Big Face Paper Gang

Big Face Paper Gang

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
DuoHip Hop

Big Face Paper Gang puts on a high energy performance that will definitely leave a mark on your memory


Big Face Paper Gang is an independent record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded in September 2012. BFPG was created by, Brandon Banks, as a means to produce real music- music that is a direct representation of the struggles and triumphs of the streets as told through the perspectives of artists and brothers, Ben Frank Jr. and Heeno Deaux

Long before BFPG, or any music at all, three young men met under circumstances beyond than their own control. After separations within their own familys and new relationships were formed, Brandon, Heeno and Ben Frank Jr. found themselves living under one roof together. What happened from there is the history that bonds these three together, a history of brotherhood, a history full of trials, tribulations and success, a history that they are ready to expose to you through their music.