Carson, California, USA
BandHip Hop

My music is Grand. I like for my music to be looked at as royalty. Everybody cant be kings but everybody wants to be around a king so if you vibe with my music then you'll have some type of royalty in you. Its the Grand Life.


B.HiLL speaks his dreams into existence in his highly anticipated mixtape GrandMerci. His first mixtape Concrete Victory proved that he can put together a great mix tape and create a local buzz around the Long Beach, Southern California area. GrandMerci will showcase a well put together album and put B.HiLL closer to his dream. He is a 19 year old rapper/songwriter who has been making music about his journeys since the age of 9. Through recent connections to new producers and old friends he was inspired to create a sound that incorporates his successes and struggles to motivate any person out there with a dream. With references to his own personal struggles, he makes it easy for anyone to listen to. Become familiar with his journey.


New Mixtape called GrandMerci.
Single called Friday Night is playing around local college campuses and parties.