We're an abstract, progressive and intense 3 pce with an amazing live show. Our style is basically alt rock mixed with hard funk, a smidg of old school punk and a pinch of avant. Our lyrics range from the absurd to the heartfelt. Check our EPK songs. They're live off the floor w/ vocals overdubbed.


The story of BEZZEZ began at an elementary school many, many moons ago. Four hyper active kids in grade 5 decided to form a band and call it BEZZEZ. They recorded on tape and rented the masterpieces to kids daily.

Now let's fast forward 4 years to grade 9. That's when current BEZZEZ members Jason Kirschner and Joel Fulton met. Within weeks a new band was formed.
But what should it be called? BEZZEZ? No, how about The Lyrical Phat Heads! Yeah!

As High school commenced The Lyrical Phat Heads turned into The Phat Heads and then into The Den Dawgs. But by the end of school the band was no more. Jason and Joel would not play in another band together until..... TAA DAA!! The 2008 re-incarnation of BEZZEZ!!

Now, we're skipping a big portion of adult life leading up to this point but let's just say jobs were worked at, instruments were played on and the dreams of our youth festered and screamed for attention. Jason released a solo album called JMK ( in 2006 and an album with Verdonik ( in 2009.

So, it's 2008 and the BEZZEZ dream moves forward. Jason and Joel decided to find a third piece to the BEZZEZ puzzle. Enter Richard Kiss. The Robert Fripp, John Frusiante, Omar Rodriguez influenced guitarist added another dimension to the band that took them to different and interesting realms. This new re-incarnated BEZZEZ line up has been together since August 2008.

Which brings us to present times. BEZZEZ is now finally enjoying going full throttle with they're energy packed exuberant live performance.


BEZZEZ will be releasing they're debut album shortly.
Jason Kirschner has released:
2006 JMK (solo self titled debut)
2009 Verdonik - The Power Of Meow

Set List

Our set is 45 mins. long and is comprised of 12 all original songs.

Set List

The Insomniac Hermit
The Mask
You Never Know
Andy Kaufman
The Open Road
The Pipe Dream
And They Drug
I Am You