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Think of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers if the Heartbreakers consisted of Zach Lind (Jimmy Eat World) Nate Mendle (Foo Fighters) Ryan Adams and Ben Kweller. Think of good songs. Think of a good time. For Video, Audio and more go to


After briefly laying dormant, Bench Grinder is ready to knock the doors down again in their collective hometown of Seattle and the world beyond. For the first time in their tumultuous career, Bench Grinder currently assembles as a quintet.

"Having more depth in our strings section and the addition of keys has really opened the doors for us as songwriters." Says frontman Chris Collier. "It's always been about the songs for us. We want to connect with as many people as possible and diversifying our sound has strengthened our arsenal."

Bench Grinder prepares to launch their proudest record to date with this summer's release of "Clean is the new Dirty". Revisiting great songwriters like Tom Petty, The Beatles and CCR, and drawing comparisons to Jimmy Eat World and Fountains of Wayne, Bench Grinder aims to entertain.


Oh, Julia

Written By: Bench Grinder

Yeah, she's something else but she's so much more
when she moves my heart starts beating out of control

Could it be that I'm addicted to her smile?
Could it be she's overwhelming me with style?

Oh, Julia, where are you?

She's so amazing, I don't know where to begin.
She's smart, she's cool, she's beautiful she's everything.

Could it be I'm getting lost inside her eyes?
Could it be that she just doesn't realize?

Oh, Julia, I want you.
Oh, Julia, I need you.

I want you more than you will ever know
Once I have you in my arms, I will never let you go.

If you just give me a chance to come around
I promise I will never let you down.

Oh, Julia, where are you?
Oh, Julia, I want you.
Oh, Julia, I need you.

I Don't Mind

Written By: Bench Grinder

Sitting alone in a dirty apartment
Calm and Composed but still broken hearted
I'd give you the world if it fit in my pocket
but knowing my luck I'd probably just drop it

But I wont miss you
And I dont need you
I wont miss you
I don't exist to you or me or anybody else

but i don't mind if you dont want to be with me
thats fine if youre happier with someone else
If we never get together it will be alright
as long as i can see you smile

Forcing a smile to supress all the heartache
I keep hearing my phone even though its on vibrate
I'll give you my heart if you promise not to lose it
I'll give up the drugs but not the pop music

you got the spark that ignites my soul
you got me so affraid that you're letting go
you've got your fears that you can't control
and im affraid to tell you they're irrational
is it to hard to believe that maybe
you need me?


Written By: Bench Grinder

I've waited all of my life
for you and me to collide
star-crossed lovers, mesmerized
by circumstance with blinding light
I never thought that we would devide

So take your pictures down
I'm good as dead to you now
Without the pictures of me
do you still like what you see?

Don't you, forget about me
Things aren't as bad as they seem
Going through the pictures of you
redefine the lines and values
keep your scrapbook hidden from the truth

Have you forgot who you are
or how you made it this far
well, im not good enough for you
and you've got eyes for someone new
what the hell am I supposed to do?

It's Only Getting Worse

Written By: Bench Grinder

It's beginning to feel like Im not wanted here
It's beginning to feel like I'm all alone
Wheels turning but I can't seem to get nowhere
Wheels turning but I lost sight of the road

And it feels like somethings got a hold on me
and it wont let go til I beg for mercy
Go ahead, go ahead and do what you want to me
'cause it feels like Im walking amongst the dead

Indecision's got me hanging by the throat
(it's taking me away)
Soul-Searching but you never leave your home
(afraid of what they'll say)
I'm taking what you got for what it's worth
and it's only getting worse

I get the feeling that no one understands me here
I get the feeling Im virtually unknown
Would you notice if suddenly I disappeared
Would you notice if suddenly I was gone


Insult II Injury (1996)
Reap The Whirlwind (1998)
Turn Me On (2004)
Bright Lights & Shiny Things (2004)
You'll Barely Regret This (2006)
PUSH (2007)
Clean is the new Dirty (2008)

Set List

We do originals (see for list)

And we cover everything from Hip Hop to Hard Rock.. in our own Alternapop delivery style!