Big East

Big East

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Big East combine the classic blues, soul, rock 'n' roll ideas of our musical forefathers with an urgent and modern indie rock vibe. The band crafts their songs with an impressive whiskey-soaked precision that pulls on heartstrings, raises fists for pumping and allows for all who listen to get down.


Big East came together like pieces in a puzzle. Singer/guitarist Jeff Vachon and guitarist Sam Toabe were childhood friends living just North of Boston. One by one, the current band roster gravitated toward the solid songwriting of Vachon, each adding their own musical backgrounds. Drummer Justin Emile steered the band into indie rock territory with unconventional drumming methods. Guitarist Eric Ramsley kept the group grounded to the 60's and 70's styles that have been loved by many for decades. The most recent acquisition, bassist Napoleon Kofi rounds out the band with a flare for the funk. Performing for over a year in venues big and small, Big East brings an energy rarely seen in rock 'n' roll music anymore.


Condita - 2010