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Only 21 yrs young, Big-C has been letting God use Him, and is boldy proclaiming Christ via hip-hop music. He is fairly new on the scene, but has made his mark as a newcomer by dropping his debut album, PoeTree of Life. Big-C's sole passion for his music is to reunite the lost back to Christ.


Big-C, birth name Courtney Emmanuel Johns, was born August 3, 1986 in Houston, Texas. Big-C started rapping and writing rhymes at the tender age of 13. Antoine "QP" Simmons, Big-C's eldest brother, taught him how to freestyle and helped him uncover his rap talent. Big-C stated, "Man, I'm thankful to God for him putting Antoine in my life. He helped me find something that I will cherish until death." Big-C is currently residing in Georgia, and attends college at the University of West Georgia.

At the age of 21, Big-C has experienced some major life changing events. By using his personal life experiences, and the life experiences of others, he creates hip-hop music that reaches out to everyone. Big-C stated, "Jesus Christ has made the greatest, and most powerful impact in my life, and in the lives of many of my friends. I try my best to keep it real at all times. And what's really real is Jesus Christ." Big-C was raised in the church all his life, but like many young black males, he strayed away, and began to seek the fame and fortune that he saw on television. Big-C stated, “Man, I got caught up in gangs, drinking, smoking, and even tattooing, all because I wanted to be like the rappers I watched on TV. It’s a shame, but there are millions of youth out there doing some of those same things for the same reason”. After years of not taking heed to God’s Word, Big-C finally heard the Lord’s plea. In his first semester of college, he became a born-again believer. In the midst of Big-C’s transition from sinner to redeemed, he made the decision to devote his hip-hop and poetry talents to God. Big-C has been rocking stages for the Lord ever since!


Album released 03/01/2007 - PoeTree of Life

Set List

I can perform anwhere from 1 single song up an entire set of ten or more!

I am also a spoken word poet and can perform for poetry-based events.