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Soulful Hip-hop that fuses neo soul, r&b, soft rock/alternative, and rock with hip-hop. Artist is known to be lyrical with a mix of conscience ideas that spawn from everyday life.


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B-ez is known within the label to be the "most lyrical" through his deep metaphors and conscience ideas and thoughts ranging from passing by a beautiful woman on the street to trying to lead a good, Christian life. His music reveals epiphanies and life lessons that he has learned and learned from, over time. The presentation and style of the music he makes is influenced by Outkast's Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, and Lauryn Hill to name a few. Along with the previous mentioned conscience element in B-ez's music, he also displays a more playful lyrical style to where sharp metaphors and similes are complex in meaning. Growing up in Missouri City, TX (Southwest Houston, TX) B-ez was exposed to gang violence - deaths just outside his window, drugs sale/client el, and domestic violence due to an alcoholic mother and her problems with his "deadbeat" father. After having to deal with such problems in the home as, occasional fights with father (when present) and cover ups of mother's drunken mistakes, B-ez began writing down his life experiences in poem which later led to song. B-ez is currently an Accounting major student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, where he is distributing complimentary albums to the public in hopes of signing a major deal.

B-ez released his fourth complimentary album, "Rush Job" September 2009 to listen or download, visit any of the following:

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I Want You

Written By: B-ez

Have you ever seen a woman so wonderful,
That you had to see her through your heart,
Talk to her through your soul, and touch her through your mind,
Taste her inner beauty
Phenomenal woman
Yes you are
Blasphemous composition,
Next to God...
And I am a sinner, lusting after this angel.

Say baby I want you
Hey lady I want you
(I want you)

Shattered glass of an approach,
And nightmares of a daydream
When I think about her.
Overlooked by love,
And fights with companionship everyday,
Lost spirit in this world,
And she cant seem to find her way...
Hey mommy I'm your compass.

Say baby I want you
Hey lady I want you
(I want you)

I got to catch her before she runs away...

The Fruit

Written By: B-ez

Now the story of Adam and Eve goes:
Eve went and ate forbidden fruit
Persuade by the Devil,
Showed her she was a woman and the power she had,
Then tried to use those same strengths
When she came back,
But Adam refused
Feelings of rolling thunder
Cause her body was used.
And the moral of this story:
Is nobody wants half-eaten fruit...

I could never have that

...To be continued
Adam took the fruit,
And saw Eve in a different way.
His dream girl was tainted with reality.
Ashamed that God saw him
For what he really was -
A human.
And now his whole life is corrupted,
For he birth the brethren that kill brothers and etcetera,
And the moral of this story:
Is bad fruit is unhealthy.

I hope you understand that.

I could never have that

...Well I love my Eve,
And she loves me,
And we love we.
However we were others'
Before we were one anothers',
And that's just the half, cause
She brought me her half-eaten apple
And as I swallowed her offernings
Man, she made me an Adam.
Now I'm a man again,
But its only half-heartedly
Cause some other Adam's initial apple is apart of me.
So its hard for me to cope with the reap
From the pickings of another man's tree.
I hope you can see
That in order to enjoy what you eat
You have to know its in all purity
Which means...
You want a ripe apple.

I could never have that

But I can live with it...


"Fighting Mutation" (Family Here Eternally Entertainment 2007)
"B-ez's Complication" (Family Here Eternally Entertainment 2008)
"B-ez's Piece of Mind" (Family Here Eternally Entertainment 2009)
"Rush Job" (Family Here Eternally Entertainment 2009)

Set List

"Round Here" (1:13)
"Lolo Flow" (N.E.R.D.'s 'Rockstar' Cover 2:12)
"Into You" (N.E.R.D.'s 'She Wants to Move' Cover 2:32)