BandHip HopGospel

Our words are fortified by truth, protected by the shield, 2 men walking down the path God did reveal. Our music is to show a peace that will calm the sea, hope that will endure and love greater than all things. We will magnify the Lord thru every beat per second and his glory will be manifested!


We grew up listening to the secular hip-hop and in that time enjoyed music. We enjoyed rhyming as well, just had fun doing it. As we became men, this we put away the childish things and picked up the Mic to speak to everyone about the Lord. We are still growing in our faith, so we can claim to be bible scholars or have thorough, in depth, knowledge of the word. But we are learning to and growing through love...that comes from the Lord. In our music, we want to just have fun but deliver a message. We try to be sound in our veerses and not take the word out of context. We just enjoy rapping and there is no greater feeling than rapping for the Lord. We bring some soul, some sound lyrical prowess, some originality, some kindness, and most importantly love.


2 albums have been made and released
Between a rock and a Hard Place &
Let 'Em Know

Set List

2 to 3 songs is our usual set about 30 minutes