Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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BFO Strange’Us is a ridiculously talented hip-hop group formed with purpose of making great music, putting on stupid dumb ill shows, and endangering the livelihood of lames all over the planet. So hide the booze, cuff your girl, and disregard your mama cause the Strange’Us are comin. GET FAMILIAR.


It’s been said a million times before, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” One look at the five guys that make up BFO Strange’Us and you’re is compelled to question just what it is that unites them; the answer, an undying love for music, and an intangible sound that puts them in a class all their own.

The group traces their roots to Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA 2004. In their humble beginnings, BFO began as a group of college friends making rap parodies in dusty dorm rooms on desk mics. From there, the collective decided to try their hand at writing and producing their own music. The members at the time, Jordan (J-Mizz) Wooten, Nic (Roundtree Baby) Roundtree, Sam (Sammy Ives) Sooyola, Jamaal (Jay EL) Hutchinson along with long time friend Cedric Thomas were young hip-hop hopefuls making music that appealed to them. Spinning tales of college life and all that came with it.

In 2006, the group would add its then sixth member, Darin (Felix St. Cool) Woodard. Their humble roots were still present, but BFO wanted more, and as time went on, their talent grew. The music began taking on undertones that would transform them into the well-rounded musicians they are today. Performing in local Statesboro music competitions, open-mics, or anywhere else that would have them to develop their talents and hone their performance skills.

A handful of victories and a few flops later, BFO found themselves in avid pursuit of stardom. Even after members graduated and moved to the southern hip-hop Mecca Atlanta, GA, the group stayed in constant contact with each other as to not give up on their dream. With their undefined sound, BFO is the future of hip-hop. Being composed of members from various backgrounds, their individual personalities emanate through their music to create an unidentified monster. Whether it’s upbeat party themes like “Aint Gotta Go Home,” or melodic rider music in “High Chant,” BFO’s ability is seemingly limitless. Movements come and go, there’s always one to overwrite the next. BFO is more than a movement. Their sound and personalities have evolved into something greater…a lifestyle.


Single: "Gone" on iTunes ( from Album "Party Animals"-Released Jan 2010) -

Album: Party Animals (released Sept 17, 2010)

Mixtape: Buffet Food Only-Bread &Cheese (Released Apr 2009)

Set List

Set List: 30 Minute Show

1. Get Down (3:44)
2. Gone (4:54)
3. High Chant (4:25)
4. Closet Freak (4:16)
5. Charlie Sheen (3:54)
6. They Don’t Play (3:43)
7. Ain't Gotta Go Home (4:01)

*** Will cut some songs short in the show.
*** Interaction between certain songs