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Real Man
Ride on Me (live)

Webzine reviews:
YOTC (Year of the Cock) (Canada) (#3 CD of 2005) (USA) (USA) (USA) (USA) (USA) (U.K.) (Italy) (Australia) (Ireland) (Italy) (Italy) (Italy) (Germany) (Belgium) (Australia), (Sweden) (Sweden - second review) (Spain) (Mexico) (Greece), (U.K.) (Greece) (Greece) (USA) (Germany) (Peru, South America) (Argentina) (U.K.) (USA) (Italy) (USA) (USA)
BC (S/T) (USA) (Canada),;jsessionid=1C0BB0EC6CBD44B9A1ADBAF03FDF1C71 (USA) (Belgium) (U.K.)
Sion Smith (Burn Magazine – U.K.) (Germany - Album of the Month Aug06)

Interviews: (Interview - Dave) (Interview - Robert) (Audio Interview - Dave & Robert) (Audio Interview - Dave & Robert) (Interview - Dave) (Interview - Dave) (Interview - Dave) (Interview - Dave) (Interview - Dave) (Interview – Dave) (Audio Interview - Dave) (Interview - Dave)

POWERPLAY Magazine – U.K. #72 November 2005 (review)
This is ROCK – Spain #17 December 2005 (interview - Dave)
Fireworks Issue 22, Dec.2005 (review) - Various


After three solid days of listening to “Big Cock” I think it is safe to say that after four years of looking, we have finally found the “house band” for The Hairball John Radio Show. I love the disc! It is everything that myself and my show embraces, attitude, guitar, fun, humor and a good size splash of perversion. Let’s set up two separate phone interviews with yourself and Robert. We have just under 340,000 world wide listeners each week and I can’t wait to let them know that 2005 is the year of “Big Cock”.
Let’s talk soon.
Hairball John
The Hairball John Radio Show”

“Hi David,
I got the copy of the CD and all I can say's awesome!! The best hard-rock album I've heard this year and a top-ten album of the year, easily. I've also been speaking to Derek Oliver (respected Kerrang!/ Classic Rock Journalist) about the Big Cock album. He asked if I could get a copy sent to him, so that he can play some on his Total Rock radio show.
Rob Evans – Powerplay Magazine”

“Hi guys,
Just heard some samples from the new album on myspace and oh boy do I like what I heard! We're talking some serious shit hot stuff here! A copy of Big Cock's first effort has landed in my mail box last week and I've been listening to it ever since. They have indeed come up with a great '80's inspired rock album with some of the funniest, most sexually charged lyrics in years. I love this album and it could well be the release of 2005 for me!.
Rock on,
Peter Schoonooghe
Editor – Rock Report”

Big Cock Review, appearing in Fireworks Issue 22, Dec.2005.

“Don’t you just love it when you find a new, fun rock band? I got a message from this group on the website They saw my profile and asked me to check them out. So I surfed over to theirs and they had four of their songs available for download. Thirty seconds into ‘I Want It All’ I started downloading the other three. Once I heard those I was so impressed I bought the album on the spot.
Opening with ‘Bad Motherfucker’, the band rip into rocker after rocker, with that traditional old-school style and plenty of humour. The closest I could liken them to in sound was The Darkness, but without the absurd falsetto Justin Hawkins employs on every track. Big Cock play the music seriously and let the schoolboy smut ooze from their name and their lyrics.
By their own admission, they are loud, crude, rude, arrogant, pompous, and they say aggressive arena rock is not dead... it is alive and well and called Big Cock. If you like your rock hard, Big Cock delivers all the show, swagger, musicianship and fun that rock 'n’ roll is supposed to be, complete with songs you can sing along to. ‘Cinnamon’, ‘King Of Cool’ and ‘Mean Street Machine’ all do just that, and are short enough not to wear out your attention span. The lyrics to the tender ballad ‘Hard To Swallow’ are nothing short of poetry, and the same subject matter is covered in ‘You Suck The Love Out Of Me’.
I constantly receive messages from them saying things like ‘You need Big Cock’, ‘Big Cock will satisfy you’ and ‘Hands up if you like Big Cock’. And the way I am, I feel the jokes, just like the album, I will never tire of.
Check the boys out at or hear the songs I heard at

James Gaden Fireworks Magazine “

“Happy Holidays David and Robert,
In two weeks we will be featuring "The Hairball John Radio Show top 20 songs of 2005" as our last show of the year. We are very proud to say that your song "King Of Cool" landed in our top 20 of 2005 (Actually, it is #1). At the end of 2004 we were averaging 17,000 listeners each week. As we wrap up 2005 we are exceeding 340,000 per week. 2006 is going to be a block buster year for us and Big Cock is going to be right there....after all, you are the damn house band! Thanks for making some great music in 2005 and we look forward to featuring more from you in 2006. Have a rockin Holidays!

Rock out with your Big Cock out!
HBJ (The Hairball John Radio Show )”
- Various

"Retail Page Comments"

fuggin' rocks
Reviewer: sbs
Great music, period! 20 years ago music this awesome was the norm, In this century though, music this awesome is rare. Attitude, Volume, Talent, its all here. Money well spent.

