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The best kept secret in music


"Big Cas: Interview 10-30-04"

HFTS: What’s good? Introduce yourself.

Big Cas: You already know who it is, Big Cas, the king of North Carolina. They call me the future. I'm what the game been missing.

HFTS: Aight, so how long u been at this rap shit.

Big Cas: For like 5 yrs.

HFTS: So your from North Carolina, what’s the scene like down there?

Big Cas: The rap scene?

HFTS: Yeah.

Big Cas: I mean, its hip hop down here. We trapped in between the south and the east. Alot of niggas down here just hungry. They waiting for the right nigga to get on and blow the state up the right way. The way Petey Pablo should have did it.

HFTS: Hahahahah, we won’t get on that Petey Pablo issue right now, another time. (Laughing) So who are some of your inspirations as an emcee?

Big Cas: Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Dre, Snoop, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, Camron, The Lox, Gangstarr, Foxy Brown, Eminem, G Unit, Freeway........ them the niggas I be listening to.

HFTS: How bout production? Who is doing your production?

Big Cas: My in house producers are Wise, iNkredible (who cam in the game with me), a new producer we just started working with from VA name M Rell, and myself. On my album I also got some shit with 9th Wonder, who did some stuff for Jay-Z and Tony Kurtis, an acclaimed producer from Maryland who has done shit with everybody.

HFTS: Speaking of 9th wonder, tell us more about that track and what it was like working with him?

Big Cas: The tack was already laid when I got to the studio so I never really fucked with dude like that, but 9th Wonder is mad nice. If I could do a whole album with him, I would.

HFTS: No doubt he definitely is I'll.

HFTS: Now you can't mention Big Cas with out mentioning the Wreckin Crew, so let us know a little bit about your squad?

Big Cas: That’s me, Traffic, J Khryst, D Murda, Mike Hustle, and my producers iNkredible and Wise. We all came up together grinding. Street game to the rap game, them my niggas. If 50 Cent can bring his squad in the game with him, so can I.

HFTS: Now unless people have been sleeping, they have heard that crazy joint with Remy Martin called "Call Me" that’s blazin the mixtape scene right now. What's the next step? You got any other mixtape appearances coming soon.

Big Cas: Yeah, my man DJ Smallz who running the mixtape scene down south is featuring me on his new joints. Together we also working on a mixtape called "Welcome to NC", which will feature me, Little Brother (9th Wonder's group), Petey Pablo, and this new kid from North Cack name NAAM, who is signed to Interscope Records. I'm fucking with TapeMasters Inc, DJ Sosa, Kaysaly, J XClusive, P Cutta, DJ Envy, DJ Kurupt, The Heavy Hitters and a bunch of others. Not to mention DJ Chuck T has a best of big cas tape out called, "Larger Than Life". I got a mixtape out that I did call, GangBang Muzik Vol. 1, which is exclusively available on my website, We also bout to drop the Wreckin Crew Mixtape, to let my niggas fuck the game up.

HFTS: Sounds like you got a lot on your plate; you got any shout outs or last words?

Big Cas: Yeah....cop the album, request the songs, spin the record, come to the shows, and get that money.

- Heat For The Street


"Call Me" b/w "We Ain't Playin'" and "That Ain't My Chick" CDS
"GangBang Muzik Volume 1: The Mixtape"
"Larger Than Life Volume 1: Best of Big Cas" hosted by DJ Chuck T
"Carolina People" (Petey Pablo Diss) CDS
"The Album: Pain And Music"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Big Cas is without a doubt the future of hip-hop. With a flow wise beyond his years, this twenty-one year old lyricist could easily be the next Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas. Big Cas was born in and raised North Carolina. Having grown up around music all his life Cas developed a strong love for hip hop and decided to start rapping at the tender age of twelve. ¨I always loved hip-hop music, as far back as I can remember quotes Big Cas. He has accomplished a lot in his few years as an MC. Along with opening for nearly any established rap act to come through NC he released his first solo album entitled Pain and Music in early 2003. Big Cas managed to sell 10,000 copies in NC alone with no radio air play and very little promotion. Big Cas was also featured as the up and coming artist of the month on the web page for The Source magazine and was recognized as one of the nations hottest up and coming artists. Cas proved to the masses that his gritty rap style and witty punch lines filled a void in NC and made him an artist that definitely has potential to go platinum out the gate. In late 2004 Big Cas released his first single "Call Me" off his new album set to be released in early 2005. The single features a gust appearance by Remy Martin of the Terror Squad. The album will also feature appearances my Pastor Troy, Mr. Cheeks, and a sample of the late 2Pac on a cover of the slain rappers song "Brenda's Got A Baby. ¨I like the fact that hip-hop music is more commercially accepted these days. I pretty much watched rap grow from something new the young, black kids were following into a genre that today's music industry can't survive without. That's why my music is so hot. I love the music and I know how it should sound. states Big Cas. Sometimes I'm my own worst critic, but that's how an artist should be. When it comes to my beats, I tell producers when we first meet that I'm one of the best songwriters. I can turn any track you give me to a hot song, but just because I can doesn't mean I will. When I first hear a beat I know after the first few seconds if I want to spit to it or not. Any beat I do spit on will turn into a hot song.¨ Big Cas is also and accomplished producer. His productions company, TrackMonstas, has a sound that has been praised by rappers everywhere as "what's next."