BGP Band

BGP Band


This three piece band has revived guitar driven rock. Its rock with twists, it's melodic, complicated and definitely worth shutting up and listening too.


BGP (The Barry G. Player Band) is a melodic hard rock trio hailing from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. A style of music that marries old school musicianship with a modern edge is what they are all about.

Dazzling guitar solos and lead vocals are provided by Barry G. Player; Roger Colpitts brings his fabulous vocals and incredible bass technique to the table while the “Rock” solid foundation is held down by Mike Gavin, a powerful yet truly musical drummer.

BGP has opened up in the past for Molly Hatchet, Joan Jett, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Trooper, Harlequin, Jack Semple, Doctor Hook, and most recently for King’s X.

BGP’s 3 song EP, “…Just A Taste”, was released late in 2003. Each song has received air play on Winnipeg radio station 92 CITI FM.

“Kicking axe. Aptly named guitar hero Barry Player may well be the fastest gun in town. But he’s also talented enough to know chops aren’t all it’s about. So on this EP he presents a trio of strongly melodic modern cuts to give you a taste of the song craft that supports all his trademark fret board acrobatics and digital pyrotechnics.” Winnipeg Sun, review of the "...Just a Taste" EP by Darryl Sterdan (November 2004)

The band is currently preparing to go into the studio shortly to start recording a full length album to be released independently later this year.


I'm Going Home

Written By: Barry G. Player


Don’t’ sell me
Don’t tell me
What you want
You need it
Believe it
But no I don’t
I’ve been there
I’ve done that
Same old song
I’m see’in
I’m leave’ in
What’s been wrong.

Move on
Been given the last straw
End all
Feelings of being lost

I’m going home

Don’t ask me
Don’t tempt me
I don’t want
To need it
Won’t see it
Now it’s gone
Around the clock
I’m leave’ in
Not dream’in
Say so long

The sound of pure freedom
No one
Gives me good reason for hanging on

I’m going home

I’ve seen that the grass isn’t greener
In the first place was right
Now it’s clear that there ain’t nothin out there
Like what’s deep down inside

So many
Are puppets
But I’m no pawn
I won’t be
Led blindly
My mind’s my own
I’m move’in
I’m groove’in
C’mon along
Now finally
Been set free
Where I belong

I Must Be Dreaming

Written By: Barry G. Player


Journey to Indonesia
Sleep beneath the trees
Life on the Isle of Bali
Is beyond belief
All the way from India
Don’t recall the ride
Bathe in the River Ganges
Your soul starts to shine

Is this real
I must be dreaming
Can’t believe
Is this the real thing

At Jericho up the Jordan
Straight to Galilee
Sittin atop the Andes
For miles we can see
Feel the heat of Zambia
Andalusia’s caves in Spain
From Europe we sail the Black Sea
Auf Wiedersehen

Is this real
I must be dreaming
Can’t believe
Is this the real thing
Is this real
I must be dreaming
Can’t believe
This is the real thing

Open Soul

Written By: Barry G. Player


I can’t predict the future
But some things come as no surprise
Time and time again been
Subject to that simple change of mind

She let me know
I had to let go
Time now to open up my soul

Don’t be victim of self-sabotage
You’re messin’ with your life
Why shoot that arrow through your foot
When you can fly through the bull’s eye

Lighten the load
You can’t keep it closed
You’ve got to open up you soul

Got no hesitation
The odds are stacked up high it’s time to fight
Leave the old temptation
Focus and find the will to survive

Clear off the road
Look out down below
Time to make way for open soul



EP - BGP...Just a Taste released 2003

Set List

BGP has adapted itself to suit the many needs of changing venues. Typically they would play 3 sets of 45 minutes each which would include originals as well as some classic cover songs by Hendrix, Steve Morse, Deep Purple, Sabbath, Jeff Beck, etc. When playing concerts they are capable of completing a 1 1/2 hour set with their original material.