Big Cock with balls to match
Reviewer: John Gillies
Brilliant rock album. Big Cock with balls to match!!

Reviewer: Flaco
This is a great CD, anyone who adds it to their collection is doing themselves justice.

baaaaaaaaad mutherf*ckers!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: random chick
i love this cd... it's that old school in your face straight ahead rock and roll that delivers exactly what the dr. ordered! besides...there's nothing better than having your own big cock! i meant the cd...what were you thinking??? *wink*

The cd is a awsome cd.
Reviewer: John
When I first listen to it I thought I should order it because it sounds like Lynch Mob. I listen to it almost every day in the car or in my room. Thanks for putting out a great cd. Thanks John

Reviewer: bob harley
great rockin music sounds like ac/dc, aerosmith,bonjovi,motley crue,ted nugent .... sounds best when played loud ..very loud, enjoy

Hot !!!!! Smokin Rock-N-Roll
Reviewer: Big Daddy
Very good crusin music if your in the mood for some rough and roudy good times.Being a misician you can appreciate the mix of styles.Keep Rockin !!!!!!!

awesome cd
Reviewer: craig
Awesome CD,A must buy,Kicks major ASS. Can't wait for there next release.

Big cock rocks!
Reviewer: Donna~aka~Rockbabe
Love the CD, it rocks like a bastard! - I'd like to buy all my cd's from CD BABY as the service was great. Loved the little email I was sent to tell me how my CD was dispatched to me! hehe! Great stuff, thank you!

Good old metal
Reviewer: Mike K
I hear this on vacation in Arizona and was blown away. Robert Mason has gotten even better than ever. The band is tight, loud and aggressive. The way great metal should be. Only good things should happen from them.

Kick Ass Cock Rock!
Reviewer: mojo
"The Year of the Cock" is upon us! This is loud, dirty, in-your-face audio attitude. You can almost hear the swagger! If you dig the samples, you will LOVE Big Cock full-length. Robert Mason & Co. do not disappoint. Now, you know you wanna... go get some Big Cock!!!

Reviewer: Robin*Lee
Robert Mason has NOT lost anything over the past years. He gets better every time and his vocal performances KICK ASS!!!! He has been my mentor for years!! Check out my band and let me know your thoughts...

Reviewer: Kathy T.
I am addicted to this CD like never before! I dont even listen to my other cd's in my car anymore, I just keep going back to this one!

Reviewer: Kevin Vazquez_PreDaTor Arts (click for website)
About time! These guys step up to the plate. We haven't had this kind of attitude in a while. Band and recording are well polished and nicely recorded. We know there are going to be big things cumin from this band. After all, who can resist a Big Cock!

Fantastic Music At Last
Reviewer: Danny "Dannation Entertainment"
This album is simply a must have not a bad song on it. Someone said too bad it won't get the recognition it deserves. It could, you have to speak up and pass the word on to your friends, local radio stations, radio shows that play this kind of music & websites that promote metal. DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!

I am electrified
Reviewer: Federico
I am a big fan of King Kobra,Lynch mob and Silent Witness, so I expected much from Big Cock.This is pure kickass 80s hard rock , I really love it , my great expectations has not been dissapointed. The price is very nice.

Plug it in, turn it on, crank it up!!! Ready for cd # 2.
Reviewer: Hattonrocker
Great to see real rock still in existence. Spend a little more time in the studio with lengthier songs and cd #2, if there is one, should be a 5 star!!!!!

Killer CD! Music that make's me hammer the gas pedal!
Reviewer: Razor
Great straight up rock n' roll album! Best CD I've bought in the past couple of years. If you're into the music that ruled the Sunset Strip in the 80's you will not be dissapointed by this CD!

Loud & Proud
Reviewer: Skindawg
It's too bad this will never get the recognition it so deserves. This is REAL rock, makes me want to round up the boys, pound some brew and broads!!! CRANK IT TILL THE COPS COME!!!

Kick-ass melodic hard rock
Reviewer: Soulfractured
Former Lynch Mob/Cry Of Love vocalist Robert Mason serves up KILLER vocals...YEAR OF THE COCK channels the spirit of AC/DC, Cheap Trick, DLR-era Van Halen with great musicianship and TONS or attitude.


Back to Basics
Reviewer: tonyfioravanti
It's great to hear Robert Mason getting back to basics. A lot of bands are scared of their roots. Robert has one of the greatest rock voices spanning back from Magnum to Lynch Mob and to the present. You could say this is a tongue and cheek CD, but that's okay. Whadda ya think Nickelback does? Good work guys!!

Reviewer: Metal Mark
Best NEW band of year, hands down!!! This is THE BEST hard rock to hit in years. Short but sweet. Cock Rock Rulez!!!

Good 80's Style Rock Album
Reviewer: Joe
The King of Cool preview got me to buy the CD, glad I did at this price. Melodic rockers at their best on this CD. Only miscue was the ballad which isn't really funny or enjoyable.

