Big East

Big East

 Huntsville, Ontario, CAN

We are like a blend of Dave Mattews / The Eagles and Five for Fighting rolled up in a ball, thrown against the wall and splat you have a cool new sound. How'd you like that?


Big East is an collection of musicians from the Muskoka region in Ontario Canada. Producing original works, the core group consists of James (guitar and vocals), Mark(guitar and vocals) and Kip (piano, guitar and vocals). The full group brings in bass, drums and another vocalist. The additional members fill out the sound for larger venues.

James Jones is the founder and main songwriter for the group and supplies lead vocals that have been compared to David Gates of Bread and John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting. He is assisted on piano and guitar by Kip Daynard a long time musician and vocalist providing harmony and lead vocals. Kip has been compared to James Taylor in his vocal range and styling. Rounding out the trio is a veteran lead guitar player and singer Mark Sylvah who also provides lead and back up vocals. Mark is a prolific musician who is comfortable playing blues, pop and rock. On bass is Doug Banwell, a multi-instrumentalist,( bass, sax, clarinette and flute). Doug's versatility provides an amazing addition to Big East's core group. On percussion is Bruce Templeton a fantastic drummer who brings with him not only a wealth of experience, but a solid clockwork of rhythms.


My Heart Belongs To Me

Written By: James Jones

I'm not standing with my hand held out
(I still want you)
I'm only standing in the rain
(I still need you)
And every drop contains a seed of doubt
(I"ll be here for you)
A piece of me thats torn away
I grew up strong, I never bent or swayed
(We still love you)
The dream that held my father's eyes
(We still need you)
But from my failure comes the slow decay
(We will stand with you)
That wears me down with compromise

Tension builds
I can feel
Everything so unreal
And I rush, to where the feeling takes me

I don't know, where to go
what to do, It's taking me

Down a road that leads me into the wildest wind (Wildest Wind)
Twist and turn so dark that I can't see (can't see)
Its your voice that cries, in the middle of my night
That my heart belongs to me
So many ghosts, so many turned away
Another job, in another town (anguish sound)
A story etched in lines on every face
That they whisper to me now


When I bend, Will I break? (oh,oh,oh)
Will the dreamer finally wake?
From the father to the son
I fear this journey has just begun


September Rain

Written By: James Jones / Mark Sylvah

September Rain * Picking to start then into hard strum

Head strong, at eighteen C#m, B, C#m,B,C#m,B, A,B
I remember the autumn leaves
Like tears from a late September sky

Stand tall, scarecrow
Everything you reap you sow
True love was satisfied
You were just too young to know
Without a flash without a sound A, E, B
The little bit of heaven
She gave to you
Came falling down
Crashing to the ground
Then you walked away
Cold in the gray
September Rain x4
Stone cold, but not forsaken
You can’t replace what winter’s taken
Waiting for the melting of your heart

So stay cool, Jack Frost
With everything you’ve won you’ve lost
True love will set you free
But freedom always has a cost
Now you’re living all alone and you just can’t take it C#m, B
Feeling like you’ve lost and you just can’t shake it C#m, B
You made it through the year, but it’s coming back again C#m, B,A,B
{Chorus} *go back to picking - A,B on first half then strum into rest of chorus
*Then back to picking September Rain slowly building then receding.
*Piano, guitar lead, strumming,
*Answer / Call when Mark starts strumming

Angel's Wings

Written By: James Jones

Angel’s Wings

Dadd9 There’s a little voice inside my A head
I’m writing out a word or two it Dadd9 said
If it gets the A best of me
I Dadd9 don’t know that I’ll get Fsus4 through this

Dadd9 There’s single a rose beside my A bed
Mary cut her finger and it Dadd9 bled
And here’s the A funny thing
The Dadd9 splashes look like Fsus4 angel’s wings

D Mother sits and E reads to me
D And she prays E and sings
D I thought I’d A just begun
Bm Running circles around the E sun
D Now I’m waiting for my E own
Angel’s Dadd9 wings

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night
With every little noise from every life
crying from the fear and pain
I don’t know if I can do this

Mary and the baby came to see
Was there anything to do for me
She held her wedding ring
And the baby smiled like angel’s wings

Fallin’ off my feet and into the sky Fm, D5, A, E
Lifted on a love that leaves me high Fm, D5, A, E
dreamin ‘bout a life that’s passing me by Fm, D5, A, E
But I’m rushed to the ground D5, A, D5, Asus4
With the thoughts that weigh me down
It’s four in the morning and I’m deep
Finishing a thought that’s incomplete
Writing between the lines
And knowing that you’ll see through it

Remember when we watched the clouds on high
Lying in the grass to wonder why
It was a perfect thing
With butterflies like angel’s wings

Blue Monday

Written By: James Jones

Blue Monday
Capo 1
-G-, -D-, -Am/A5- x2
-G- Friday she -D-came down, from the -Am/A5 city
-G-Followed her -D-heart and swallowed her -Am/A5pride
-G-Talking me -D-up
Oh and -Am/A5 breaking it down for me
-G- As -D- we roll on -Am/A5 tonight

-G- Cross a -D- divide running river -Am/A5 deep
-G- Fresh from the -D- fight she feels -Am/A5 inside
-G- Dressing it -D- up
Oh and -Am/A5 laying it at my feet
-G- As -D- we roll on -Am/A5 tonight
-C#m- Oooo can I make it -Am/A5 without your love
Oooo -C#m- Can make it -C5- tonight?
Cause I’m -Em-,-D-Blue
-C/C5- Monday when you’re not around
Yeah I’m -Em-,-D-Blue -C/C5- tonight
Yes I’m -Em-,-D- Blue
-C/C5- Monday when I don’t have you
Yes I’m -Em-,-D- Blue -C5- tonight
Yeah tonight...
Em/D/C/C5 x 2
-G- Today is -D-jealous of to-Am/A5morrow
-G- But looking -D-back we got it -Am/A5right
-G- It’s hard to -D-conceive
Oh -Am/A5beyond this reverie
-G-As -D- we roll on -Am/A5 tonight
-G-As -D- we roll on -Am/A5 tonight
-C#m- Oooo I can make it -Am/A5 without your love
Oooo -C#m- Can make it -C5- tonight?
{Lead Break}
-C#m- Oooo I can make it -Am/A5 without your love
Oooo -C#m- Can make it -C5- tonight?
{Chorus} Blue x4


Sunrise - EP