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"Good Together"

"Good Together in Israel" By Riccardo Sada for Jocks Magazine
Translated from Italian by David Adri

Get to know Raviv 'cause he's the one responsible for the new and catchy
tune with great message playing on different radio stations around the world and a major success story on the mobile platform industry.

Raviv's "Good Together" was signed to EMI for a publishing deal right after Raviv has finished recording it.

"Good Together has a strong message sugarcoated in a beautiful and
sentimental melody. Raviv realized that the softer approach would
bring the song to a wider audience, who hopefully would listen and its important message.
"Raviv has decided to write and release "Good Together" after he was asked many times during interviews he gave in Europe about the conflict in the middle east" says David Adri from his management in Italy.
That's why Raviv has decided to release the tune first in Israel, where he was born and brought up, and then to the rest of the world.

"I'd like to let people know co-existence does exist in the world, especially in Israel. There's more then what your eyes can see everyday on t.v.
Christian, Arabs and Jews can be good together. It depends who you ask", Raviv quoted saying on an interview for a popular radio station in Germany last month.

Raviv has also launched "The Good Together Remix Contest" which allows
everybody in the world to remix the hit-tune as they see and understand togetherness. "About a hundred very exciting remixes were received in so far. We're very surprised and pleased so many people, from many different countries, have tuned in and took an action", says Mr. Adri.

Music Week, the most influential industry magazine in the UK, has
loved Raviv's idea for the contest and its good message and has
dedicated an article for the subject. "Sometimes you just have to
take off your hats to people.", Music Week says.

Raviv was asked to specially perform "Good Together" in a party singer
Madonna organized for the Kabbalah centre in Tel Aviv and to close the main event with his Goodtogetherism style.

- Jocks Magazine, Italy


Into My Life (Logic Rec.) 2006
Good Together (Teta Mobile) 2007



Bezalel Raviv/ The Story Of Chaim Yitzak Bezalel

I was born July 21, 1979 in Israel.
I am the youngster of 12 (!) sisters and brothers (six brothers and sisters) and brought up as an orthodox child to a streaked Jewish family in Tiberias, located in the north of Israel.

From infancy, I had known music will play a big role in my life, despite of my background and maybe because of it. At age 10, I became an active member of "Flowers of Jerusalem", Israel's national choir, but due to a dramatic voice transformation I went through less than a year later, I was asked to leave the band.

As a result of that, I started to secretly compose music and write lyrics, expressing my feelings.
After my military service, at age 21, I have decided to spend some time in NYC, a time I now refer to as "my second childhood".

I spent 3 years in NYC, singing in the smallest then bigger clubs and bars around, but it wasn't just enough for me.

At age 26, after arriving in Europe, my first official Single "Into My Life" (Logo Records/Self/SIAE) debuted in Italy on November 2006, and with all the support I got, "Into My Life" had charted The Italian Top20 on January 2007, peaking at number 6, but again, it wasn't just enough for me.

Then my whole face was featured on the cover of Clubbing Magazine, distributed around Europe.

These days, "Good Together", my second Single, is being released specially in Israel and I feel it's just the begining and that I am getting closer to myself a little bit.

Here you could hear Tunisia, the third song to be released first in "Tunisia", then across the 23 deserts in the whole-wide world.

It's all about love,