Beyond Us Both

Beyond Us Both


Our music can be described as an acoustic/soft-rock embedded by three piece vocal harmonies and violin. There is a sense of ambience that is constantly mixed with the fun and uplifting personalities of the performers.


Beyond Us Both is 3 piece acoustic/soft-rock group from Oakville, ON. With so many different influences, their musical style is quite varied at times. After writing and recording a self produced album on their own this summer, the group has been working hard to play for as many audiences as possible. With three singers, two guitars, a piano, and a violin, listeners can expect to hear a bit of everything. Current influences include Thrice, Kevin Devine, Brand New, and Dustin Kensrue, however these are always constantly changing. On stage, we recognize the feel of our music and avoid allowing it's ambience to be taken away. We take our music very seriously but use the time in between songs to relate more freely with audiences.




Written By: Stu Mitchell & Alex Pass

In making up this masterpiece we call our loving lives
I've made a mess of mesmerizing eyes
I once betrayed the best of broken hearted falling friends
And chose to leave behind the consequence

While glaring down at my empty evasive sheets
And comprehending an entry
I question whether I'm ready for vacant sleep
And wonder if she'd agree

Chase away
The arrowed wave
Aimed to break
(Your beauty's strong enough to make me shake)

And as I try to escape it reluctantly
I'm overwhelmed by the intrigue
But while I'm starting to chase this impartial dream
The dark envelops between

Embark in our first embrace
And I will say
Your beauty's strong enough to make me shake
Your beauty's strong enough

On The Shoulders Of Giants

Written By: Alex Pass & Stu Mitchell

Merge from words to silence
Your thoughts go quietly
Cold you feel for the first time
Now just learn to not feel at all

Characterized by the hint in your eyes
By the way I can't get close
But the wine hasn't tasted this good since all was set in place
I stare out my window but it's always the same from this view
On the shoulders of giants it's clear that we are always almost dead

We're almost there
In dark divine
We're almost there
Through crowded skies
We're almost there
Beyond the light
That the world spins outside of

On the shoulders of giants it's clear that we are always almost dead
Cast within this darkness that slowly swallows me
Torn away for the last time from all that we believed

Spill The Spectrum

Written By: Stu Mitchell & Alex Pass

This delicate art we have embodied
Caught in a reason I've seen before
Leaving apart something to complete
Lost in a feeling I can't ignore
Entangled hearts knotted entirely
Filled with remarks that say who we are

Cradle the offer
Colour my darkened eyes
Sing to me softer
Tell me it's all alright

Stopped by the speed chased in our eye lines
Another escape from the terrible
Our bodies and sheets trying to combine
Together we lay like we're always able
And when you speak all of the darkness shines
The terrors we teethe are letting us breathe

How long does it take?
How long must I wait?
To find the lighter shades


LP - The Lighter Shades of Shadows (2008) - We recorded this on our own with just a few simple pieces of equipment. 4 songs from the album are on our myspace but we have yet to have radio play.

Set List

Able to structure set lists for 15 minutes to full 90 minutes. If cover songs are asked for, most are considerably fun and upbeat songs for the crowd to enjoy.