Big Dog and the Midnight Badgers

Big Dog and the Midnight Badgers

 Carbondale, Colorado, USA

Hard, indie rock with a touch of funk. That's Big Dog and the Midnight Badgers. These young kids have been killing the music scene all across Colorado and don't have plans to let up any time soon.


Imagine Led Zeppelin combined with the melodies and grooves of today's funk, this is what Big Dog and the Midnight Badgers bring to the table. Colorado natives, this young power trio formed in 2012 and instantly clicked, combining silky smooth riffs with good old fashioned rock and roll. With the world a chaotic mess of top 40 music and cheesy lyrics, Big Dog and the Midnight Badgers are a relief to anyone seeking a soul moving, life changing, musical experience.



Written By: Matthew Palomino

Shotgun, bootleg a skinny looking woman in the back of the place

She’s alone it’s alright cuz she’s gonna be by side tonight

She smiles then hides her face Goddamn well it’s a masquerade

She prays with no pride prays a little liquors gonna be by her side


Goddamn she’s taking her name going down the fast track to instant fame

Oooo… yeah! Its alright I know she’s gonna be by my side tonight

Goddamn she’s insane I like the way she pounds inside of my brain