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Bible Believers Church @ Cannon Center

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Bible Believers Church @ Church

Greensburg, Louisiana, USA

Greensburg, Louisiana, USA

Bible Believers Church @ Shaw Center - Manship Theatre

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

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Get ready for a CD Production second to none, designed exclusively with the saints in mind. This musical production is geared toward ministry to those in need of and desirous of a closer walk with the Lord. It also targets a vaccum left by gospel artist who seek to sell records and not usher in the spirit of the Living God. This is a fresh untampered with virgin project that is inspired by the Holy Ghost to reintroduce the church, choirs and musicians to God ordained music ministry.

On this musical project we have the talents and musical expertise of Grammy Award Nominee for Best Traditional Gospel Song, Minister Timothy Britten working with us. He brings a smooth but engaging Gospel touch not common to most musical artist. The excitement and spiritual fulfillment generated by the three songs he wrote is simply awesome.

This gospel music project contains some contemporary gosepl songs, tradional gospel songs, classic gospel songs and praise and worship songs. This is the complete package and it is the real deal. Once you listen to this gosel music project you will be totally engaged and you'll find yourself listening to it over and over again. - Oscar Richardson Publications

Get Ready for a fresh new inspirational sound that is a perfect blend of traditional, inspirational, classic, and contemporary gospel roll into one musical project. This is a masterful piece of work designed with the saints in mind and those struggling to keep it together. It is full of uplifting music that is heavy on praise and worship.

You will find the moment it starts playing your spirit will be lifted and your attitude will be adjusted in a positive way. Through this CD the Lord Will Show His Glory, and "He Will Make A Way", therefore you will "Feel God Strecthing Out". This CD will also remind us "We've Come This Far By Faith" because "He Kept Our Mind In The Spirit All The Time".

For a musical journey through a spiritual wonderland "Lord Show Me Your Glory" is the CD that will make it happen. - Bible Believers Publishing

Your new CD "Lord Show Me Your Glory" is a powerful and awesome work. May God Bless you an your church to continue carrying Gods' Word through music and may this musical project be the shot heard around the world. It's not everyday you can find a CD and say you truly enjoyed every song. I only wish I was in the actual recording and experience the anointing I feel when I play the CD. Truly We've come this far by faith, because the Lord has made a way. - Greater Beulah Baptist Church Minister of Music Arthur R. Thomas

I truly enjoyed the CD 'Lord Show Me Your Glory". Each song has a very special message. For We've Come This Far By Faith the song Amos Singleton wrote is a testimony in it self. My favorites are He Is Worthy, You Made A Way, and I Feel God Stretching Out In Me. This CD is a great testimony of the things we need to do to make it in this world today. I pray the Lord will continue to make a way for Bible Believers COGIC Mass Choir to share the Good News by way of music. - Brenda J.S. Thomas

I thought the CD "Lord Show Me Your Glory" was excellent. It was very inspirational and the songs really touched my heart. Gospel music is very important in our world today because the world is full of so many bad things. An uplifting song can change how a person feels in the beginning, middle and end of the day. Thanks!! - Angelica King Memphis, Tenn

I am so proud of what GOD is doing through my friend and brother and the Bible Believers COGIC family. The CD has everything you love about music and it has a definite Church of God in Christ style and flavor. This CD has something for everyone from composition, to voice style and inflexsion, and that last track is very nice. Congrts, Pastor Oscar W. Richardson, Minister Timothy Britten, Brother Amos Singleton, The Mass Choir and the entire Bible Believers Church Family.

God Bless, Pastor Joseph Ratliff and the Foundation of Holiness COGIC Family. - Fondation Of Holiness COGIC Pastor Joseph L. Ratliff St. Rose, Louisiana

I really enjoyed listening to the CD. Its really amazing and the choir is incredible. I mean its so powerful and everyone sounds so lovely, you all did a wonderful job putting this CD together. When I first heard the CD I said this choir sounds good. My favorite song on the CD is Lord Show Me Your Glory. Natasha Hayes really put a lot of effort into this song and the sound is so amazing. There are other great songs on the CD also. The whole CD is awesome. I wish the choir much success and I want to encourage you all to keep the faith and keep those wonderful songs coming. God Bless you all and a job well done. It's a blessing to have a "Word Choir".

