one track where the harsh singing would have fit all the way through.

This is a relentless thrasher designed to create a bloodthirsty circle pit. Some of Virgin's screams are absolutely hair-raising. The slower breakdowns in the middle lead up to a raging mid-section with brutal chugging riffs. This for sure would be a live favorite.
- Mike Korn of Music Street Journal

"New BEYOND THRESHOLD Album Review of "Revolution" from Beowolf Productions!!"

BEYOND THRESHOLD have brought new life to the Metal scene with their fresh and different
sound. They base their style in Metal while pulling from many different influences in Metal's many
sub-genres. The style that seems to dominate the most would be Thrash Metal. They have lots of
catchy Thrash riffs with crunchy power grooves. There is also a lot of solid Power Metal elements
present within in the guitars. At times in the faster more aggressive parts you can hear Death Metal
coming into play. The vocals have a wide range as well. Harsh groggy Thrash vocals are flavored
with some slower more melodic Power vocals and fast throaty Death growls and screams. These
guys are a great addition to any Metal fans music collection! - Beowolf Productions

"New review for "REVOLUTION" from BEYOND THRESHOLD from Metal Empire (Italy)"

New review for "REVOLUTION" from BEYOND THRESHOLD from Metal Empire (Italy)

(english translation)

Here is a nice review of a great American group labeled 2010. Our five friends would say we offer a breath of fresh air, because their kind is proposed to us which seem varied, imaginative, heavy metal, very well maintained in every aspect of production and technically well played. High rating for the voice segment. Beyond Threshold do not throw, but they push a lot and song after song, for experts in the field of music, leap to mind the dear Voivod. Better Off remade 'a bit towards the styles nu / core typical of Coal Chamber, now I would say almost classicist. And to name another, in our Revolution we do understand that the way the old school thrash can interpret. Critical Mass instead gives us a more industrial side a moment from NY. Nice work, looking tough and pissed off. Just put this on your iPod!!

To view the original Review click here:
- Mr. M (Metal Empire)

"Brand-new Single 'SELFLESS' Off The Album "Revolution" From BEYOND THRESHOLD on TOP 40 CHARTS.COM!!!" - Turkey Vulture Records

"New BEYOND THRESHOLD album "Revolution" on The Radio Through AirPlay Direct!!" - Turkey Vulture Records


The album opens with a dark and erie intro that has that horror movie vibe just before a killing scene....
Tribal drums-hypnotic guitar riffs
and a dramatic feeling that something big is about to happen....
And then it explodes into the title track

Imagine the Stevie Wonder classic Higher ground amplified
a million times and with dynamic changes.
Everyone shines on this song
And of course it's my favorite track for many reasons beyond the obvious fact that ReVoLuTioN is my religion:)

From there the album continues with one tenacious track after another.
I had initially attempted to describe to my readers each song..
How it made me feel...What it meant to me as I listened to it.
But to be honest with you that would be like trying to describe a sick roller coaster ride.

There are dramatic musical climbs that remind you of the clicks you hear as your car is pulled to the top of a steep peek..A THRESHOLD of suspended terror so to speak.
And then comes the sudden thrill of descending into a series of metal twists and turns.
As your pulse is pushed BEYOND the THRESHOLD.
In the front Erik Virgin roars with his fist in the air,Todd Palluzi at his side screaming with guitar work that would turn Dimebag Darrel Abbotts head.
Tom Kasten and Chad Foster provide the thunderous heartbeat not to mention a very melodic tribal element...and it's official R.J Marinas has definitely shed his shell,Todd Palluzi has pulled some phenomenal guitar work out of his young protege on this album.
There are moments when you wonder who's playing the lead the master or his apprentice.

I would have to say that what really separates their sound from others in their genre is the melodic tool like breaks and three part harmonies by Virgin/Foster/Paluzzi.
Not to mention the positive subliminal seeds planted in the lyrics of their songs.
In a world that is saturated with messages of death,war,poverty,discrimination and social disfunction.
This is a call to arms that encourages it's disenchanted listeners to push Beyond the Threshold of anything or anyone that would try to hold them down.

For the most part this labor of love is filled with everything you would expect from a band who's influences include
Mudvayne, Pantera, Hatebreed, Sepultura, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Diecast, Korn, Soulfly, Slayer, Alice in Chains, All that Remains, Megadeth, Shadows Fall, Chimaira,System Of Down,Tool and early Metallica
Shades of all of these bands sort of bleed through the unique unrelenting presence of BEYOND THRESHOLD.
I can't begin to tell you how hard it has been to paint a picture of music with words.
Or what a challenge it must have been for producer Jason Z to capture the energy they bring to the stage and put it into this recording.
Revolution is the evolution of everything that BEYOND THRESHOLD has been striding towards emotionally-spiritually-and musically since they formed in early 2006.
This album is as much a movement as it is a collection of artistic expression.
If you really want to know what the ride felt like..I suggest that you climb aboard

- Timmothy Edwards


"Revolution Part 1" EP released May 2007

"Revolution" Full lenth album released February 2010 Turkey Vulture Records



Turkey Vulture Records recording artists, Beyond Threshold is a heavy rock band that has dominated the greater midwest. Coming from different influences and genres has allowed them to develop into a truly unique, professional, and powerful heavy rock act. Conceived in 2006, this talented young band comprises of former members of several Rockford metal outfits, and together are rapidly becoming one of the standouts of the midwest music scene.

Veteran performers from many groups have come together to ignite an inferno constructed to consume. New school antics with old school roots give the band an unexampled edge in todays music market.

Since the release of their debut album “Revolution” in 2010, Beyond Threshold has been touring the midwest supporting national acts, such as; Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, Chevelle, Powerman 5000, Filter, Nonpoint, Flava Flav, Hed P.E, Godforbid, Mushroomhead, Skindred, Soil, Primer 55, Taproot, Smile Empty Soul, Flaw, Everclear, Walls of Jericho, Adema, 36 Crazy Fists, Dope, Ankla, Kittie, Burn Halo, Motograter, The Autumn Offering, Mephis May Fire, Bobaflex, Los Lonely Boys, The Last Vegas, Oblige, Anew Revolution, Tonic, Black Sunshine, and many more.

The band's hard work has come to fruition as they are currently in production for their sophomore release "Who We Are" with Turkey Vulture Records set for 2012.

Look for Beyond Thresholds debut release entitled, “Revolution” in stores now.