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#1 on Irish Americana Chart
#14 on Euro Americana Chart!
#18 on 3rd Coast Music Network FAR Chart!

The borderlands of Southwest Texas have an unmistakable spirit. It is there that Mexican and American styles have mixed to create one genuine, beautiful culture unlike any other. An artist has emerged from this place with an exceptional talent for projecting the essence of her unique homeland, and the gift of bringing the listener there.

“A true Texas troubadour,” Bianca De Leon breathes the spirit of the borderlands into her music for the world to experience. This talented singer-songwriter has long been established in Europe for her passionate music, and now this artistic phenomenon has finally released her CD to U.S. audiences!

Bianca’s amazing CD has some of the best musicians on it, including a number of Grammy Award Winners, to help bring her intricate storytelling to life: Flaco Jimenez (Los Super Seven), Bobby Flores, Max Baca (Los Super Seven, Texas Tornadoes), Joel Guzman (Los Super Seven), Eddie Cantu (Charlie Robeson), Redd Volkaert (Merle Haggard), Teye (Joe Ely), Mikael Guerra, & Marty Muse, just to name a few!

“The Tex-Mex border ballad is a specialized genre, and there are only a few artists who excel at it. Bianca De Leon, who was raised near Corpus Christi, is one of them and therefore nearly in a class of her own. On The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita, her third and best album, De Leon proves once again that she’s as good a singer as she is a songwriter, and she gets very strong support from an all-star cast of Austin and Tejano musicians including Bobby Flores, Joel Guzman, and Redd Volkaert. Some of the most-compelling tracks include “Don’t Drink The Water Pancho”, “Nowhere Mexico”, In the Shadow of a Sagelbrush”, Six Pak of Misery,” “Muy Cerca de Mi” (the only bilingual song), “Guitarra Mia”, and the title song, which features Flaco Jimenez. The album is a consistently strong collection of south Texas songs with a border-lands flavor. (PCE) Dirty Linen

“A voice from Texas that does it right”. Guy Clark

“‘Border ballad’ has become such a loathsome cliché that I’d like to send a copy of The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita (and David Rodriguez’ Man Against Beast) to everyone who’s written or plans to write one, to show them why they shouldn’t. Add De Leon to your list of true Texas singer-songwriters.” – John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music

Bianca De Leon also has a song on the video game “Big Mother Truckers 2” and her song “Six Pak of Misery” is featured in a major film called “Cut Off” starring Faye Dunaway, Malcolm McDowell, Amanda Brooks, and Ann Archer. Further info on this film can be found at


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Lonesome Highway Music
Tina White

#12 - High & Lonesome
#7 - The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita
#3 – In The Moon Light
#8 – 6 Pak of Misery


Independence Day

Written By: Bianca De Leon

Rockets red glare
fireworks bursting in the air
ooh independence day

freedom so precious
so hard won for us all
oooh independence day

rising from the ashes
reaching for the sky
oooh indepencence day

independence day
like a diamond from the coal
independence day
washed up on the shore
independence day
never looking back
on the ashes left behind
independence day
your hand slipped through mine
like water from the dam
oooh independence day

the last time that i saw you
you had another woman in your eyes
ooooh independence day

I Sang Patsy Cline (the night Noriega fell)

Written By: Bianca De Leon

I was down in Colombia
in 1990
I went to all the parks
I had a really good time
I changed my plane
in Medellin Colombia
I went to change my plane
in Panama City
and I sang Patsy Cline
the night Noriega fell

I was heading off my plane
going to my homeward flight
when they came online
the airports closed for the night
they shut off the lights
and locked all of the doors
i stood there on the sidewalk
in my own private hell
and I sang Patsy Cline
the night Noriega fell

I caught a cab to town
with 2 guys on the flight
they offered me a room
where I could stay for the night
we talked and drank tequila
til about midnight
I crawled off to my room
in the middle of the night
and I sang Patsy Cline
the night Noriega fell

I woke up in the moonlight
all the star were shining bright
there were screams and AK 47's
shattering the night
there were bodies laying everywhere
a terrible sight
we pulled another drink
from the bottom of the well
and I sang Patsy Cline
the night Noriega fell

so if your down in Colombia
you'd better beware
'cause they all got guns and money
and they really don't care
who is right
and who is wrong
no one could ever tell
so I sang Patsy Cline
the night Noriega fell

I was Walking After Midnight
I was Falling To Pieces
I was Crazy and
blowing in a Wayward Wind
I was South Of The Border
with Leaving On My MInd
oh I sang Patsy Cline
the night Noriega fell

Buscando Por Ti

Written By: Bianca De Leon

Soy un pagina sin parablas
un cielo sin estrellas
soy un voz sin ternura
un corazon desnudo

Mi corazon esta llorando
no hay nadie como tu
pero es demasiado tarde
nunca mas te vere

pero todavia mis ojos
estan abierto cada manana
buscando por ti
dia a dia

estoy buscando en el rio
en el fondo de mi ser
en el pasaje de la vida
pero no te volvere a ver

estoy muy sola cada noche
recordando su cara
pero es demasiado tarde
nunca mas te vere

pero todavia mi alma
no llevare mi cuerpo
buscando por ti
dia a dia

Guns & Money

Written By: Bianca De Leon

Jesus fired the first round
a Christmas day surprise
he always aimed to kill
and he watched the blood run dry

Many a man had tried his hand
and fallen to his will
it was always for the money
never for the love
guns and money

Drowning in the blood of Jesus
Drowning in the blood of Jesus

The Virgin de Guadalupe
he wore around his neck
couldn't save him from the crossfire
that rained upon the land
they laid him on a hardwood floor
with a bullet to the brain
and one more for the Virgin
to show their disdain

The last time that I saw him
he had a pistol by the bed
with one in the chamber
and a nightmare in his head
he prayed to the Virgin Mary
but he prayed to no avail
'cause it was always for the money
never for the love

The sons and the daughters
with a legacy of scars
haunt your streets and alley
in your dirty little war
do you really believe the saints you wear
can be bought and sold in blood
'cause it's always for the money
never for the love

Garden in the Sun

Written By: Bianca De Leon

I know nothing about love
all I've know is pain
but I know something about you
you're gentle as the rain

reaching for your warmth in the night
is all that I will ever need
and I will be
for all eternity
your garden in the sun

I have been like a moonscape
hard and cold as ice
all my love on the dark side
and I have paid a price

now my moon is turning round your sun
my heart has melted in your gaze
and I will be for all eternity
your garden in the sun
your garden in the sun

fire and flood
storms in the night
troubled times
like a hurricane
winds of change
but I will always be
your garden in the sun, oh
your garden in the sun

I have been like a fortress
walls you cannot climb
fired my cannons in the wilderness
to silence my own mind

now my guards
have fallen from their posts
all the walls have tumbled down
and I will be for all eternity
your garden in the sun, oh
your garden in the sun


Outlaws & Lovers
Live From Hell to Helsinki
The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita
Guns & Money (in the can, soon to be released)

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