Big Boy Pete

Big Boy Pete

 San Francisco, California, USA

Big Boy Pete is a rock 'n' roll legend -- or at least he should be. There are certain musicians who are so perfectly in tune with the times that they practically define them. Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, U2 -- all of them truly embodied their eras. But what of those artists who are out of step with modern fashion, whose labors are far too eccentric to be popular, who can't be fully understood until years later?


A veteran of the '60s English pop scene, Big Boy Pete is one such artist. For the past 40 years, the British native and long time San Francisco resident has firmly adhered to the philosophy espoused by Danny & the Juniors: Rock 'n' roll is here to stay. He has been at ground zero for numerous musical revolutions, having toured with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and most of the rest of the British Invasion; released one of the first English psychedelic songs; rediscovered rockabilly; and recorded the San Francisco punk scene.

Yet Big Boy Pete is far from a household name. Why? Perhaps, as Brian Wilson once sang, he just wasn't made for these times. If you have never heard of Big Boy Pete, you may not be alone. But if you're an avid record collector, you will know that his 1965 record Baby I Got News for You and his 1968 "Cold Turkey" are now prized collector's items. By the 1990s, Pete was all but forgotten. Then a copy of "Cold Turkey" sold for 250 pounds at Sothebys Rock and Roll auction in London. David Wells, owner of the highly acclaimed British archival Tenth Planet record label was aware of this sale, and tracked down Big Boy Pete to ask if he had any unreleased tracks lying around. "About 200" Pete laughed. Pete knew it was time to unearth the unreleased recordings made by his psychedelic alter ego. Rummaging through his archive of tapes, however, was a formidable task. Pete made hundreds of demos and master recordings between 1966 and '69, and estimates he has enough material for more than a dozen albums. Tenth Planet then issued four collections of his '60s recordings. They were then made available in the US courtesy of Gear Fab Records, Dionysus Records, and 3 Acre Floor Records. More came later including Petes epic Symphonic Poem World War IV. Even though Miller dismisses some of his recordings as commercial drivel, the songs are well-crafted, skewed pop, suffused with strange lyrics, trippy effects, and plenty of hookah smoke.

But wait! There's yet another interesting facet of Pete's career. Probably not a single student of the Audio Institute of America (and there have been thousands from more than 100 countries around the world), realise that the Founder and President of this State-licensed educational school for recording engineers is, in fact, Big Boy Pete. Go figure! Even in his home town of San Francisco, few people are aware that this quietly-spoken Englishman, whose recording studio has serviced hundreds of bands since opening its doors in 1974, is also BBP - the enigmatic psychedelic legend from the sixties. The perennial enigma!

Incidentally, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio includes Cold Turkey in its list of Psychedelic Classics. Big Boy Pete's name is painted on the museum wall right next to the Beatles' name. Check out Pete's music at and prepare to be mortally amazed. Or if you're interested in becoming a sound engineer or music producer, check out Pete's recording school

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1958 Introducing the Offbeats - Peter Miller & the Offbeats
(E.P.) Magnegraph Records (LeadGuitar/Composer)

1962 Ever Since you Said Goodbye - Marty Wilde
(45) Philips 326546 (Lead Guitar)

1962 Can Can 62/Redskins - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(45) Decca 11531 (Lead Guitar)

1963 Totem Pole/Jaywalker - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(45) Decca 11593 (Lead Guitar)

1963 Poet and Peasant/Ooh lala! - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(45) Decca 11659 (Lead Guitar)

1964 Kansas City/Parade of the Tin Soldiers - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(45) Decca 11840 (Lead Guitar/Vocal)

1964 If You Love Me/You Girl - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(45) Decca 11917 (Lead Guitar/Vocal)

1964 Where Did Our Love Go/Caroline - Peter Jay &the Jaywalkers
(45) Piccadilly 35199 (LeadGuitar/Vocal)

1964 Tonight You're Gonna Fall/RedCabbage - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(45) Piccadilly 35212 (LeadGuitar/Vocal)

1964 Kansas City - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(Album compilation: Ready Steady Go!) Decca 4577 (Lead Guitar/Vocal)

1965 Parchman Farm/What Two Can Easily Do - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(45) Piccadilly 35220 (Vocal/LeadGuitar)

