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Full Effect Music evolved from Full Effect Entertainment LLC. Intro of a New Sound and New Movement in indie industry. Artist Roster Bre The First Lady,Hunnit Proof, Nick Beam , B.Hood


Three members with similar backgrounds and very different personal experiences unite to form Brotherhood. A Hip Hop/Rap trio which consist of Zoo(25),JL(24),and Vi Royal(22) , formed in 2004 in Kansas City where they currently reside.

their 1st major local release "B.Hood From Now On..." Has been completed, the group is currently planning vigorous promotion of this and other projects.On the new album one can hear the power and intense emotion delivered behind songs from personal experiences. B.Hood explores their realationship with the tough streets of the inner-city while delivering on themes of friendship, strife, loss, and determination to face all life endeavers of our daily lives.

All Three members of B.Hood have shared their ups and downs thoughout the 4 years together. They have also produced about seventy songs, and an increasing confidence in themselves. From the underground release of "The Score" in 2005 under Full Effect Music which distrbuted 1,000-1,500 locally and got radio play in surrounding cities.

Full Effect Entertainment LLC. promotes all events for B.HOOD. A full service party promotion firm with consistent draw in the midwest region and growing. My Space is a excellent source for a detailed look at the powerful promotional vehicle behind this group.

B.Hood(Brotherhood) have peformed and headlined numerous shows on the local circuit, and throughout the Midwest region at clubs and venues, and live events. B.Hood music attracts diverse crowds of listeners and entertains a range of music fans.

Outside of their own local scene, B.Hood have toured moderately.Performing and working with muti-platinium artist and producers, such as Young Joc, Hurricane Chris, Trackstarz(STL), Baby Boy, and Shop Boyz.Touring to college concerts, Sponsored concerts, and night clubs. Brotherhood has also performed for conventions and marketing events as brand ambassadors for fashion lines,magazines,energy drinks, and entertainment establishments.

Brotherhood music relates to everyone from the youth,college students, ladies, partygoers, and those living in streets with tracks like "Sick & Tired" and "Hood in Me" that describe the daily struggles that are faced in the inner-city and depict how harsh trials effect and shape our way of living and thinking while trying to overcome osbactcles. Songs like "Ladies Night" and "Mr.Coo", are club and radio anthems that cater to ladies, youth, and dancing party goers with catchy hooks and verses easy to sing along to, all tracks are orginal and consist a different sound from any other music.

Brotherhood consistently increase their fan-base and electrify their audience through heartfelt, intensely personal music that can strike a chord with anyone.B.Hood now aims to assemble steady streams of radio play throughout Kansas City , the Midwest Region and worldwide,current tracks are now in rotation on Shade45 Satilite Radio and the DJ Lord Sear show. The foundation B.Hood's music is the brotherhood between its three founding members, a bond that draws more and more fans who want to be enveloped and involed in the warmth and realness of the band’s music. The B.Hood Album "From Now On..." is a musical testament to the trials and triumphs of life – theirs and everyone’s.


2009 "Yellow Bus To Rap School"
2008 "From Now On"(Deubt CD)
2006- "The Score" (CD Compilation)

Set List

Typically Consists of 3 to 5 songs not all full length
Our sets can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 45.
We provide a showcase set with a mix of hip hop and r&b w artist Bre The First Lady