Big Bang Method

Big Bang Method


We call our music Nu-Prog Fusion. We take the energy and power of Nu Metal and Modern Rock and fuse it with the complexity and intelligence of Progressive Rock and Jazz.


As explosive as the creation of the universe comes an equally explosive quartet known as Big Bang Method.
The group was conceived by guitarist, Guthrie Matthews and bassist, Jim Loretangeli as an outlet for their original material. Together with drummer, Dave Gladding, they have just released their new CD, BOOM! on their independent Etroneks label.
The all-instrumental material on BOOM! can best be described as “Nu Prog Fusion” which fuses the power of Nu Metal, the arrangements of Progressive Rock and the complexity and rhythm of Jazz Fusion. "When we started the project in January 2004, we decided to write and record live in the studio. Our music has a live energy that could only be recorded with the three of us in the same room playing together". On BOOM!’s fourteen tracks, you can clearly hear influences of Dream Theater, The Police, Santana and the Meters.
Guthrie plays six and seven string guitars while Jim fingers five and six string basses and a dabbling of keyboards as well. Dave uses an arsenal of vintage and modern drum kits and percussion.
Virtuosity abounds at their shows, they crank out set after set of powerhouse music and keep their crowd screaming for more.


Project Lo- Dabblings in Darkness- 1995
Guthrie Bowen Matthews and the Neighborhood- Sleepless Night- 2000
Neighborhood- Mr. Roger's Neihborhood Christmas- 2000
Big Bang Method- BOOM!- 2004

Set List

Original Gig Setlist

Bebopnosis- Original
Brown Sugar- D'Angelo
Meterology- Original
Three Rivers- Original
Sleepless Night - Original
Collider- Original
Crazywalk- Original
Kromatikal Error - Original
Picture Of Regret- Original
Gagoo- Original
Set Myself On Fire- Original
Telescopic Cage- Original
Drop- Original

We do over 100 covers ranging in all styles