Crystal King - Crystal King of Baton Rouge, Louisiana


We have a CD that has recently been released and we are working with over 500 stations in 50 states and 65 countries. Our CD is listed in venues that will allow our customers to sample before they buy. To listen to our CD visit our website at and click on Latest CD or go to, or



Bible Believers Mass Choir is a fresh young choir with a heart for ministry not just singing Gospel Music. We realize Gospel Music is not just an art form but it is a living, viable ministry tool and an expression of our love and gratitude to the Lord our God.

We are a spirit filled church choir with a passion for the things of God. We are uniquely gifted to usher in the spirit of God in a real way because we have not lost our spiritual virginity worshipping at the altar of success. Because our praise is pure, our worship experience is not censored by the Spirit of God. We sing for the glorification of God and not for popularity. We understand the art of worship because we understand our job as spiritual ushers for God.

We produced this special musical project with the help and assistance of 2006 Grammy Award Nominee for best Traditional Gospel Song Minister Timothy Britten. With his passion and expertise we engaged this musical project with a defined divine purpose and a passionate heart for praise and worship. Also we had the award winning talent of Mr. Amos "I Am" Singleton producing this master piece, Darryl "Big D" Davis putting together the beautiful graphic designs for cover, jacket, and cd and the Photographic expertise of Aarron Cormier.

This project came from a sermon preached by Pastor Oscar W. Richardson Jr. This project is a combination of Praise and Worship, Classic Christian, Traditional and Comtemporary Gospel all rolled into one. "Lord Show Me Your Glory" is one of those rare musical projects that comes along "every once in a while", where every song builds upon the other and it takes your to a place where the Shekinah Glory of the Lord is released at the climax of the CD. This is a musical project everyone ought to own that will aide you in redefining how you worship God.

Bible Believers Latest Musical Production
“Lord Show Me Your Glory”

Here Are Some Recent Comments about our latest CD Posted On

Song: I Feel God Stretching Out In Me

A straight forward tune that makes you want to get out of your seat and dance. Great Song well produced and well executed.
· Underground Pres from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Stretch B-4 Heavy Lifting
Yeah Baby this starts out perfect. High energy, great musical abilities, vocals kick ya’gotta love it, incredibly inspiring. One of the most uplifting songs to date…
· Broby from Sonoma, California

Good Song
Intro captured me immediately. Vocals caught my attention and the song just had me the whole time. Tight good song balance.
· Circuit Burner from Columbus, Georgia

Great good time groove, I’m still clapping. Those tasty licks keep poppin in nicely.. The Gospel formula and the way you used it here always seems to work Good song, Good performance.
· Luweege from Si, NY, New York

Take Me to Church
Like the Vox, very, very clean mix. This is a great gospel song. Great Job, God Bless!!
· Steppingonmars from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Very, Very Cool
This is the best track that I’ve heard in a long time. I love the gospel feel. The performance is infectious, had my toes tapping from the start. Production is flawless!!
· Frank Macias from Sydney, Australia

Good Rocking Beat
The lead voice is great as well as the choir behind. Good Gospel vibe. You should have let it go a little bit at the end….
Gilles P8 Cogolin, France

Gospel at its Finest
I like it!! Really funky. Great crowd interaction. Love the Gospel feel and vocal make you feel like you’re in Church… well feel like you’re in the choir. In conclusion the performance is wonderfully titillating and the production enables the audience to become a part of the performance….
· Bend T Chris from Los Angeles, California

Nice live sound, a tight act, well seasoned. Lead vocalist, Boy you can rip!! Nice all around. You’ve got everything going. Hope they pay you, you’ve got a lot of players….
· Jon Manners from Northfield, Minnesota

Wow! This sounds awesome in every aspect. Just makes you want to jump around and feel invigorate. Every musician does a superb job. Sounds so groovy and sweet. Production top notch. Don’t stop grooving.
· Theophanya from Bulgaria

Great Feel
This song has a great feel to it. Production is fantastic. I can’t think of a single thing I would change. Singers voice is perfectly matched for this song. Performances are Great!
· R Taves from Welland, Ontario, Canada

Jazzed Up and Crazy
Jazzed up and crazy.. I love the fun factor in this. I want to be in the house when this is played.
· Kat Speel from Brisbane, Australia

Love the live, gospel vibe. The lyrics are very inspirational and fun. This is an awesome song I will take it to our Worship leader and tell him we need to do this song. Vocals are awesome. I couldn’t help but sing along. Lots of fun!! Guitar player has some nice licks.
Elevator Tunes from Hemet, California