Big Break takes you up and down, toe tappin' and teared up, grooving and moshing, clever humor jokes and rebel stands... an alternative rock group influenced by reggae, ska, funk, and blues... a powerful original show that will leave you wanting more!


Big Break is an on the rise North Carolina based rock band with a multi genre style, incorporating elements of ska, funk, alternative, roots, reggae, and jam rock. Their influences from bands like Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Keys and even Steve Miller Band show in the artistry and song structure.
The band formed in 2011, and traveled performing all over the Carolinas to promote their first self-titled album, BIG BREAK. In the next couple weeks their 2nd compilation, a 5 song EP ‘CITY GIRL’ is released, as they are already in the studio working on the 3rd project.
The band’s singer, guitarist, and songwriter is a powerful front man. Usually barefoot, crouching and bounding with energy and passion, David Myers has a forceful confident voice, powerful moving lyrics, and stick with you leads and melodies. There are times when you are zoned in and others when you cannot resist a toetappin’. Bass player Alan Erickson is also classically trained and interchangeable, or some cases even simultaneous, on piano as well. His skill in music theory and exceptional talent resonate smooth grooves and funky bass lines. Conga player, Ashley Honbarrier, brings additional percussion and vocals. Smooth at times and fiery at others, she keeps pace with the fellas. Recent new drummer, Shade Eury, has really kicked it into gear and taken the beat to a new level. The freshest member of Big Break, Rex Baucom, has stepped in and brought his own talents taking over bass guitar. With Rex learning Big Break's repertoire so quickly, Alan has moved to play his choice keys. The extra melodies and sounds really add a lot and boast these tunes closer to an all out full production.


First C.D. Release March 2011, Self Entitled including songs:

Radio Airplay....Obewan- "Now I'm cryin so hard that I'm chokin, I gave you my heart, and you gave it back broken."

IL LEON-A tall tale about a hometown boxer.

Harass and Arrest-"They sit outside of the bars on their cars and poke at the drunks for fun."

Heart of Mine-"...and why, do you lie?"

Gimme A Pistol- "Let the worms eat'em someone's gotta feed 'em"

The Cycle- "You broke me down, but I don't mind, because my heart healed up just fine."

Where I stand- "Well they been tellin me 'Boy You Ain't Never Ever Gonna Be ELVIS'"

2nd EP 'City Girl' released July 2013

Single "Problems By The Pound"

Radio Airplay "Fussy Hussy"

Also includes... "On Board", "Hometown", and title track "City Girl"

All tracks have full streaming airplay on all the major Internet Radio Stations and Digital Music Distributors.

Set List

2hr+ original show... covers if needed to fill up to a 4 hour gig