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Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | INDIE

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1998
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"New Music: Big Gov ft. Neisha Neshae "Let Me Live"

Track to track, verse to verse, Big Gov has the skills and talent to compete with anyone in the game today. Moreover, he has a keen eye for visuals. Big Gov’s latest release is a song entitled “Let Me Live,” which is the first single from his upcoming album ‘Success is Gangsta.’ - You Heard That New


Big Gov ft. Neisha Ne'shae - "Let Me Live"
Posted by Nancy Byron on July 3, 2017 at 3:26pm
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Track to track, verse to verse, Big Gov has the skills and talent to compete with anyone in the game today. Moreover, he has a keen eye for visuals. Big Gov's latest release is a song entitled "Let Me Live," which is the first single from his upcoming album 'Success is Gangsta.'

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"New Music: Big Gov & Neisha Neshae drop "Let Me Live""

     New Music: Detroit’s Big Gov & Neisha Ne’shae Drop “Let Me Live”
Brandon RobinsononJune 23, 2017/0 Comments

Big Gov drops “Let Me Live.” Photo Credit: Instagram
Charisma is defined as a special magnetic charm or appeal. Two minutes in a room with burgeoning Hip Hop artist Big Gov, and it’s evident that this rap renegade possesses the charisma needed to make an impact in the urban music world and beyond. Big Bov is a multi-talented artist with international appeal. He represents the gritty realism of his hometown of Detroit. The much buzzed about rapper is turning heads in the Hip-Hop circuit with his dynamic delivery and witty wordplay.

Big Gov is a rap phenom who has music running through his veins. His clever lyricism, magnetic delivery, efficient wordplay and irresistible personality have already earned him acclaim among Hip-Hop aficionados. The dynamic wordsmith raps about real life issues and experiences. Raw talent, intense lyrics, and banging beats are what best describes Big Gov’s sound and style. Authenticity is the key to Big Gov’s success. He doesn’t create cookie cutter radio songs. Instead, he concentrates on producing pure and passionate songs from his heart and soul.

 Track to track, verse to verse, Big Gov has the skills and talent to compete with anyone in the game today. Moreover, he has a keen eye for visuals. Big Gov’s latest release is a song entitled “Let Me Live,” which is the first single from his upcoming album “Success is Gangsta.” On the song, Gov recruits the queen of R&B/Trap herself Neisha Ne’shae, who’s been killing the scene lately with her singles “On A Cloud” and “White Sticks.”  “Let Me Live” has all of the ingredients of a classic street anthem. On the song, Big Gov talks about all of the frenemies in the music game and he warns his haters to just “Let Me Live.”

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"Big Gov interviews with HIPHOPSINCE1987"

Big Gov sits down with Rick Dange of HHS1987 to new music, his shoe deal, and the current state of hip hop - HipHopSince1987

"Big Gov performs for Roc Nation exec Jason "Polo" Carbonell"

Big Gov performs for Roc Nation exec Jason "Polo" Carbonell at Premiere Studios hosted by Urban Threshold's Jesse Atkinson - Pitch Black Entertainment

"Big Gov on Streetsweeper Radio with DJ Kay Slay"

Big Gov sits down with Dj Kay Slay and Jazzie Belle to discuss his current album No Signs Of Weakness - Streetsweeper Radio

"SOHH first : Big Gov "No Signs Of Weakness""

SOHH First: Big Gov’s “No Signs Of Weakness” [Audio]...

Nov 10, 2015Derek LemireSOHH First

SOHH First: Big Gov’s “No Signs Of Weakness” [Audio]

Armed with a pen, a microphone and an unshakable will to succeed, Detroit. MI based Rapper Big Gov is already making a huge impact on the independent music circuit. His rhymes and lyrical ability have earned him acclaim with in the Detroit Hip Hop scene and beyond. Big Gov is destined to leave his own imprint in the game. His versatility and dynamic stage presence puts Big Gov in a league of his own.

Big Gov’s intricate wordplay and aggressive lyrical style resonates with honesty and sincerity. “I make music from my heart and my soul. I take this very seriously. Everything I do is for the Hip Hop nation,” raves Big Gov. Check out his latest single entitled “Hurt So Bad,” which is getting kudos from notable DJ’s across the country. The single is off of his critically acclaimed album entitled “No Signs Of Weakness” which is on iTunes now. Check the link: .


