Big Dreams (BDT)

Big Dreams (BDT)

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Keeping the Dream Alive


With the biggest growing fan base of Hip-Hop and Rap enthusiasts in Montreal supporting the crew, it is no surprise The Big Dreams Team is on a fast-paced rise to stardom. The young artists together share the same passion to take the world by storm with their music. BDT started a Hip-Hop/Rap movement for Montreal in a never been done before direction that spread epidemically, gaining support from each end of the city and a widespread of ages. In a city of little opportunity for rap artists, the group as a whole are leaders for their city to strive for more opportunities, unison and of course, bigger dreams. The four artists collectively form a group of young men whose sound is like no other, original and creative; their sound grasps a concept of musical ability and lyrical content that has only been seen by rap industry veterans.

The birth of the team started in 2009 after Myles, 19, one of BDT’s first members’ triumphant recovery from a severe illness. He recalls having a grey notebook he always wrote lyrics in everyday and guarded it as his personal treasure. Not long after, Myles decided to open his life up to his city through his music and began recording and releasing songs from the studio in his room. With a higher consciousness of musical awareness, Myles’ horizons since expanded largely and greatly. After his first duo project with the second BDT member, in 2011 Myles began producing beats and extending his vocal talents to singing as well. He is known for his creative storytelling skills, melodic vocals, his artistic flow and vivacious energy. BDT’s first project was done in conjunction with Timeliss, 20, who went to High School with Myles and is at the foundation of the empire. For Timeliss, music always played the most significant role in his life and his passion drove his ambition to create music that is filled with powerful punch lines and compassionate lyrics. Timeliss is inspired by everyday struggles, life, and love experiences. Constantly thinking outside the box, Timeliss is always looking for new ways to reach new audiences and prides himself on his diversity as an artist. His lyrics express his lessons learned and serve as a way to deal with the hardships that accompany living life. He is known for his intimate and aspirational lyrics. From there the empire would grow as childhood and High School friend Task the RaDD, 19, would soon join as the third artist of the team in 2011. Always being a part of the journey, Task’s extreme love for the power and messages of Hip-Hop surfaced and he diversified the crew’s energy throwing in his old school hip-hop vibe and new school lyricism. Inspired by the deeper meaning of life and known for his impeccable flow, over-your-head references and his passion, Task is an artist that continually pushes to break down barriers and musical limits. His music often reflects his ideas on society, achieving success and internal happiness. Rowz, 19, completed the group in 2011 as the last member to join the team. Bringing his powerful messages inspired by everyday life experiences as a young man whether it’s family problems, girl problems or just problems in general, Rowz brings contrast by rapping about the ups and downs of life. Rowz uses music as the best way to express himself and aims to be relatable to his fan base. Rowz, like the other members, was heavily encouraged and inspired to write by his team. His funny and positive energy lives at the core of the brotherhood.

Their first official solo project as a team, following significant personal and artistic changes named “Stars”, was released May 26th and has since reached local and international lengths. After many small and big venue performances, big crowds and small crowds; “Stars” is BDT’s first official step to the next level and the time will soon come where the biggest dream will be achieved, worldwide recognition about who they are and where they’re from.


Stars (2012)