Big Dang Theory

Big Dang Theory


Big Dang Theory is Funky Blues driven by Country/Bluegrass. Easy listening songs that tell stories while expressing broad emotions with unique melody lines.


Big Dang Theory is a group formed by Barry Dingman (guitar/vocals), Todd Martz (percussion), and Greg Gsell (bass,vocals). The group came together early 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee. All founding members are originally from different cities throughout Indiana. They moved to Nashville at different times in pursuit of careers as professional musicians. Singer/Songwriter Dingman has a unique,original guitar style. He has played in several bands and has performed as a solo acoustic act all over the country. Martz and Gsell have been performing together for nearly two decades. They have become a very cohesive rhythm section able to play various styles. All three together have extensive experience in both studio and live performance. Big Dang Theory is Funky Blues with Reggae and Country influence.
After success playing shows throughout the South, Midwest, and West the band decided it was time to get into the studio and start working on their first album. They chose Paul Gannon's studio in Madison, TN and started recording in early 2010. Justin Clark (violin/mandolin) contributed several of his talents to this project. His violin adds depth and emotion to songs like "California Rides" and "Let The Record Show", and his mandolin lends a funky rhythm to "The Wind" and "Do What You Do". Dave Warren (Wurlitzer Piano) gives even more melodic emotion to "Let The Record Show" and a funky twist to "The Wind". Singer/Songwriter Stevie Douglas (vocals) sings an almost haunting 'Old School' Nashville sound on "Do What You Do" and lends great harmony to Dingman's voice on "Nina" and "In Deep". The band brought in Jeremy Fisk (harmonica) who performed his deep blues style on "Lovesick Blues". The song "Rocks In A Tin Can" features Nashville Symphony Cellist Matt Walker adding a subtle sophistication to the album's final track.
Big Dang Theory has produced this project on their own, and in doing so created their own independent label, Pure Drop Records. Currently the band is promoting their debut self-titled album, booking shows, and developing a stage show to compliment the album's storyline.


Big Dang Theory self-titled debut album.

Set List

The Wind
California Rides
In Deep
Lovesick Blues
Do What You Do
Crossroad Blues
Let The Record Show
Already Won
Rocks In A Tin Can
The Song Writes Itself
Who Shot 'em Down
In The Middle