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Beyond Tomorrow @ Six Flags

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Beyond Tomorrow @ Oglethorpe County High School

Lexington, Georgia, USA

Lexington, Georgia, USA

Beyond Tomorrow @ The Loft

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



The Audio in this EPK perfectly displays where a band should be at this level. There is a great cohesion of the pop/rock sound, songwriting, and musical ability. I love the tonal quality of the lead singer's voice and feel that he is capable of more intricate melodies and inflections. The band overall is tight and I can see this progressing easily if they keep up with the formula they are using.

...the choruses are good...There is a good sense of storytelling going on which means more than even the deepest of lyrics.

Track 1 [Don't Tell Me] & 2 [Fade Away] are equally good, but track 3 [Winter In July] is the strongest proving that the barest of things are sometimes the best. Track 3 has the best commercial potential in that it's easy to follow and relate to.

Songwriting structure is so well-developed...Bottom line: I think this group has a good thing going, is very solid and once they break out a bit more they will be phenomenal. - Kathy Gates: Atlantis Music Conference

Though Athen's duo Steve and Hodar set down their acoustic guitars and picked up a drummer and bassist-keyboardist, they retained the pop-savvy emo-rock songs pretty much guaranteed to weaken girls knees. - Flagpole

Local punk/alt-rock group Beyond Tomorrow will play first at the Third Annual Local Bands Live, followed by fellow local rock act Modern Skirts.

Beyond Tomorrow's music includes a variety of styles couple from each member's different influences.

Some of them listen to punk music, while others listen to rock and funk, drummer and vocalist Phil Goodwin said.

The band decided to play Local Bands Live to get its music to others, Goodwin said.

"The main message of the band is to help people cope with everyday issues, like break-ups with girls and family issues," Steve Gagnier, guitarist and vocalist, said. "We want everyone to be themselves and to experience music."

The band normally plays open mic nights at downtown venues, but Goodwin said it has played outside before at Myers Quad for the Freshman Tailgate, so it will keep the same general show as if it were playing at a normal venue.

He said the show will be "more rock," but he does not really know what to expect at Tate.

"I have talked to a band that has played (at Local Bands Live) before, and they said it was kind of weird since everybody is walking to class and looking at you," he said. "But I think it will be fun."

The band plans to release its EP this fall, at the latest, but it may be out this summer, he said.

"It will be a huge mix -- a big variety. The two songs that we have on it now are totally different styles, so you can see the range of our style," he said.

Local Bands Live will take place, weather permitting, on Friday afternoon at the Tate Plaza with two bands playing one-hour sets -- one at 12:30 p.m. and the other at 2 p.m. The show is free. - The Red & Black


August 8, 2005 - Release of first self-titled EP
Track Listing:
1. Follow You
2. Don't Tell Me
3. Fade Away
4. Winter In July
5. Fade Away (Acoustic Version)

August 10, 2005 - Single, "Don't Tell Me" featured on the Atlantis Music Conference compilation album.



Ever since a tsunami wave of fan support catapulted Beyond Tomorrow into an opening spot for a capacity crowd at Philips Arena via Atlanta radio station Star 94's Bon Jovi Battle of the Bands, the band's outlook on the future is all but bleak.

Before Beyond Tomorrow, there was the acoustic duo of Steve Gagnier and Patrick Hoydar. Through relentless hard work and frequent appearances throughout Athens , the duo won two open mic nights, helped set attendance records at Washington Street Tavern, and recorded a two track acoustic demo.

After tacking on the respective drum and bass talents of Phil Goodwin and Alec Wooden in January 2005, Beyond Tomorrow was born.

Since solidifying its lineup and producing a five song EP with the help of friend and producer Marc McKlusky, Beyond Tomorrow's popularity has grown exponentially and earned them the attention of national touring acts, arena venues, and multiple record labels.

With songs that range in sound from Jimmy Eat World to U2 to New Found Glory to Goo Goo Dolls, it's no wonder Wooden insists, “The key word is ‘eclectic.'” When asked to describe the band's sound. “It's really an eclectic mix of acoustic power-pop, rock, and punk.”

“We're just rock. That's what we tell people,” says Hodar, who claims Foo Fighters, Metallica and The Marvelous Three as strong early influences. These influences have helped to bring an alternative edge and unique vocal style to the band.

When writing songs, Gagnier, who cites Green Day, Blink 182, and Story of the Year as influences, aims for catchy lyrics and vocal melodies, as well as the kind of guitar riffs that stick in your head for days.

Much like Gagnier, Goodwin claims pop-punk influences such as Travis Barker (Blink 182) and Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory).

Wooden, a jazz funk bassist and twelve-year student of classical piano, is largely inspired by bassists such as Victor Wooten and bands like Bella Fleck and the Flecktones.

Going from the basement of Washington Street Tavern to Philips Arena within their first year as a band, Beyond Tomorrow pride themselves on being a hard-working, self-promoting band, but remain level-headed. When not playing music, the members are full time students at the University of Georgia .

Beyond Tomorrow produces their own merchandise ranging from self-designed t-shirts and CDs to stickers and buttons. Beyond Tomorrow also designed their own website: and vow to work as hard as they have to in order to get the recognition they deserve.