Listen Here: -

"The Voice of Detroit"

The Voice of Detroit- Big Gov

Big Gov is a hip-hop lifer. Born and raised in Detroit he was brought up in a musical household. He was going to the studio as a shorty and even recorded a song when he was five. His love of music has sustained him and he finally obtained his dream of becoming a rap artist and releasing an album. Now several years he is still doing his thing. A veteran of the rap game. Carrying the city of Detroit on his back as he puts out bangin’ songs that gives lessons on life, the real life that he has lived in the city of his birth. Ain’t no fakin’ it Big Gov is the voice of Detroit. To get the real deal we sat down with him. This is the Don Diva exclusive-

You’ve been in the rap game a minute what has the transition been like from your first album to your newest release?

Truthfully, I feel like I’ve dealt with life more! My first album dropped in 09′, since then everything has changed! I ain’t with the same woman, I’ve lost friends, I’ve cut off family, and I’ve had more children so, the transition has been a rocky one Fasho but, it’s been an educational one as well. I’ve learned a lot about people and their emotions, and I’ve learned about the politics of this business! I’m from the streets so, a lot of this industry shit is foreign to me. My newest album is like an all access to the last 10 years of my life.

Explain a little how you came up and what it was like?

Well, in the beginning, life was cool! My mother was a hard working pretty young thang, my daddy was in a popular singing group called the Five Special, who was signed to Elektra records, and managed by the late Ron Banks of the Dramatics, so I was blessed with music early. Pops had a drug problem and Momma couldn’t take it too much longer so they split like in 82-83. By 84, Momma met someone new, and I had a lil brother by 85. In 86 life changed because my mother’s father had introduced my mother to crack cocaine and from that point shit got bad! I can remember riding around with my step father and, my uncle, going to different crack houses, having to snatch her up and bring her home because she’d be missing for weeks, sometimes months. I knew what dope was at 6 years old. Those were the years I started developing anger issues. She got clean from 91 to 96, come 97, she got back hooked and it was down hill from there. She passed away in 2005 after fighting with colon cancer.

What can people expect from your new release?

Truth, and real music. Not that popcorn and bubblegum shit that these dudes let slip through the cracks. I put my all into this project so, I think the people will accept it, and identify with it.

You’ve been getting a lot of radio play for You Already Know and Bleed, what has that been like?

It’s been real. It’s a blessing because, we all know how political radio is for indie artists. It’s cool when my kids get excited, and brag to their friends like, “Yo, my dad is on the radio.” I’ve been places, and one of the records come on, and people start singing it, not knowing I’m the dude who made the record. I’m still learning how to control my excitement.

Besides Bleed and You Already Know what are your other hot songs and what?

The No Signs of Weakness intro is special to me because I kept the last voice mail my mother left me before she passed away and put it at the beginning of the record. Hurt So Bad featuring my brother 3D on the hook. The song is a description of how my life is now, opposed to when I was down and out. It’s about how people changed up on me once I left the hood to do better for myself. Hate 2 Love Me is another one because my father is singing on it. Last but not least, Legendary Genes is special as well because my second oldest son is on it. We had a conversation one day about him wanting to be a rapper and I schooled him on some things, and it hit me, we should make this a song. So, we did. We put my bro Joe Poré on the hook, and the rest is history.

Your new album is called No Signs of Weakness what does that mean to you?

It simply means that I’ve been thru hell and back, and I’m still here. No matter what I’ve been faced with, from being shot, robbed, snitched on, lied on, hated on, and whatever else, I didn’t let it break me. I stayed strong through it all, and I’m able to tell my story to motivate others to be strong as well.

To learn more about Big Gov and his music check out Pitch Black Entertainment and follow Big Gov on Twitter and Instagram

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"Black Guvernment"

Black Guvernment Music Group inks exclusive distribution deal with Bungalo/Universal with the release of there first project from feature artist "BIG GOV" scheduled to be released in the summer of "08". - What it do magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Big Gov grew up in Detroit Michigan, where he began to cultivate his love for music, being brought up in a musical household. His father, Greg Finley was a part of the R&B group The Five Special. Who were signed to Elektra Records in the late 70s. The Five Special had a hit single (Why Leave Us Alone), which hit #9 on the R&B charts in 1980. 

