BHTC Music, "The Brooklyn House & Trance Company", produces Trance and House music that is vibrant and pulsating for the entertainment community.


BHTC Music initially emerged when local DJs and Artists collaborated to produce Trance and House tracks. Their music was to be heard at parties and venues throughout Brooklyn, New York. Since the company's inception, DJs and Artists from different points of New York City have joined in the production, marketing and promotion of House and Trance.

Among many genres of music, House and Trance remain the focal point for dance clubs around the world. Whether played in super-clubs or posh lounges, BHTC Music delivers unique styles and tastes of Trance and House Music.

Born in Brooklyn to Cuban parents, Dave Perez has listened to a wide range of music all his life. Dave Perez has been mixing the hottest Trance and House tracks. His music sets vary from Classic House to Modern Trance. Whether mixing his own tracks or those of other of DJs, the blend of music gives you a taste from each continent. His first release titled "Carry US Through" offered House, Trance and Hard House music. After producing many tracks, Dave Perez selected an assortment from Progressive House to Trance for this compilation CD. His production "Don't Bother Me" introduces his first full length vocal track which he recorded with vocal artist Nadya.

J. Ostia carries with him a long legacy of dance music which stretches some two plus decades. From the beginning, he found himself drawn to dance music. Going back to the early 80’s, these sounds included electro funhouse and freestyle. In later years, progressive house and trance became incorporated into his repertoire. The two genres of music combined, not only inspired him to listen, but inspired him to begin producing tracks. J.Ostia has produced many progressive and trance tracks to date. His debut releases include a remix of the club classic "Infatuation". Appearing on this compilation, titled "Infatuation 2007", the track contains high energy sounds.


"Voice Mail" By DJ Mark King
"Bitter Kiss" By Dave Perez
"Disco Floor" By J.Ostia
"Industrial Strength" By BHTC: Dave Perez & J.Ostia
"Carry US Through" By Dave Perez