Christian Alternative Rock


BIC (Believer's In Christ) is a Christian Rock Band consisting of three extrememly gifted musicians that use their talent to draw unbelievers to Christ. They have been ministering to youth through their music and testimonies for over four years. Their style of music is a range from punk/ska to heavy metal and alternative rock that each band member brings to the mix.
BIC started from a vision given to drummer Nate Campbell to have a place for him and others to play Christian music together. Joined in this effort with Nate is lead vocalist/bassist Pete Johnson and guitarist/back-up vocalist/growling Dan Cooper as well as many other youth. Over a period of time, the members in the group dwindled down to the three young men that make up BIC today.
The Lord has grown their ministry as they branched out from youth group and coffee shops to large youth events, Howell Melon Festival, 9-11 Fundraisers, Fowlerville Fair and more.
Their first CD was recorded three years ago. It has more of a mellow sound than they play today, but the message is still the same. The message of their love and need for Christ is not compromissed in their lyrics. It has been said that they "put Jesus right in your face."
If you are looking for a fun time of fellowship, good music and drawing close to Christ, come check out BIC You won't be disappointed!



Written By: Nate, Pete & Dan

choices everyday //
to stand or to give in //
what is left to stand for //
our views are all deceived //
what is wrong and right //
is so far to grey //
i take these things for granted // please help me find the way //

i gave my life to you //
all that is in me //
and still i question //
i know i have to give up //
and let my world collide //
and come to the truth //
the life that all //
all i have is you //

i need you…
to hold me up again…
i need you…
to mold my life for you…

you give me vision //
you give me strength //
i fall and fall again //
Lord, pick me up!!


Written By: Nate, Pete & Dan

Things around us,
Are turned away.
The life we know about,
Is tossed away.
The joy that surrounds us,
Is covered by…
Our self-afflicted pain

Verse 1
Every day goes by, and I ask myself,
Why I do these things
I look back and cry, for the foolishness,
That time had taken.
I keep on forgiving, but the pain I feel,
Keeps digging into me.
Falling on my knees, is the only way,
That I can overcome.

Verse 2
Joy is crushed beneath us, with time long gone,
Love is pushed aside.
Why is time selective, taking only things,
That keep us moving on.
Feeling empty inside, looking up to You,
For strength that I need.
Falling on my knees, is the only way,
That I can overcome.


RU?, One Death For Life, single: Vision

Set List

Our originals:
Why, The Answer, Place to turn, FACE, Your Life, Freedom, Lost Odds, Carry Me, Vision, Where Do I Begin, Can't Take It Away, At The Cross, I Wish, Calling Me

Songs we know:
Jesus Freak, Let The River Flow, Pressing On, Thief, Hanging By A Moment, Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Frontline... and many more