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Bianca Leonor



With the perfect blend of sex appeal and sensibility, newcomer Bianca Leonor promises to deliver something for everyone. Young in years, but well versed in matters of the heart, this 22 year old California native has the ability to write about the dynamics at the heart of every relationship. As a songwriter, Bianca shows range and ability far outside of her years, capturing raw emotion and sharing thoughts so intimate, fans will immediately be drawn to her. Her music is edgy and unique, which Leonor credits to a tremendous cast of musical legends, all of whom have played a part in helping her discover her own sound. From Madonna to Alicia Keys, Brandy to Barbara Streisand this young artist pays homage to music across all genres and demographics, creating a sound so diverse it is sure to please.

Leonor demonstrated a love of singing at a very young age, influenced heavily by her paternal grandmother, a former New York city lounge singer. But sharing her gift with the world was anything but easy for the formerly, painfully shy Leonor. “I was always alone in my own little bubble, singing to myself. If anyone popped that bubble and acknowledge what I was doing, I was mortified and immediately shut down”, says Leonor of her early attempts. It was not until a high school choir teacher took notice of her amazing vocal ability and helped give Bianca the courage to explode that bubble.
And her journey as a songwriter was not far behind. “I knew I had an ability to make feelings into sound, but my thoughts were so special to me that I was hesitant to share them” explains Bianca. But the growth and confidence she was gaining as a vocalist spilled over into her lyrics and this future star was born.

Equipped now with the self confidence and courage to match her innate talent, Bianca Leonor is ready to share her amazing sound with the world. Judging from her first single, Say My Name, the world is in for quite a treat. More than just another pretty face with a voice to match, this songstress truly has it all and is willing to bare her soul to her listeners. Introspective, beautiful, sexy and confident, this artist is willing to take on the world with a style of music that is all her own. Leonor is sure to gain favor with people of all ages and backgrounds. Women will love her and men will wish they could. Bianca Leonor is one artist that will soon have everyone wanting more.


Bianca Leonor Songs:

Say My Name
Say My Name Acoustic
Stone Cold