Bicameral Mind

Bicameral Mind

BandEDMNew Age

Electronic, electro-acoustic, experimental, tape treatment, ambient, lo-fi, improvisation, avant-garde, lounge, noise, where the creative side and the technical side come together to create one output, geared for performances of Sonic Art.


Bryce and Shaun met while playing gigs around Chapel Hill. Having many mutual friends in the area, they eventually started chatting about music scenes elsewhere, finding out they had mutual friends in Cleveland, Ohio as well. Bryce was a performer in several music projects there and Shaun owned a venue that hosted them. It seemed only right that they join forces in a sonic arts project.
Bryce has been performing for over 20 years in a variety of projects. Unschooled in music he brings a visceral approach to his sound.
Shaun has a background in sound engineering and acoustic science, as well as musical training and spends most of his musical career in a recording studio with rock bands.


Recent releases are Bicameral Mind (self-titled), and Lonely Water, Crowded Ears which features Saint Mulkeghere (tuvan throat singer), Joe Hendrix, and Matt Gocke. Both on Blondena Music. Many other releases are available with Bryce Eiman and Shaun Sandor.

Set List

Usually 20-30 minutes for a set. We tailor our set time to the needs of particular festivals and galleries as well. We transition between ambient and beat oriented material seamlessly as one long piece.