Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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B-Hoody is a well traveled Recording Artist born in Nashville,TN raised in Oakland,California.



Nashville, Tennessee’s B-Hoody was raised on the east side of what former G-Unit rapper Young Buck has often called Cashville, Ten-a-key. Raised in a single parent household, B-Hoody moved to Oakland, California when he was 7 years old and then moved back to Nashville shortly thereafter. Growing up in a household where his absent father was an aspiring rapper named “Kool Daddy Fresh” and his mother was a frequent herb smoker B-Hoody’s image and likeness has largely been shaped by Hip-Hop and good ole’ mary jane. In between staying out of trouble with gangs and other negativity often seen in urban areas, B-Hoody was born into a life of lyric, music and herb.

“My mother smoked weed ever since I can remember, so when I decided to indulge, she didn’t trip too much,” B-Hoody said jokingly. “But in all honesty, I moved around a lot growing up, we didn’t have much but my mother always made sure me and my sis had nice things. I saw my fair share of the street life and gangs, but seeing that sh*t just made me realize who I was and who I wasn’t going to be. Music literally saved my life.”

Focusing on making music that is fun and that creates the soundscape of a laid back journey, Hoody has encouraged his fans to sit down with their favorite strand of mary jane as they take in his music.

“If you got big dreams and grew up with a struggle, you need my music in your life. If you want a blueprint on going from nothing to something and staying fly while u do it…you need this in your life.. This music is for your soul…its all about good chi,” a smoked out B-Hoody explained

The vision proved true as to day B-Hoody has been co-signed by a plethora of blogs and sites that are highly respected within the online Hip-Hop community. They include but are not limited to: AllHipHop.com, Ozonemag, DJSmallz.com, FreeOnSmash.com, SpoiledSmokers.com, Flytimesdaily.com and many others

From Wendy Day to John Monopoly to DJ Smallz to Pesh from LiveMixtapes, B-Hoody has made his way around the industry developing relationship with a host of power players in the game.

Most recently B-Hoody took the stage at the Dub Magazine tour in several cities and in 2011-2012, B-Hoody did shows with Kendrick Lamar, CyHi da Prynce, Cory Gunz and many others as part of individual shows and the A3C Hip-Hop Festival. In the coming months B-Hoody already has a busy schedule planned with show in Nashville with Curren$y and Jackie Chain as part of The High Rollers Tour.

- write up by Jake Crates via allhiphop.com