Big Chief Kevin and the Flaming Arrows

Big Chief Kevin and the Flaming Arrows


Like a second line from the streets of New Orleans, Big Chief Kevin and the Flaming Arrows Mardi Gras Indians rock a show with full band, the New Orleans second line funk show this band puts on is so intense it will drop your jaw and make your hips shake. New Orleans historical funk.


After Hurricane Katrina washed the Flaming Arrows to Austin, Big Chief KEVIN assembles the Funky Flaming Arrows band. Big Chief Kevin stands tall in his full costume and sings in the tradition of mardi gras indian chiefs. One of the best singers of all mardi gras chiefs, Big Chief captures the audience with style, as the band grooves in the tradition of New Orleans second line and funk. The band is led by the Caesars brothers funk box, who also play with Cyril Neville and grew up around New Orleans funk masters before bringing their style to Austin.


1.The Flaming Arrows - The Indians Are Coming
2. Big Chief Kevin and the Flaming Arrows- Live from Floribunda

Set List

The band plays a popular New Orleans funk tune or two (8-10 min) before Big Chief makes his way to the stage. Songs we play include Shoo Fly, Little Liza Jane, Indians got that Fire. Most songs are at least 5 minutes long. The band grooves heavily taking audiences to very hypnotic and danceable places.