Big 3 N AI

Big 3 N AI

 Richmond, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

One of the most sensational hip-hop acts on the eastern shores of Virginia. Big 3 N AI will dazzle the pallet with their vocals, lyrics, and their play on words. Check out on all listed URL's.


Tha Big 3 N Young AI is one of the hottest groups by far. Each group member has their own special style that makes it easy to tell them apart. Their chemistry together mixes and makes them one of the most incredible groups out there. They do not have one particular type of fan base because they cover it all. Tha Big 3 N Young AI have made major distinguishable sounds with such songs as, “Text Me,” “Simon Said,” “There She Go,” all the while capturing the attention of all the young and older generational females. Other songs such as “Money Don’t Matter,” Fly Lika Jet,” and “Beat Box,” made shows how they get mad love from the young and older generational fellas who all say they can relate to their songs. There has not been a hip-hop group like this in a while and being they are all brothers, to them, nothing is more valuable than FAMILY…

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Check out our music on Will hear such songs as Text me, Simon Said, There She Go, Fly Lika Jet, Beat Box and many more.

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THIS CONTRACT for the personal services of Artist made this DATE ____________________________ between the undersigned purchaser (hereinafter called "Purchaser") and the Artist (hereinafter called "Artist") for the engagement described below. The Artist agrees to so perform according to the following terms and conditions:

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Sets/Length: one 60-90 minute show, no intermission.
FEE: $ 500_______ US Dollars
Payment: $_250_____ non-refundable Deposit due upon signing of this contract to guarantee date
$_250_____ due immediately prior to performance