1965 Before The Beginning/Solitaire - Peter Jay & theJaywalkers
(45) Piccadilly 35259 (Lead Guitar/Composer)

1965 The Entertainer/I Count the Tears - The News
(45) Decca 12356 (Lead Guitar)

1965 Spectre/Solitaire - Sounds Orchestral
(Album) Piccadilly 38016 (Composer)

1966 Baby I got News for You/Girl With the Castle - Miller
(45) Columbia 7972 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1966 Stop! - The Knack
(45) Polydor 602005 (Composer)

1966 The Baby Song - Boz
(45) Columbia 7735 (Composer)

1966 Rumpelstiltskin -The Magic Lanterns
(45) CBS 202250 (Lead Guitar)

1967 Stop! - Dan et Vanny
(45) Barclay 71080 (Composer)

1966 Cold Turkey/My Love is Like a Spaceship - Big Boy Pete
(45) Camp 602005 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1968 Playboy - Freddie and the Dreamers
(45) Columbia 7929 (Composer)

1974 Music From Little Flint - Pete Miller
(Album) .22 Records TT2201 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1978 Can Can 62/Totem Pole - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(Album Compilation: The Joe Meek Story) Decca 19076 (Lead Guitar)

1979 I Hate Disco Music -Marshall Crenshaw
(45) Loral 001 (Backing Vocalist)

1981 Pre C.B.S. - Peter Miller
(Album) .22 Records TT2202 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1983 Can Can 62 - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(Album Compilation: The Decca Originals Volume 4) Decca TAB65 (Lead Guitar)

1983 Can Can 62 - Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
(Album Compilation: Twenty One Hit Wonders) See For Miles Records CM124 (Lead Guitar)

1984 Cold Turkey - Naz Nomad and the Nightmares
(Album track) Bigbeat WIK21(Composer)

1986 Rockin' is My Bizness - Peter Miller
(Album) .22 Records TT2203 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1989 Baby I Got News for You - Miller
(Album Compilation: English Freakbeat Volume 3) Archive International AIP10048 (Vocal/Lead Guitar/Composer)

1995 Double Diamonds - Shig & Buzz
(CD) Maitai DD0103 (Lead Guitar/Composer)

1995 Spectre - Shig & Buzz
(CD Compilation: Secret Agent Sounds) Maitai DD0118 (Lead Guitar/Composer)

1995 Swept Away - Shig & Buzz
(CD Compilation: 21st. Century Surf Sounds) Orange ORA1007 (Lead Guitar/Composer)

1996 Good Luck Charm - Shig & Buzz
(CD) Sheena Music MCE38 (Lead Guitar/Composer)

1996 Homage To Catatonia - Big Boy Pete
(Album) Tenth Planet TP026 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1997 Summerland - Peter Miller
(Album) Tenth Planet TP030 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1997 Homage To Catatonia - Big Boy Pete
(CD) Bacchus Archives BA1123 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1998 Return To Catatonia - Big Boy Pete
(Album) Tenth Planet TP035 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1999 Baby I Got News For You - Peter Miller
(CD Compilation: The Story of Oak Records) Wooden Hill WHCD007 (Vocal/Lead Guitar/Composer)

1999 Baby I Got News For You - The Bristols
(CD Track from - Tune In with...) Damaged Goods 193CD (Composer)

1999 Me/Nasty Nazi - Big Boy Pete
(45) 3 Acre Floor Records 3eeAC05 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1999 Psycho-Relics - Big Boy Pete
(CD) Bacchus Archives BA 1137 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

1999 Return To Catatonia - Big Boy Pete
(CD) Gear Fab Records GF-139 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

2000 Summerland - Pete Miller
(CD) Gear Fab Records GF-147(Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

2000 World War IV. . . A Symphonic Poem - Big Boy Pete
(CD) Gear Fab Records GF-157(Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

2001 World War IV. . . A Symphonic Poem - Big Boy Pete
(Album) Comet Records GFC-414 (Vocal/LeadGuitar/Composer)

2002 London American Boy - Big Boy Pete
(CD) Raucous Records RAUCD-105 (Vocal/LeadGuitar)

2002 Big Boy Pete Treats - The Squires of the Subterrain
(CD) Rocket Racket Records RRCD-209 (Composer/Producer)

2002 Strawberries on Sunday - The Squires of the Subterrain
(CD) Rocket Racket Records RRCD-210 (Co-Producer)

2003 Great British Rock and

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