Minsk, Minskaya Voblasts╩╝, BLR


Deathmetal/Hardcore project With participation of musicians from different bands! Our band was formed at the beginning of 2010, but we should say, that the idea about its making was born a long time ago.And just some time later this idea began to realize after decision of the question about the members of the band. it took some time because each of the members had his own band. Without a moment's thought,all the guys started to work. At first,for searching its own sound, the band began with recording of EP-album which should become a stimulus for further development and a very important step in creation of a full-format album.
... and after a long and hard work, our band recorded the first EP-album "For The Brotherhood".The work on the material lasted for 4 months, all the material was recorded,rendered and mastered in the studio "StART Studios", which successfully moves forward in the sphere of metal music.


"For The Brotherhood" (EP, 2010)