Big Benz

Big Benz

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My music is a perfect blend of underground and commercial hip hop. I strive to create my own sound or "brand" of music which is the perfect blend of originality, and what people want to hear.


TTM Entertainment

Name: Brandon Lewis Martin
Birthplace: Woodbridge, Virginia
Born: Aug.6, 1986
Best Known As: Big Benz

“Big Benz” first surfaced in the rap game at the age of sixteen. He crossed paths with various talented people, eventually forming the heart and soul of the Street Hip-Hop movement, F.S.M (Fire Spittin Militia) now Known as “Epitomize Grind”. Wanting to keep their individuality “EG” decided not to seek a major recording deal, instead they created 4bars records, currently known as “TTM Entertainment LLC”.

The four bars were not only a metaphor for the rhymes that they passionately write but it also stands for the principles in which each member lives by, Family, Loyalty, Money, and Trust. Big Benz is “Not only a member but the motherfu**in president,” of the label. Big Benz found the hidden talents of his artist and brought them to the surface. While perfecting his skills, he encouraged every artist around him to do the same.

“Music is a part of life, no growth in life, no growth for your music”

Before the big success of mixtapes and cameo’s Big Benz was a hungry rapper fighting for a place in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame. His dedication to his craft brought him from nothing to a critically acclaimed hood legend. Unbeknownst to him his drive and persistence enthused anyone who came in contact with him to follow their dreams by any means necessary. His sharp and logical lyrics have been picked apart and used in poems as well as other artist songs. His laid back persona has been mimicked in many Urban Fiction Stories. With no signs of slowing down Big Benz is on his way to being not just a Hood Legend but one of the Greatest MC’s of All Times.

“I feel that the real stand the test of time, bend but don't fold.”

Currently, Brandon “Big Benz” Martin has become the “GO TO Guy” in bringing other artists togeather from all walks of life. TTM Entertainment currently manages a stable of rappers, singers, and producers.

India S. Martin
Rob Sanchez
TTM Entertainment
Epitomize Grind


KANE N BENZ Mix tape Vol. 1- Released February 21, 2007
KANE N BENZ Mix tape Vol. 2- Released August 5, 2007
"Take The Money N Run"- Released October 17, 2008
"Welcome to Virginia"- ***To Be Released MAY 2009***

Set List

Set List includes 10 songs with a total runtime of approximately 39 minutes and 48 seconds.
1. Hip Hop Fans
2. Welcome to Virginia
3. Forgive Me
4. Ghetto Song
5.- Inauguration
6.- Life's got me
7.- Mental Seduction
8.- Spazz Out
9.- Can I get you wet
10.- Let em' Know