B. Green & Redmond

B. Green & Redmond


Pleasure from the bass


Claudio Lauretti (B.Green) and Marcored (Redmond) is a combo of 2 talented italian guys who share the same sound style. Their sound flips around old school elements and funky grooves, drum sequences and instrumental influences. They take their inspiration from artists like Marco Carola, Locodice, Luciano, and have an big consideration to the news dutch sounds dictated by labels like Area Remote and Thirtyonetwenty. His first release, on the Fabio Giannelli's Greelpound Label, is already played in some good Italian clubs and parties.


Nov 08: HairyDub Ep on Greelpound rec (IT)

Upcoming: Los Nuevos Mosqueteros Ep on Monique Musique (CAN)

Set List

Our set can be long from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours, and we play housey tracks, groovvy and techhouse minimal tracks.