Big Daddy & the BluesKickers
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Big Daddy & the BluesKickers

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Blues Cover Band


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Mailbox Money-All original music. First effort.
"Live" Big Daddy and his band the BluesKickers
Sittin' in with the BlueKickers
"Live" the Best of Big Daddy and the BluesKickers
J3 Live at Copelands-this is our jazz ensemble with Jack (keys), Doug (bass and vocals) and me (Rick-guitar and vocals)

We have had a short release with our first effort, none since. We had a little play here with Mailbox Money, but no support from the press or the musical community.



Like I suggested in the previous paragraph, it's a little bit of everything. We love the blues. A lot of our arrangements center around it. Even some of the "country" either has a blues, jazz or honky-tonk flavor to it. I don't think I can do a song without adding some of those things to it. That's who I am.

My piano player, Jack Wolfe, adds a more refined, if you will, jazz feel to a lot of what we play. He likes the "jazz" thing because it's more quiet and for him, a better way to show case who he is and what he has to offer. He has been around a while and with us off and on for over 7 years. He can cover anything, but jazz and soft blues is where his heart is. If you meet us, ask him to play "Georgia'. Absolutely great version.

Doug McDuffie (Razor D), my bass player, lead and back up vocalist and back up arranger for over 13 years (from the beginning of BDBK) is a whole different set of parameters. I thought I was musically eclectic until I met this guy. I have no idea where he finds this stuff. Ever hear the blues version of the Beatles song "HELP"? Well he's got it and it is the coolest thing ever. Just out of sight. He brings solidity to the group because he never drops the beat. Ever. Every drummer we have had says Doug is the easiest bass player to play with. He sets a line and that's it. Come back 30 minutes later and it's still there. Dependable all the way around. Well, for a bass player. Like the American Express card, I try not to leave home without him.

Our drummer we like to say "is not from around here". He's an Okie alright, but his head is in Mississippi, Illinois or who knows? Come on, he's a drummer! Scott Mariner is one cool kind of cat. He has been with a lot of front line groups since before the good old days and is a Tulsa original. Solid and purposeful in his intent to playing. Scott is the newest member of the group, less than a year, and we are finding out more of his picadillos as we go along. He has played it all. Can't think of a genre of music he hasn't played or can't learn. Just don't tell him he can't play it or do it. He will hurt himself in the effort. I just love his spirit and laid back kind of style.

As for me? Well they call me Big Daddy (Rick Gill). I have played everything from church musicals, contata's, solos and choir concerts. I have been a music minister and youth worker. I have traveled with the young adult choir to Kansas City,KS, Chicago, IL and Nashville, TN.

I have auditioned over the phone for a spot in the Illinois State Fair line up when I was 13 years old and made it! Played on two different stages in the same day and was invited to be on stage with Ray Price that evening.

I have played in a lot of different venues (Trying to be nice here. Where I am from they call them slop chutes and/or shit holes. Sorry. Just being honest.) since I was about 12 years old. My dad liked to drink and that's how I got home. Get up there and sing him a song and get to go home.

At about age 12 I had five guitar lessons and was sent on my way. Teacher said I learned too fast. Gosh I really wanted to learn to play the guitar. "Buy him a chord book and let him write his own songs", is what the teacher said. That's what we did and I've been on the "hunt and peck" trail ever since.

I have played a lot of different kinds of music. Take what the guys in the band have done and add a LOT of country music. Then add James Taylor and the list gets crazy after that. Playing is the only thing I really love to do. When it is right, it feels so good I can hardly stand it. I have come home from the sudio, put in what we have done and just cried my eyes out. It felt so good. Everybody was in the pocket.

On stage, my emotions are instant and sometimes intense. I want the crowd to take this home with them. I want them to remember the music. I am not so important, but the music is. I am just a player; I will be here and gone in a moment, but the music lasts forever, so long as someone is playing it. Even at my lowly level, those moments are so precious.

Influences? Oh my, we could talk for hours on that. Hank Williams, Dave Brubek, Miles Davis, Elvis, the Beatles, Buddy Holly, Merle Haggard, Merle Travis, Joe Maphis, Chet Atkins, the Kings (BB, Freddie and Albert) and the list just goes on. Seriously. Everytime we learn a new song or an old one we go through this little change and a little piece of that song winds up somewhere else. Sometimes it's just magical.

I believe what sets us a part from other bands is our professionalism. We believe in having fun, you bet. We believe in showing off, you better know it. However we also believe that we are being hired to do a show. We are being hired to entertain, not be the entertainment. We have very little baggage and no "habits" to interfere with our goal; bringing the best to you excuses.

I put that on our cards as a reminder. "Our best to you excuses". I do my best to leave