Big Big Love

Big Big Love

 Winter Park, Florida, USA

Music made by angry young men without the fear for prejudice or fashion. Brotherhood music. LIke the name says, Big Big Love.


Big Big Love is a band from Mexico City. It's formed by two brothers, their cousin and their best friend from childhood. Patricio is 16 years old, Gerardo is 15 years old. Santiago is 21 and Roberto is 25. Together they make music with no fear for prejudice or rejection, they just play what they like and moves them.
They have an ep out. It was recorded by them on early 2012 and realased later on that year. They are giving it for free, whether it's physical copy or a digital copy.
The ep had a little succes on the mexican indie scene and let the band played with big acts like Little Ethiopia and Toy Selectah. They were on a couple of magazines and internet blogs as well. Their live performances are becoming one of the best in Mexico because of the way they move people with their feeling and their stage presence.
They use a heavy percussive base with beautiful synth harmonies and tight bass lines, shoegazing guitars as well, with powerful choir vocals.
They are number 10 in bandcamp's top of mexico city's downloads.
Their influences are variated, but the most important ones are: Foals, Mew, My Morning Jacket, The National, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Little Ethiopia and more.
Sabotage magazine placed them as one of the big come ups of 2012.


Big Big Love E.P.

Set List

Politicians (new song)
Sweet 16
Too Old
Boxer Charles (new song)