Big Daddy & the Blueskickers
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Big Daddy & the Blueskickers

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Mailbox Money 10 song CD of original music
Big Daddy "Live" CD of covers and original music
Big Daddy "Live 2" CD of covers and original music



Our influences are so varied...Hank Sr, BB Albert and Freddy King, Merle Haggard, Elvis, Beatles, Eric Clapton and it just goes on and on. The neat thing about it is that a little piece of all those influences wind up in our arrangements.

The guys in this band are just regular cats from a very wide backgrounds and education. They all have their own story. These are are Tulsa guys who grew up in the developing days of what has become to be known as the "Tulsa Sound". They have set in with or played with some of the major artist in this town and have cut their teeth on just about every venue you can name around here.

Me? I am the odd one. I am not from here. I grew up in the midwest northeast of Oklahoma. Spent most of my life in Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky. I played guitar and was a featured vocalist in a lot of churches, a few musicals, and a youth choir that travelled to KC, MO, Nashville, Chicago and Washington, DC just to name a few. I auditioned for the Illinois State Fair by phone when I was 13 years old...and made it! That was an experience.

I moved to Tulsa in 1980 and just kind of hung around for a while. Starting playing in church and with the orchestra. Did some more musicals and solo work. Eventually started playing out and wound up creating the BluesKickers just over ten years ago. I am Big Daddy if you haven't guessed it already.

The things that set us apart are our versatililty and our professionalism. We are professionals. Playing music is fun, but it is also a business. This is how we appraoch every gig. Let's have fun, but let's take care of business. We work very hard. The bottom line is that we are there to help the promoter or owner do one thing...make money. We will go out and talk to the crowd. We want them to know we are glad they are there and are interested in what they want to hear. We want to entertain the crowd and make them happy. We want to make them want to party and have a good time. We feel that is the best chance to help the event make money.

The event makes money...we make money...and maybe we pick up another gig or get invited back to that gig. Whatever, we all win. For us that is the name of the game. The promoter wins, the crowd wins and we win. That is the best possible scenario.

When you hire the BluesKickers, that is the mindset you get. Professionals who are there to help