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EP - Live @ THE FOX
EP - HUMAN Triumph
Single - "Creepin In- Halloween Song"
Single - "The Eminem Curse - A Lyrical Toast"



Producer, Lyricist, Rapper
mc bHUDDA bOUNCE Artist Bio

Be Yourself. ColorBlind Hip Hop © 2007

What does bHUDDA bOUNCE mean?

bHUDDA is for the Zen quality of living he brought to tough situations. He has kept his cool in more than one perilous moment. No father. A suicidal mother. Brutal years in the ghettos of Boston and Indianapolis ( song-hARMONY ). Years of hitchhiking across the U.S. as a boy (song-The Eminem Verse-A Lyrical Toast). A visit to Boston County Jail (song-County Jail Vacation) that opened his eyes to the beauty of FREEDOM and CHOICE.

bHUDDA is misspelled on purpose as to not be confused with buddHA, the religious icon. Though mc bHUDDA follows many of Buddha's teachings, he incorporates many belief systems. One of his favorite leaders was Jesus Christ. A man who stood for peace with the strength of a mountain. mc bHUDDA stands the same. And of course MLK and John Lennon.

bHUDDA also stands for something else.
- Ganja, Herb -
"I'm not against it, but it's not always right."

He believes it should be illegal to smoke it, ...but it should be legal to make it into tea. The bhudda recipe is on the site somewhere.

bOUNCE is for the beat in the
new hip hop music that has people THUMPIN on their feet about life and groovin to the rhythm of living. "Life is Ying and Yang. Do your Thang!"

We are proud of the music we produce.

mc bHUDDA bOUNCE is a multi-faceted artist causing a revolution in our world. Harmony, unity and affinity are on the rise and he is leading the way (song-hARMONY) using new hip hop. But, he is more than a conscious rapper. His music is as diversified as is the world we live in. It is full of laughter, pain, tears, anger, joy and good times ( song- Creepin In - The Famous Halloween Song ).

He was an only child raised by a single mother who was a nun, model, civil rights activist, stripper and prostitute at different stages in her life. To some this may seem hard to believe. Remember, truth is stranger than fiction. A child’s parent is the window into that person’s framework.

He grew up in Indianapolis as a boy. He was temporarily placed in a Foster home in Illinois from which his mother stole him back and hid him with is Aunt in Ohio for a year. All while his stubborn mother was locked up for 6 months refusing to reveal his location. Eventually, the boy and his parent were reunited in Indianapolis.

He went to an Episcopal school while his mother "danced" at night for tips. They lived in the urban/commercial sections of Indianapolis until they took a nomadic trip through the Western states.

His mother, had a brief stint in college until being denied a position as a Teacher's Assistant in Missoula, Montana. Their car was repossessed and their nationwide hitchhiking Mecca began. They went from Las Vegas through Los Angeles eventually landing in Boston.

Vegas was the worst for the young boy. His mother worked casino bars for clientele while he collected cans from garbage for money. The jackpot for him was scavenging the bottom of the fountain at Circus-Circus where he collected Well-Wisher's coins.

In Los Angeles they shared a twin bed for months until moving in with an Uncle and then his Grandmother. The only problem there was the Uncle was going through a bad cocaine addiction and his Grandmother was an alcoholic. His Grandmother quit cold turkey years later and his Uncle went through a successful rehab. His Grandmother is currently a huge supporter of bHUDDA 's new hip hop music. Her favorite is the Halloween Song - "CREEPIN IN"

"CREEPIN IN" - New Hot Party Halloween Song.

At 12 years old, they hitchhiked back to Vegas. One dark, cold night, unable to hitch a ride, they slept in the middle of the desert. After finally reaching "THE STRIP", life got worse. The song, Sendin A Savior speaks in detail about this tragic event in the 2nd verse.

The traumas and tragedies continued for years onward. Attempted suicide by his mother. Sleeping in abandoned cars for shelter in Boston. Assault and Battery…

Audiences are often in awe that his stories are real. His ability to rise up out of the tragedy and be triumphant is an inspiration to many. The fact that he is a rapper who is white only adds to the mystique of struggles.

He moved to many places over the years: Ohio, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Montana, Las Vegas, Virginia and Boston among many others. This had him attend 14 different schools before graduating from high school with a diploma. That included dropping out as a sophomore for six months to help with rent and food. He worked at Brigham's Ice Cream and practiced freestyling in the basement break room.

Among those schools were the ghettos of the poor and frustrated, and the parochial schools of the wealthy and affected. He didn’t fit in either place. The cruelty of the racially and economically prejudiced left him alone for many years. Until...

He finally insisted they move to Brookline, Massachuset