Big Cream

Big Cream




Big Cream, while being named after an infamous white lighter, combines subversive deep-roots songwriting with intricate arrangements; reminiscent of impressionist-classical pieces i.e. Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, and Olivier Messiaen. This New York City based band is driven by banjo/guitarist/vocalist Ben Mountain (Swiss-born and North Carolina bred) along with cellist Brent Arnold (a Seattle native who has recorded and toured with Modest Mouse and Sleater-Kinney), bass clarinetist/keyboardist J. Wall.

Big Cream's influences range from Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Os Mutantes, Laurie Anderson, Velvet Underground, Beatles, Tom Waits to Blind Lemon Jefferson.


Summer of 2006 self-titled EP released.
Recent self-release of debut LP "Four-Legged Fingers" Summer of 2007
Hit single "Gan" featured on Chop Radio (a Brooklyn based internet broadcast) in January of 2007
Live interview/performance on Breakthruradio in August of 2007

Set List

Sets usually run from (40-50min). We have been known to do two sets(40min ea.)
List of typical set
1. Shadow Man
2. Scent of a Burning Flower
3. The Scarf
4. Up In the Tree Line
5. Captain Noel
6. Into the Heart of a Time
7. Dance with Excitement
8. End with a cover
Covers include-
All the Madmen- David Bowie
The Partisan- Leonard Cohen
I am the Walrus- Beatles