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June 2005 - Bif Naked released her “Superbeautifulmonster” in Canada and Sept 2005 in America. Superbeautifulmonster is a creation which has taken almost 4 years with the parts harvested and assembled from over 50 songs written and recorded. The final 13 tracks on Superbeautifulmonster, in Bif Naked’s own words, “surpass anything I’ve done before” -- this is significant when you consider all that she has actually “done before”.

Bif Naked’s brash alternative beauty, unforgettable yet somehow intimate and instantly recognizable across the board from videos, TV, fashion magazines and music media, Bif Naked is one of the most identifiable recording artist’s in Canada. Her smoldering sexy looks have been voted the top both nationally and regionally. Voted by “TV Week” as one of the top 10 sexiest women, at Much Music she blew away the competition (Pink, Christina Aguilera, etc) for the Hottest Female with Tattoos”, CFOX Vancouver named Bif the hottest celebrity (they said it was a landslide win), and XFM named her the sexiest female in music.

The Bif Naked “look” has brought her everything from national hair awards to appearances hosting segments for MTV, and multiple network tv appearances including Jay Leno/Tonight Show and even a cameo/performance in Buffy the “Vampire Slayer”.

Bif Naked - “Essentially Naked” is a dvd compilation of songs by the Canadian princess of punk Her Royal Majesty Bificus Nakedus hit stores June 24th 2003.

Since the early 90's Bif Naked has churned the melting pot of Canadian music pushing the boundaries of acceptability with her conviction that anything goes and nothing can stop her. In the mid 90's she emerged with the eponymous “Bif Naked” which struggled to find distribution after losing it's original label home. This record went on to establish Ms. Naked as the most exciting new artists on the Canadian musical horizon and was released around the world to critical acclaim. The screaming loud creative of Bif Naked could not be muzzled as she soon followed up with a blazing hot spoken word album called “Okenspay Ordway I - Things I forgot to tell Mommy”, which one reviewer noted "It's like being cornered by a drunk girl at a party with no means of escape". Bif fans were rabid for it. The cd remained in the Canadian National College Charts for months, which was unprecedented. But being unprecedented was a way of life for Bif Naked.

She then recorded “I Bificus” her second music album, and the first single ‘Spaceman’ made Canadian history, reaching #1 position on National Charts and #2 on the Billboard International Charts. Spaceman was the highest rotated and performed independent song in the history of Canada.

European audiences were introduced to Bif Naked via five tours that took her from club showcases and media events to major festival stages. Bif Naked’s high-energy show has won her rave live reviews, including being featured by the press as the surprise highlight of the SONORIA FESTIVAL in Italy and the CONCERT OF THE YEAR in Madrid. Main stage appearances in Germany at ROCK IM RING and ROCK IM PARK had her appearing just prior to the SMASHING PUMKINS AND THE PRODIGY.

In 2001 Bif Naked’s 3rd album "Purge" was born, with tracks like "I Love Myself Today" and "Tango Shoes" paving the way for her 1st Juno nomination for "Rock Album of the Year" with co-nominees ‘Nickelback’ and ‘Sum 41’. As with ‘I Bificus’, PURGE was released in Canada a year prior to it’s release in America, and again, she came with an infectious, sensitive, introspective, powerful, vicious, sometimes funny, and often riotous album that garnered rave reviews in her home country.

Touring for the three years since I Bificus and following her MTV hi rotation (buzzworthy) introduction to America, Bif Naked took her live show to Europe, America and Canada including shows on Lilith Fair with Dido, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, and Chrissy Hyde, - Edgefest with Creed & The Foo Fighters, - Warped Tour with Sum 41, Green Day & Papa Roach and additional tour dates with Nickelback, The Cult and Kid Rock. Bif has always been a favorite of X-Games devotees appearing first at the San Francisco Games in 1999, then at DV8 in Calgary the same year. MTV promptly brought her to Las Vegas to host the MTV Sports and Music X Games on the roof of the Hard Rock Hotel. Bif Naked performed across Canada headlining outdoor shows 15,000 – 20,000 at SnoJam Canada’s first touring X-Game x-travaganza.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Bif Story you might wonder what luck, karma, or stroke of fate plucked an orphaned infant girl from a third world country and brought her on such a unique journey. “Baby G” as is listed on her Indian birth certificate was born in New Delhi, India. Her teen birth mother, a Canadian girl, immediately put the baby up for adoption leaving her in the hands of the Indian hospital staff when she wa


Bif Naked - Superbeautifulmonster (2005)
Bif Naked - Purge (2002)
Bif Naked - I Bificus (2000)