Big Fast Car

Big Fast Car


Big freakin' guitar driven motor city mayhem!


Risen out of the embers of Ann Arbor's 70's stooge fest, fired in Detroits back alley rock clubs and tempered in 90's San Francisco excess... Big Fast Car is now a short blast in a '73 Charger from the Nations Capital... in Charlottesville VA.

The driving force behind Big Fast Car, Matt Singleton, was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Matt spent over ten years in the Detroit area music scene. He was a founding member of Dog Soldier, touted as "the best rock band from Detroit in twenty years". Their 1989 release "Name Your Poison" charted on over 80 top- twenty college play lists nationwide.

After moving to San Francisco in 1990, Matt founded the Blue Room Studios, where he produced, recorded and played with everyone from local punks and rappers to members of 5 million selling Four Non-Blondes, and Double Platinum Columbia recording artists, Train.

"Power Hitter", his 1997 release with thrash legends Fifty Lashes garnered favorable reviews in CMJ, Flipside, High Times and many more. Songs from "Power Hitter" were also placed in "The Real Thing", an independent film that featured Rod Steiger and Gary Busey. "Super Gravity", his 1999 release with UltraGlide, received similar rave reviews in West Coast press, and airplay on college radio.

In 2000, Matt moved to Charlottesville, VA and formed BigFastCar. The first BFC release "The Drive EP" garnered rave reviews across the country and made a splash at college radio. Encouraged by this success, BFC released their first full length CD "Fuel for the Fire". In a few short months, the CD went from the 14th most added at CMJ, to charting at over 40 college stations, with over a dozen in the top ten, alongside acts such as The Vines, The Darkness and many more. The CD also broke into the commercial market with spins at KROQ in LA, a top five appearance at KUPD in Phoenix and 16 weeks in the charts at XM Radio unsigned.

The band is currently working on their next CD with a scheduled release date in March of 2005.


Some Say

Written By: Matt Singleton

My subtlety is like a pack of dogs
You wonder why we could not be bought
You fill my heart with ice and snow
And you still don’t know
You still don’t know

Some say
Swing low
Well alright
I got to go
Nice try
Too slow
Nice try
You never gonna save my soul

Your sincerity is like a gilded shell
And you play that game oh so very well
I did not see it where did it go
I don’t know
I don’t know


The devils in the details
That bird is in your hand
You are preaching to the blind
As you are buying up their land
You kiss the hand of God
Your lips are black with blood
Now don’t you feel so good


Black GTO

Written By: Singleton

He's riding in a black gto
sliding in a sideways summer lean
cigarette hangin way too low
lordy he's a mighty mean machine

tailight busted, bumper rusted oh
he can still make the women dream
chrome is faded overrated show
still got what your modern momma needs

slipping down the alley nice and slow
trippin down that nice and easy street
muscle up that burnin 440
fuel injection in between the sheets

Mr. Shine

Written By: Singleton

Hey mister shine
I am tired of that line
You used it one too many times
I don't believe a word you said tonight

Ya caught me in your lies
But I'll cut you down to size
Don't believe for a minute that
I'll go down without a fight, that's right

Like a snake in the grass
Hands behind your back
With your fake ass smile a mile wide
Gonna push you

After all these many years
I see now what you are
I guess I've known it all along
I couldn't see it for the stars, in your eyes

Excuse me, did I
Cross the line, is it
So hard to see
Really, Mr. shine

Did you get a better invitation
to the high times ball
Are your friends all rich and famous
are they really your friends at all
Did you take the silver spoon
when they put it to your nose
so sad to see you cling
waiting in the wings
At someone else's show

Now I've crossed you from my book
So I don't have to look at your
Name again, my former friend
Your completely off the hook

So if you hear me in the beat
Or perhaps by chance we meet
I got nothing to say, don't even look my way
Don't even stop me on the street


"The Drive EP"- 2003
"Fuel For The Fire"- 2004

Set List

1 hour plus of original music.