Big Dice

Big Dice


An eclectic group of multi-instrumentalists playing a variety of styles including electric blugrass, psychedelic funk, jazz, original rock, dub reggae, hip-hop, and country.


Big Dice is an experimental group of multi-instrumentalists representing the North Country of Upstate New York. They're constantly in a state of evolution, and currently are into playing electric bluegrass and psychedelic funk. A typical show lasts 4 hours without setbreaks (the members form duets, trios, and quartets to experiment with arrangements and repertoire and to give the other players breaks). Originally they started out as a dinner jazz quintet by day and Ween tribute band by night but outgrew the constructs of both outfits.

Influences include Pink Floyd, Ween, the Grateful Dead, Earl Scruggs, Miles Davis, and Bill Monroe.


"Get Me Off"

Written By: Wahl, Michael

Get me off of a hill
My feet to(o) floor to move
Rapid eyes wrapped in ice
Too slow to dream untrue

And I'm so at alone
I got a saddle on bones
And no telephone

And where are the wheels
Coca-Cola ideals
Something that heals

Pack a pistol for show
My knees bereave at steel
Buried bullets in my bones
Only doping the way I feel

And I'm almost at home
It's like it's written in tomes
Of elegies and poems

And I don't need a name
'Cause we all dress the same
There's no style or fame

"Can't Stop Screwin' You"

Written By: Wahl, Michael

Well, I met you in the morning after we made love all night long
You were wearin' my boxer shorts and I was a-wearin' your thong
You asked me if I loved you and I had no clue
But the one thing that I did know is that I can't stop screwin' you

I just can't stop screwin' you
No matter what I do
Girl, you know it's true that
I just can't stop screwin' you
No matter what I do
I'll always screw you

Well, you asked me if I love you but I don't even know your name
And when it comes to your friends and things, hell, I think they're pretty lame
But don't think I'll be leavin' and lookin' for someone new
'Cause one thing I am certain of is that I can't stop screwin' you


Screwin' you is the best part of my night
It's better than killing a man under a new-fangled electric light
And when I feel my days are numbered and few
I won't have to think
I'll just have another drink
And I will screw you



Written By: Wahl, Michael

Throw your medicine away
It'll be there when you're down
Put your head up in the clouds
Your feet and shoes will be on the ground

And if you like a sound
It's 'cause it's always been around

Book my ticket for today
I can't see how you choose to remain
Keep a cold about you now
I believe you should all around your town

But if you make a sound
They'll know you always been around

Leave a telephone to ring
A voice is gold, your's is shimmering
Stack a tack against your house
You are built of walls, I am just a clown

And when I met you in this town
I said I'd never stick around


"Biq Dice Quintet" (2005)
"Big Dice Live Sampler" (2005)

Currently recording new studio tracks

Set List

Originals: "Get Me Off," "Fumes," "Sounds," "The Distance," "Sardines," "Ca'Blues," "Revolutions," "Nothing's Tranquil," "Sword of Fornicron," "Talking," "Algebra," "Can't Stop Screwin' You," "Herbin'," "Lego Builder," "Too Low Funk," "Chuck's G# Latin tune," "Stepan Shnip Shnorp's Eastern European Blues Story in C Minor"

Covers: "Blue & Lonesome," "Band on the Run," "Bennie and the Jets," "Stallion, Pt. 3," "Little Sunflower," "Mr. Clean," "Me and My Uncle," "Killer Joe," "The Old Home Place," "Chank," "Is There Anybody Here Who Love My Jesus?," "Nicole," "Rocky Top," "One Way Out," "Four on Six," "Well You Needn't," "I Don't Wanna Leave You On The Farm," "Black Orpheus"