Reviewer: Alekos
When you name your band Big Cock,be sure to have the balls to back it up.Well these guys do and it's no surprise knowing where they come from.Great music guys!

Kick Ass Rock and Roll Still Lives...
Reviewer: Ralph E.
King Kobra's Ready To Strike is one of my favorite records ever, so I knew that David Michael Phillips and Robby Mason would put together an amazing record, and they did. This record rocks HARD from beginning to end. Cannot stop singing along with Bad Motherfucker!!!

this cd rocks
Reviewer: tim
i am glad i found this. this is great

Reviewer: Mike Demay
This cd rocks from start to finish!!!!! 80's style hard rock that will please all. This COCK will satisfy all!!!

Reviewer: Papa Woody
Now this is what I'm talking about. I'm an 80's rocker and I'm always searching for good rock like this. Keep it up.

Reviewer: Mr. Musclebike
This is the CD I've been waiting for almost 30 years. Glad to see it drop. You guys have to be the Kings of Cool, and one set of BMF's to get this masterpiece to a CD. Incredible, songsmithing, lyrics and attitude. Way to go! I bought extras for my friends. The Cock Rocks!

It's about time somebody brought back the rock!
Reviewer: Ralph Hernandez
Just found out about you guys on Totally rockin' tunes. Finally some real bad ass rock and roll. Awesome!


Year of the Cock - (2005)
Big C**k - (2006)
Motherload - (2008)



Big Cock - Saviors of Arena Rock

Big Cock, the self-proclaimed “Hardest Band in the Land!” follows up 2005’s debut CD “Year of the Cock” and 2006’s sophomore “Big C**k” with a sonic, hard rock blast to the face - “MotherLoad”.

MotherLoad makes it clear that Big Cock considers themselves the heir-apparent to the rock & roll throne, reverently treading in the footsteps of classic rock bands such as AC/DC, Montrose, Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses - and they aim to save rock & roll one arena at a time.

A tall order and an arrogant proclamation, but Big Cock clearly fills an aural void left vacant of late. MotherLoad, the band’s third full-length CD is a satisfying dose of hard rock served up loud, hot and sticky by the same line-up that’s been unapologetically delivering what BC has come to be known for – powerful, melodic music laced with fun, swagger, great playing, and expert showmanship. MotherLoad is blatant truth in advertising and everything you might expect from a band of rock stars called Big Cock.

Pulling no punches, vocalist and lead loud-mouth Robert Mason, BMF (formerly the front man for Elektra records’ Lynch Mob and Sony’s Cry of Love) breaks the ice with “Get a load of Me”, a raucous city-to-city romp through groupie-filled back-stages and endless throngs of adoring fans. Track two is a thundering, drum-heavy Zeppelin-esque homage aptly-titled “Stamina” and drummer John Covington has it – pummeling the song with the braggadocio of his 48” (gong), ear-splitting cymbal crashes, and giant, vintage Leedy drum kit. There’s no subtlety to his earned-nickname “The Pulverizer”.

The bombastic “Breaking My Balls” continues with an infectious, dirty groove that is guaranteed to keep heads banging and clenched fists pumping– spewing raw energy you can taste and smell. By the time “Bump and Grind” climaxes, you’re covered in enough nicotine, cheap perfume and the sour sweat of your favorite exotic dancer that you’re feeling guilty and begging for a shower.

“Road to Ruin” puts you on the Big Cock tour bus where guitar hero Dave Henzerling injects blood and emotion (among other things) into the track with a signature, riff-laden style honed during his 80’s days with bands such as L.A.’s Keel, Lizzy Borden and Capitol Records’ King Kobra. “Slave” follows as a window into the darkness of the band’s not-so-private sex-dungeon where cock-sure Mason is happy to show a willing accomplice “the ropes”.

On the sensitive side, Big Cock delivers a classic power ballad on MotherLoad’s “Don’t Ask Me to be Faithful”, taunting love-struck rockers everywhere to wave their cell-phones and lighters while Mason not-so-innocently discloses his philandering ways with a crooning vocal and piano delivery that could bring a tear to Elton John’s eye. If radio still had balls this tune would sweep the air waves as the soundtrack for a million teenage heartbreaks.

Colby’s thundering bass lays it down long and low on the sing-along anthem “Live to Rock” and you can literally feel the testosterone flow like a raging river on “M.I.L.F.”, a loving tribute to every hot mom you’ve ever lusted after. The laid back swing of “Feverish” sets up the CD’s coup de grâce, “Built for Speed”, a slamming rocker tooled for every NASCAR junkie who’s ever dreamed of barreling down the Daytona Speedway at 200 mph with two lingerie models making out in the back seat.

Big Cock carries the rock-&-roll-all-night/lock-up-your-daughters banner with pride and MotherLoad may very well be the next classic hard rock record you’ll hear. BC delivers exactly what you’d expect from four guys that claim to be “The Hardest Band in the Land!” – songs about women, fast cars, hard-partying, and the trail of a thousand soiled hotel-room sheets... they’re the saviors of arena rock and they’re coming to a stadium near you.