Big Country Mike Mattera

Big Country Mike Mattera

 Wildwood, New Jersey, USA

let me tell you a story, sing for you a song, take you places we all have been, then, i'll pack my things and move on...


If you like folksy country music & songs that will make you chuckle, you'll love Big Country Mike Mattera. He will amuses you as he discusses the events that transpire on the hit TV show "DEAL OR NO DEAL"..."DOO-DOO ON YOU" is no urban legend, just hard core facts about what happens when you feed the sea gulls..."PILLS PILLS" will have you laughings all the way to the doctors
office..."TRYIN' TO GET LOVE STRAIGHT" ...will make you re-think your approach to finding that special someone...
A product of the 60's and 70's folk rock era, Mike grew up playing music from the Everly Brothers, Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver, John Prine, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Harry Chapin and many more....Played throughout the Northeast at colleges, resorts, and county fairs, under the name Michael Shoemaker...of "Shoemaker & Holly". His music and lyrics greatly reflect his surroundings. Many songs depict events with a humorous edge as he explores the path of growing up, life’s expectations, failures and success with love, friendships, health and faith.


• 1 Tryin' To Get Love Str... USTCZ0908418
• 2 Doo-doo On You USTCZ0908424
• 3 Deal Or No Deal USTCZ0908428
• 4 Pills Pills USTCZ0908433
• 5 Turtle Crossing USTCZ0908442
• 6 Big Boys Of Summer USTCZ0908452
• 7 Take Me Home USTCZ0908472
• 8 Runaway Love USTCZ0908470
• 9 Don't You Remember When? USTCZ0908478
• 10 Don't Pimp Our Parkway... USTCZ0908485
• 11 I'm No Stranger USTCZ0908487
• 12 Can I Drift Along? USTCZ0908488
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Set List

Set 1: All songs from current CD Deal Or No Deal... RUN TIME about 40 Mins.
Set 2: New Songs about 40 mins.
Set 3. blast from the past...old songs about 40 mins.