At the age of five, Gov recorded his first song. From that point on, hip-hop has always been a part of his life. His older cousins and one particular mentor were all in rap groups together. Often times they would promise the young Gov a trip to the studio, to record with them. Through his adolescent years, Gov would find the challenge of proving his talent. Years later after Gov had several professional studio recordings, they finally took him serious. From that alone, his love for music and his passion to entertain has enabled him to grow into the rap artist, producer, and performer he is today. 

Authentic and real music, thats what I grew up on, Gov expresses his personal feelings about old school music; with the impressions of artist such as Issac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Rick James, and Prince. The term old soul has a new place in hip-hop music. Respecting the work of his peers, that has come before him in hip-hop. To the likes of Bink (One Shot Deal), Jay-Z, Nas, Scarface, Royce Da 59, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Run DMC, Fat Boys, Rakim, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Dj Quik, DJ Premier (Gangstarr), 2Pac Shakur, and Pete Rock. 

Gov's lyrical content goes far beyond the fashionable commercial hype, blending in life's lessons of growing up with a father in and out of his life, and the harsh realities of a drug addicted mother. His pain is felt through songs like Don't take it Personal, it's as if Gov is at his moment of clarity in every bar. His motivation connecting with songs such as Believe, that was spawned out of the fall of a dynasty and his mothers fight with cancer. Tragically, Gov lost his mother to a battle with cancer in February of 2005. She told me to use her strength during her battle with cancer as an example to move forward, with remembrance of his mother, he uses just that to persevere. 

In spite of the adversities, Gov managed to build the strength needed to carry on. Beyond just writing and producing his own music, Gov has been able to arrange and produce music for many industry artists such as Richie Rich, AZ, the late Proof of D12, Royce Da 59, Styles P of the Lox, Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boys, and a host of Detroit based artists. He has also produced and performed the single Rags to Riches that can be heard on the video game NBA Ballers for the popular video game conglomerate Midway Games. His production is currently being featured in the background on hit MTV shows such as, Yo Momma, Rob and Big, and reality TV series Runs House. 

Though music is Gov's first love he has also been bitten by the acting bug, with his cinematic debut in the feature film Envy. Produced by Desmond Walker, Gov plays the role of Marcell, also staring LisaRaye McCoy, Maia Campbell, AZ, and RAY J. With one compilation album Storm of the Century released by local Detroit record label D Boy Records (1999) and, The 2010 release of his new debut album, "The Debt Collector", Gov is finally ready to branch out and make the kind of music that the world wants to hear. 

2009-Current, Gov has been working with the well-known ex-porn star Pinky. She has decided to make the transition to music, with production help from Big Gov, so Gov's momentum is at an all-time high musically. 

As the recipient of the 4th Annual Underground Music Awards Hip Hop Titan 2006, nominations for the Producer of the Year and Performer of the Year at the Detroit Hip-Hop Awards. There is no question how hard Gov works when it comes to music. His stage presence will command your attention, as he has a way of making an audience feel a part of the show. Gov is destined to become one of music's most accomplished and unforgettable talents.

Currently, Gov has blazed the airwaves with his new singles, "You Already Know" and "Bleed" thanks to RADIO ONE' Hot 107.5, (Big Greg BuckieNaked, Wax-Taxn-Dre, Dr. Darrius, Dj Bj, Ikeisha Baker & Cell, and Dj Gary Chandler), they broke the record, and it's been playing ever since. Gov is also a recent 2015 Detroit Underground Hip Hop award winner for "Best Performer" and "Best Video" for "Bleed", and won the 2016 "Album Of The Year" for his album, "No Signs Of Weakness". As of now, Big Gov is killing the airwaves with his new single, "Let Me Live" ft. Neisha Ne'shae. When it comes to Detroit's House of Hip Hop, Big Gov is officially in office....For more information and booking contact:

Brandee Carter: or, 951-448-9843

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